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  1. So far it is hard to tell if the waves are perpendicular to the wind. But I do hope they cover that. I also hope they make different sized waves based on the size of the body of water. "Five factors influence the formation of the flow structures in wind waves:[5] Wind speed or strength relative to wave speed—the wind must be moving faster than the wave crest for energy transfer The uninterrupted distance of open water over which the wind blows without significant change in direction (called the fetch) Width of area affected by fetch (at right angle to the distance) Wind duration — the time for which the wind has blown over the water. Water depth" I don't think they need to know or calculate all of these. For example water depth can be approximated from water horizontal dimensions, and I don't think we need to see the wave build up over time.
  2. I don't speak French, but it seems he is talking about the Alpha, and things missing that is not public info. And he talks about other things like how the cache works, and FPS performance. Seems NDA breaking to me. But he doesn't say much we don't know.
  3. I have been respectful, so I am not sure why I deserve this comment. And then to imply I don't understand, and just walk away. I read your comment a few more times. I am sure I know what you wrote. Let's assume that they do have a contract with a deadline. Do you think it is possible for the corporation to extend the deadline? Do you think they could base this decision on user feedback?
  4. You keep saying deadline. What deadline? You are assuming they have a deadline. Often creative works don't have precise deadlines. And game deadlines depend on the developer. In other words, many of the best games had no deadline. And many of the games that had a deadline, turned out badly, and never recovered. I know people look at the sim, and say it looks great, it looks done, just let me use it now. But we aren't seeing all the negative feedback in the forums. Devs do listen to users. There have been many times where devs listened to users demanding the game be released, and the game bombed. Devs listen to users, because those are the customers. The devs know the issues, but based on user feedback they assume that users won't mind too much, or that sales will be great any way. They release it, it gets bad reviews, sales are not great, the devs don't have money to fix it, and both the users and devs move on. And a game that had great potential dies in the "what if" dust bin. Please don't pressure the devs to release before it is ready.
  5. I also want to see MSFS match this shot of Hawaii, including the wispy clouds, water colors, and waves. https://i.imgur.com/wsr2Jat.gifv
  6. Looks kind of hazy to me. But the colors don't look wrong. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-3993802/Passenger-plane-pilot-films-amazing-footage-Dubai-night-think-concentrate-flying.html
  7. What deadline? They never said it would ship in 2020, just that they hoped it would. I want to point this out so that people don't think they missed a deadline if it ships next year. And also so they don't feel pressure to rush it out before it should go out.
  8. Who says you can't use FSX for training? https://fsxinsider.com/flight-simulator-as-a-training-aid/ And unless you throw thousands of dollars into a flight sim to buy FAA approved hardware, they are all just for entertainment.
  9. I think some people are not understanding that this is a new ruling. If this stands, it is like the law has suddenly changed So talking about they way things were, is like talking about an old law that was changed.
  10. The case was in the Northern District Court of California. It was over the trademark... "But in this Call of Duty case, AM General argued that trademark laws hardly give way to..." You are right, it really depends on if they appeal.
  11. The Alpha testers can not comment on the Alpha. But I hope they are still working on the clouds. Many look great. But some look dark, as if the shadows are overdone. And the patchy clouds, look to regular, too repetitive. And there are cloud types we haven't seen. I realize some of these are hard to judge based on photos. But it doesn't account for all the cloud issues. And I will repeat, many look good, and the latest batch looks better than prior ones. Still missing cloud types though.
  12. The sim will be rendering things very differently than the way Bing maps does. So yes, the sim has techniques to render the distance better. The draw distance in the sim is up to 600km. You might like this thread - https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/558821-in-game-vs-satellite/page/39/#comments Also, in the sim you can preload and area, so it will look great even if you have bad internet. And to get the full experience "real time" you only need a 10Mbs connection.
  13. Can we not let mSparks derail another thread with his FUD, wild conjecture, unsupported information, and most importantly, his tendency to bring up things unrelated to the topic.
  14. Janov, Jabloom, That was before. This lawsuit just finished and it changes things. Lawyers talk about precedent, i.e. how were similar cases judged. And this case changes things, and it just came out a few days ago. So going forward we should see changes in realistic video games. (Depends if they contest it.) Jabloom, in 2017 an Italian furniture company sued Sony because they used their logo in their game. They lost that case. Both of these cases happened after GTA 5 came out. https://www.thedrive.com/sheetmetal/16205/sony-wins-gran-turismo-lawsuit-involving-realistic-track-sponsorship-logos Most major game devs, including MS, have full time lawyers that work for them. As for your next points, I think Grumman and AA both just want money. I saw that because AA is fine with you making a livery if there is no money involved. https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?86-American-Airlines-Release-Form And in this Humvee case, the manufacturer wanted money as well as they didn't care if the Humvee blew up. And the judge said no, as the game is realistic and you would expect Humvees there. So Activision can keep using Humvees without paying. And keep in mind, this case just concluded. It is setting precedent. This have just changed, it will take a bit to see the ripples. Or to see if they contest the ruling.
  15. It is interesting to note that both Bing and Google have satellite images of various airlines. And if they recreate the airport from those images, they would have to do extra work to pull them out. I don't see how leaving them in would be an issue. Yes, I am aware of this. AA is one of the airlines that was more likely to sue. But I think as time went on, they just cared about making money from it, or if it created a bad image. Note this AA release form, and how they are fine as long as money isn't involved. https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?86-American-Airlines-Release-Form So they don't seem to care, unless they can make money off it.
  16. This is what I am hoping for, realistic friction dependant on tire size, with concrete, asphalt, mud, dirt, grass, sand, pebbles, wet grass, wet concrete, etc. And yes, ruts, rocks, puddles, birds, cats, dogs, oh my. I did watch some more videos, including Trent's. I did see one of hills where he landed on a grassy hill similar to the multiplayer video.
  17. This was just reported. Back in 2017 AM General sued Activision over the unlicensed use of the Humvee in the Call of Duty games. Activision countered by saying it was a first amendment right. The lawsuit is over and the judge is allowing Activision to continue to use it. But here is where it gets interesting. "Dismissing the lawsuit, district court judge George Daniels determined that the games passed the "Rogers test," a precedent set by a case that dealt with the depiction of actress Ginger Rogers in the 1986 film Ginger and Fred that protects artists and authors from accusations of trademark infringement unless that trademark is completely irrelevant to the creative work or is somehow being used to mislead its audience." So the key points are that a game is a creative work, and weather or not it is irrelevant or misleading. The judge goes on to say "If realism is an artistic goal, then the presence in modern warfare games of vehicles employed by actual militaries undoubtedly furthers that goal," Judge Daniels wrote. "The inclusions of Humvees in the foreground or background of various scenes...are integral elements of a video game because they communicate ideas through features distinctive to the medium." Now you might note he is talking about warfare games. But in context he is saying real militaries use humvees, so they are expected in a warfare game. So you would expect real airlines in a sim that uses real live traffic. It is part of the realism. So as I see it, a sim that is even more realistic than CoD, and has real live traffic, could show the airline of the live traffic. This sim exceeds the bar set by CoD. This just happened, so the lawyers could appeal. And I expect MS lawyers will wait to see, at best, and at worst will be cautious. Here is a link to an article. (Note, many sites reported on this) https://www.thedrive.com/tech/32872/you-have-a-first-amendment-right-to-humvees-in-call-of-duty-games-judge-rules It is a good read, as he mentions the Polaroid factors, which the Sim would also pass.
  18. I will watch some of his videos. It will be nice to see landings in rough country. Thanks So mostly you are looking for rocks, big divots, things like that? Sounds like bush landings will be no problem in MSFS, as there aren't any rocks, or divots, or details like that. I hope they add more details to make it more realistic.
  19. I have been watching bush pilots on Youtube. Of the ones I have watched, most were on groomed grass airfields, or smooth river banks, things like that. I haven't seen any thick vegetation landings similar to the video. But I am far from an expert here. So just wanted to see what people thought.
  20. I don't see webassembly being single threaded as a showstopper. In one of the interviews the devs said that the plane with the flight dynamics, and the cockpit electronics and computers, and the weather systems, all together were only using 5% of a single core. (This was last year) So once again, if they can do it then why not others. And if needed, they could put it on its own thread without the weather system. And I don't understand how that means all planes would be the same. Lastly, I thought that threads were added last year. https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2018/10/wasm-threads
  21. When I flew, I thought it was the coolest game ever. Of course you are watching for traffic, holding heading and altitude, listening to the radio, thinking of your next waypoint. But still having an awesome time. I guess some people like to drive cars, some don't. Driving a car was sometimes a game to me, and very enjoyable as well.
  22. I agree, there is no reason it can't be both. Thanks for the comment about my brother.
  23. We already know there is a landing challenge where people try to out score each other.
  24. As you said, they could use AI to at the very least pull the water color. They don't need to know if it is polluted, they just need the look. It would look better if they just copied that part from Bing maps. And as far as a non-local noticing, well some of these places are famous. But even if they aren't, part of the reason people want to fly this sim is to see the beauty of the world. So getting the color of local water is important. Not good if the whole world has the same blue water, and not even different shades. The other thing they need to do is get different waves for different sizes of water bodies. An ocean shouldn't have the same waves as a pond.
  25. In the Multiplayer video they show this yellow plane landing (see image below). I am not a bush pilot, but I want to try it out in the new sim, so I don't want to learn bad habits. So is this landing a safe landing in real life? Or is there a good chance the plane would flip, or catch one wheel? This is taken just as it was touching down. (Some of the later frames you can't see the wheels because of the vegetation.) In the video it starts at about 3:13. https://youtu.be/ezcSVFQdc5g?t=193 And maybe you can educate me on where you could or couldn't land in a bush plane. Exclude the obvious like too short, big rocks, etc.
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