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  1. absolutely flyable on vatsim with Navigraph beta, A20N by FlybyWire, C25C by WorkingTitle, TBM9 with G3000 by WorkingTitle at least. period.
  2. The biggest problem i think. It bugs me even more than autopilot. We really really need readable instruments and we know its on a list, godspeed to you, WorkingTitle🤞🏻
  3. its a bug if you create a flight during the daytime and then set night time manually flashlight will be inop.
  4. everything is already opened if you know where to look, if you catch my drift 😉
  5. I wonder if all you simbrief guys has navigraph subscription. Because if not whats the point in creating flight plans using cycle 1903?
  6. spoted bug today, minimums baro/rad can not be set more then 5000. minimums sure need some love we still not have it on PFD
  7. as well as no drag from gear down. patience, my friends)
  8. not yet, 0.4.0 seems to be the latest iteration, there is still 438 commits in master build and there was no updates since 0.4.0 release today
  9. And thats the most frightening thing now, i really hope there is clarity and love to their product in product's managment that will stop them from playing dirty 😕 FS franchise is kinda MS legacy, lets hope its not always about money for them (i do realize how hopless that sounds - a corporation which dont like money 😁)
  10. https://unrealweather.blogspot.com/2020/09/unreal-weather-live-metar-released.html
  11. can't confirm it, 9900k\rtx2070\32gb ram, perfomance is absolutely identical to default aircraft
  12. consider this as the only reasonable solution at the moment https://unrealweather.blogspot.com/2020/09/unreal-weather-live-metar-released.html this mod has slight problems with weather morphing during METAR station change but you can tweak it to be more smooth in corresponding config file (see guide on mod page). it will grant you 100% correct metar-based weather (you can set METAR update up to 1 minute).
  13. absolutely amazing, was monitoring unstable branch, downloaded and tested every build on daily basis. it is unbelievable to see all this quality improvements every day. all that dedication, guys like Flybywire, Workingtitle are really making a revolution here, building new world where enthusiasm, a will to create and improve will prevail over greedy and complacent developers of the past (FSX\P3D era). you sirs are the spearhead of new beginning and we owe you big time.
  14. if you mean visible cloud morphing, it is mentioned on official page, quote: SOME FINAL THOUGHTS AND CONSIDERATIONS While you have WeatherEditionMenu.js file open in your text editor, you may also want to consider making some adjustments to the mod's behavior, such as the polling frequency or weather transition speed. For example, reducing the transition step duration to just 0.1 sec provides smoother visuals, but required a more powerful PC. You can also enable and disable some of the weather features. Look for the correspoinding variables at the top of the file and make changes as needed. Keep in mind that any changes will be applied only after you fully restart Flight Simulator; they cannot be adjusted while in-flight.
  15. Its accurate all the time, flying in vatsim with zero problems now, no lightning too)) some minor problems with transitions between stations but i can live with that. Nothing can be more annoying than weather differences between you and controller when you on the net., great mod.
  16. 100% metar match https://unrealweather.blogspot.com/
  17. one of the best add-ons that solved all my problems at vatsim right away.
  18. i still cant understand, does it work with vatsim traffic?
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