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  1. same stuff with payware airports, fsdt, simwings, you name it..... feels like fsx era, really annoying
  2. No matter what LOD fixes was implemented in WU6 jetways are still missing in many airports. this workaround still works but that is really getting old( https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/to-those-of-you-with-missing-custom-jetways/432578
  3. awesome tool! i wish there was a way to "lock" stairs and catering truck engaged more than 15 sec)) but i think its up to asobo to fix
  4. snow coverage based on metar has just been implemented in Unreal Weather, dont thank me) https://unrealweather.blogspot.com/2020/09/unreal-weather-live-metar-released.html
  5. If you mean FBW A32NX you will get perfomance hit in VC now. This is because of displays rendering\handling and FBW already stated that they are working on that and we can expect some perf boost in the near future
  6. for offline flying maybe, i am forced to use metar weather mod to be on par with vatsim((
  7. The most complasent and greedy developer of them all is no doubt FSLabs, i have refunded their product because of customer support, i have never seen something THAT bad in terms of customer services and im really happy that FBW pick A320 just because that plane really will show FSLabs and their attitude where they belong...
  8. if you have FS2Crew Pushback express, this problem can be solved via closing L1 door using app button.
  9. The Working Title s another icon among oceans of negativity and drama queens. People who really make A CHANGE. i think people will talk about your contribution for many years, because you are a true heroes, bless you.
  10. What i know is that FSLabs are lacking manners when interacting with their customers, thats for sure 😐
  11. this guys are absolutely insane, its really hard to believe they doing it, every single day new feature/fix! high times indeed!
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