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  1. I want to see better water. First, the water should match the satellite image water colors. So not the same blue everywhere. Second, small bodies of water should have smaller waves than large bodies. And it would be great if a small lake without wind doesn't show waves, but tiny ripples and such so it doesn't look like a mirror. I want to see more road traffic. I live in the Los Angeles area, so there are also a lot of cars on the road. They look weird without a lot of cars. I want to see pointy mountains, and not rounded off. These just don't look as photo real as the other things shown so far. And I want to see a bush plane that has landed, but flipped and has prop damage. And then let's see other damage, like gear from a hard landing, stuck gear, bird strike damage, etc.
  2. They are making a lot of progress now between builds. And that list, including the missing things, just shows how much detail this will have. I keep getting blown away.
  3. It mentions the density of the clouds can evolve. I wonder if that means cumulonimbus clouds, which are dense, can be paper thin, or just thick as a brick with variations. And I wonder how much control we have over that.
  4. Agreed. And hopefully the trees will have a collision model, and affect the wind.
  5. That doesn't answer if clouds will be see through or paper thin. We have seen clouds pics.
  6. So if I say MSFS 2020, on AVSIM, in the Microsoft Flight Simulator section, you won't know what I am talking about? Why are you making a big deal about it? I use MSFS 2020 because I also talk on other forums, places where still haven't heard about the new sim. So saying 2020 removes confusion.
  7. Did you read his whole question before being sarcastic? Can you answer it? "I wonder what happens if a plane goes into the cloud in this new sim, is it just like "see-through" or "paper thin"?"
  8. CGI stand for Computer Generated Imagery. Everything in the sim is CGI, it is all computer generated.
  9. Keep an eye on flightsimulator.com thursday updates. They will tell you there when the next opening is.
  10. If you are building this for MSFS, why not wait until the announce the specs at least? And hardware could change by the launch. Maybe the Nvidia RTX 3090 Titan is best. And maybe more cores are better than clock speed, or maybe max 4 cores and clock speed is best. A lot of unknowns for MSFS 2020.
  11. I seriously hope to see passengers on the planes. It breaks the illusion that all those lives are in your hands, when you look back at an empty plane.
  12. Well, I am hesitant to post the details here since they might close it down. Even though it is just a number. But I show 50,341 users, and 8,438 Alpha testers. Last night there were 8,377 testers. Before Thursday, there were a bit over 7,800.
  13. I am not sure this would show anything we haven't seen. They could still pick the best photogrammetry areas, and airports. And pick the weather that shows the best clouds. And do a perfect landing that doesn't show tire smoke. It could be just as prepared as the rest of the stuff. It is Alpha, so we know there are issues.
  14. The number of Alpha testers. But, in the last 40 minutes they haven't changed. So maybe it was just people returning to work and seeing a Thursday or Friday email.
  15. It looks like the blurry base satellite image to me in that ground patch, same as other flight sims. There is no texture to it, or detail, maybe a bump map would help.
  16. Why do you say that? I see the numbers jumped up over 50 today so far. Maybe they were just late checking their email.
  17. That quote was actually from the Fortnite team talking about their game. You can read the whole thing. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/directx/directx12-and-fortnite/
  18. I am glad people are mentioning things. It is Alpha and they have asked for feedback. And I think most people are reasonable and know it can take time to fix. People seem reasonable in this thread at least.
  19. You pretty much have to talk to ATC for IFR. So if the video covers ATC, I hope they do mention voice recognition.
  20. Maybe on the outside where the seat is, like they do on military jets? Captain Gamertag.
  21. Do people actually listen and believe mSparks? Do I need to refute his many misunderstandings, misleading statements, confusion, and wrong information? If so, what do people have concerns about?
  22. It can't be just the RGB/color value, as water can be green, yellow, blue, even red. So it would make sense to correlate that with a database of water locations. Which most maps have, even Bing street maps. Not to mention they don't want to manually edit everyplace.
  23. Some of the reason you didn't see pics of people flying into clouds, was there was a bug where clouds would be shown inside the plane. This bug was fixed in the latest build. Also shots of pure white are not so interesting. And soon we will have a IFR feature video. That may show full white out conditions while flying through a cloud. Most sims can handle IFR. This sim stands out as the first you can truly fly and navigate via VFR.
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