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  1. lol, yes I know that. It just made me think of it.
  2. If they drive behind me in a big jet, I want to send them flying. Makes me wonder if they have wake turbulence.
  3. The data comes from the built in data which come as time of install, or data from the cloud. It is then rendered on the local computer. So if you have no internet connection, then you can't get live weather data. But you will be able to set your own weather, like wind speed, clouds, etc. The sim comes with built in terrain, buildings, trees and such, which as said, comes with the install. It, of course, won't look as good as it can if streamed. If you can get a internet connection, then you can preload an area. Then if you only fly that area, it will look as good as it can. And, if you do have an internet connection, and keep flying the same area, it will only download the scenery data once. So either way, for only one area, you only need to download once. Assuming you have enough room on your hard drive to hold it. This article talks about some of that, but is not in English. https://www.lanacion.com.ar/tecnologia/hablan-creadores-del-flight-simulator-2020-nid2318927
  4. They did say the have been overwhelmed by requests to use the engine and technology in other projects.
  5. Once again, I never said it was live, or processed on demand. This is the second time you have implied I said something that I did not say. I agree it is preprocessed. I have never said otherwise. I keep repeating myself...
  6. I did not say that, nor did I even mention runtime. I assume the server side is preprocessed before demand. The client side some is and some isn't. I agree the roof slope was not the best example. Of course it wouldn't come pre built with snow. Maybe a better example, is that you have photometry data, Azure identifies the house and factory chimneys. That data is sent to the client. The client then takes wind direction, wind speed, temperature, and humidity and then calculates if there is visible smoke/steam and what it looks like. So the point being that even photometry data needs server side processing preprocessing.
  7. You make it sound like it is just you. I have a ton of feedback I would like to give, and a ton of suggestions on what to add to the product. But I don't feel listened to. I would also like to be able to post in a forum that I knew MSFS would even read or better yet respond to. One of the primary reasons I want in the Alpha is not so much to fly, but more so to give feedback. To make sure it is on track and things aren't missing that would be hard to put in later. I think most that didn't get in the Alpha feel similar feelings. There has been absolutely nothing from the team or what they have done that has been elitist or exclusive. It makes business sense to make sure the biggest devs get access first. Beyond that who knows. I have a high end computer and have not gotten into the Alpha, they must be elitist and exclusive. I understand you haven't been contacted, which is the primary reason I created that other thread. I understand you feel bad. But don't let that negative cloud hang over you. If it has been a week since you last request, write them again. Be polite, and just ask for confirmation that you are on the list. And include your full resume in this area.
  8. Just adding... Well, if they are doing seasons, then they need to detect the tree locations, which uses Azure. Then they need to know if the trees leaves change color in fall, or fall off in winter. For buildings they need to determine if the slope of the roof is flat or sloped to collect or not collect snow. So I think a lot more processing is going on, even on photometry data. I am not sure I follow this, sorry if I misunderstood. They might want to cut out some trees to put in trees without leaves in winter time. Otherwise I agree, even the photometry data will need some processing. Hopefully they can get rid of the double shadows with processing as well.
  9. It sounds the same as this - https://www.lanacion.com.ar/tecnologia/hablan-creadores-del-flight-simulator-2020-nid2318927 Which has been posted here before. Also, it quotes the devs and 100% contradicts mSparks. mSparks, if you respond to me, note that I won't be responding.
  10. Cloud = Server. Did you read the rest of what I wrote? Also, Marketplace has been confirmed, you are right. But that doesn't mean that if you buy or get the mod that it won't be stored locally, like every other game I would be very upset if I bought a mod, and everytime I flew it had to redownload it. That is wasting both mine and Microsoft's bandwidth. What is your reasoning for mods to be redownloaded each time anyone flies with that mod?
  11. I am not following you. The mods are local, they exist on the local hard drive. They do not exist on the stream or cloud. It would be a mess to try to put them on the cloud. You would have to track who has what mods. And then you have hundreds of users with different combinations of mods, all having to stream different data for. Keep in mind each user can create mods for themselves. That would just multiply the server load by a huge amount. User 1 gets mods 1, 6, 34, 56, User 2 get mods 2, 5, 34, User 3, gets mods 1, 3, etc. So they will do what every other game does, stream the data, which is without the mods. Then the local computer creates the scene, to which the mods are added to. For the sake of this discussion it doesn't matter where the mod comes from. If your group all want to see the same thing, they all need to mod. If MS wants everyone to see it, then it either becomes part of the server, or part of the core local game. For example the Seattle Space Needle is hand modeled mod. We don't know if that is sent server side or part of the core game. I would assume it is stored locally.
  12. Ability to create large groups, where you only see your group. Password protected, and groups can be huge. So no need for separate server. Each group can have their own requirements. This requires roles, like who can remove users or let new users in. And groups can turn on and off the ability to fly with other groups. Group challenges and missions, and goals, would be nice. Calendar for events... Anti Griefing Features: Ban user on all levels, no collisions (By user, group, friends), Radio/chat (ban or allow by user, group, friends), Visual planes (see or not see by user, friends, groups). This feature should be at a group control level. For example, I am flying with a group of friends and we are flying with everyone. Who ever has permission in my friend group can block seeing another user, and no one in the group will see them. And maybe region controls, like no planes blocking runways. Bottom line, be able to block anything other players do that you can see, hear, or otherwise affects you. Local area radio. Not everyone will have voice. So some quick actions might be nice for communication. Like look over there (with some pointer), or Land there, or a timer so they can do synchronized acrobatics. Not sure what would be needed or useful. But I have found these useful in some multiplayer games.
  13. Yes, the sim is streaming data, (not images), from the cloud. But then the data is cached on the hard drive. Where the sim accesses it just like every other sim. And if there is no internet it access the pre cached data from when the game was installed. If you fly over the same area, it doesn't keep downloading the data, it just uses the cache. Or to simplify, just think the data is streamed from a cloud hard drive rather than one built in. And mods are always local. So they locally override the scenery data. So only those that have the mod will see it. How the mod is distributed hasn't been determined yet, but I don't see why you couldn't just download and install mods yourself. (This is simplified and doesn't cover everything. For example if you fly over a large area that doesn't fit on the hard drive, it may keep downloading the data.)
  14. Bing maps was updated in July 2019 https://blogs.bing.com/maps/2019-07/we-ve-released-new-birds-eye-imagery So it is getting updates that MSFS can pick up and use. Edit, As aleex points out, I just picked a sample update. So there are other updates they do.
  15. They might be doing it in stages. Just like so far Alpha has been 32GB ram, they may be taking the biggest devs first. And maybe they don't yet know what to do with freeware devs. Meaning they want them, just not sure when to bring them in. But based on what I have read, and interviews watched, I think for sure they will get to freeware devs sometime. Be persistent, but patient, give them time and then try again. I presume you included a resume with a list of all your previous work, and your skills. Hopefully you also have 32GB ram and a high end video card as well.
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