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  1. right now - yes, you can go direct only to waypoint from your flight plan, you will not see in DIR waypoints from approach. the workaround is to manualy type waypoint name in DIR, that was what i done yesterday on vatsim when controller gave me direct to waypoint from RNAV transition at EDDT .
  2. disregard, controller fault, he pick wrong freq, then corrected it😊
  3. today on vatsim i was unable to tune 133.22 munich radar fms was saying invalid entry😓
  4. TBM CJ4 with WorkingTitle patch, not yet, but will be first plane with adequate FMC in MSFS2020 😎
  5. further tests shows that pfd readability is a problem font size, position and color forcing me to zoom maximum close so i cant see the runway on approach. green digits of speed can sure be brighter. im concerned if it hardcoded and took forever to mod😒
  6. thats pretty bad for vatsim, but how it is swaping in real life? there is no such command in TUN page. you can edit recall but how to swap it??
  7. does anyone knows how to swap coms? com1/recall? where is magic switch?
  8. the basics are here, all we need is holdings and direct to waypoint that is NOT in FP to make vatsim controllers happy)
  9. update\remove G1000 mod, looks like it have something to do with all garmins. i cured TBM black map problem by removing the mod.
  10. I wonder what resources people using to calculate v-speeds, weights and CG for A320 Neo. i cant imagine real sim without it. Neo is not CFM or IAE, where did you get this data? offtop: great perf calc for TBM can be found here https://pohperformance.com/TBM/index.html
  11. are you kidding? LFPG has only RWY07 approaches!))))))))))) lots of smaller airports has none)))
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