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  1. So I tested a little bit more, It has nothing to do with the joystick oder saitek throttle. I deactivated them all and tested it just with the keybord. Inflight I hit the F2 button, the NGX thrustlevers go all the way back to 0% position and after a second they automaticly move a little bit forwards. Its definatly just at the NGX. Tested it with all my other planes.
  2. thanks ;-) yes autothrottle/autopilot is complete disangaged and off.
  3. When I'm on ground, taxing for example, I pull back my saitek throttle quadrant to idle, the thrust levers in my ngx VC also go to idle, the whole back position all to the end (in a range from 100% to 0% they got to 0%; just try to explain it with it) and stay there. Everything perfect. When I'm on final approch, flying, and I pull back my saitek throttle, the thrust levers in the VC also go back to idle (0%), but then after around 1 second they move automaticly a little bit forward (I think around 2% or 3%) and they stay there at that position. I pull back my hardware the same happens. they allways go a little bit forward. And its just in the NGX that Problem. In the Level D 767 it does not happen so I can say its not the saitek prblem. I also see it in my saitek configuration tool that the throttel works fine and its not spiking. After touchdown, after the nosewheel is on the ground, I have to shake a little on my saitek throttle for and backwards and then first the throttle in my NGX stays at the whole end of its range (0%) and then I can activate reverse thrust. Very complicated to explain it properly. English is not my first language and I imagine also to explain it in german would be complicated ;-) Hope its now understandable. Thanks for any help.
  4. I don't have an assigned full thrust button, but thanks for the advise. Anyway the full thrust is not my problem. Just noticed that when I'm inflight and I put my throttles to maximum or minimum the throttles in the NGX go that position, but just for a second and then go a little bit forwards or backwards. And when I towchdown its always a little complicated and as far as I can imagine a little bit unrealistic to use reverse thrust with my assigned reverse thrust lever on my hardware throttle. Whatever, I won't complain about these little things. I can live with it. Its a great plane. I just thought I did something wrong or its just a little setting to fix it or something like this.
  5. Hello together, I have a little problem with my NGX, wihich works perfectly for me, expect for this small problem. When I'm on an approach to an airport and pull back my throttle they go complete to idle, but then after a second or smaller the trottle in the NGX goes a little but upwards. Problem then when I touchdown with my hardware throttle pulled complete backwards, but the NGX throttle is not idle and I can't activate reverse thrust with my assigned reverse thrust lever on my hardware. I can solve it when I "shake" a little on my thrustlever back and forwards after touchdown and then it goes to idle also in the ngx and I can activate reverse thrust. So ist it a bug or is it like in the reality that I cannot use complete idle while I'm still in the air? when I'm on ground my throttle works perfect. When I pull them back to idle its idle. As said, just on the ground. The same thing happens whenn i push my throttle to full thrust. It goes to full thrust, just for a little second and the levers in the NGX go a little bit backwards. Thanks for any help, and sorry if this was asked already. nicolas reich
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