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  1. 16 Golf bravo you are cleared for takeoff (See the MS post) surely that could mean 16GB gang getting invites...
  2. Hell, people even laughed at having to buy an dedicated graphics card... We all know how that went...
  3. 986 Mbps down 836 Mbps up Copenhagen 😎 Fiber 1000/1000
  4. But then again, nobody really knows. So that would be very a very bold move..
  5. You could add the documents to the common documents of the efb that’s what I do with FP etc Im not aware of any other solutions tho...
  6. And you succeeded at finding the NGX ?🤠
  7. Yes, correct afaik Consider it a part of all other preparation work 😲
  8. 4 - valid point but remember that the cost of VR has been significantly higher. Now a decent VR headset is 3-400 usd the cost is the most important thing to mass consumption markets. Then add the better stats, more content etc etc and things might start snowballing very fast. i was reluctant for years. But when rift got down to 350$ I bought it just to try it, and I was massively surprised by the sensation of space.. You are literally there in the cockpit..
  9. Does it matter what the pax # is if the total weight of the payload is ok?
  10. Interesting, and how would you manage it so it would be somewhat real? Vatsim is backed by a huge community which both counts RW experience (pilots and controllers who might be local to the FIR) and enthusiasts who wish to learn how to control. I have a hard time seeing how you would implement that and *poof* get rid of the need for such services.
  11. Would be awesome.. flying the addons we have today (fsx) in msfs 2020 would keep me busy the next 5 years
  12. Well, I did read that the UI pos function is like zooming in on the globe and place your airplane at any pos.. That will probably get many flat earth believers to complain 😂
  13. Thanks even though I’m disappointed with the fact that it doesn’t come with VR out of the box, I think they did an very good job.
  14. Sorry you feel that way.. my vatsim organization is very professional and helpful, so you might wanna generalize less.
  15. I suggest the upcoming flights I’m focus on being the stable framework on which we will base our future simming needs. Now what this means is, that MS should provide the platform (framework) for ‘us‘ (the developers) to build on. So the platform should have Great simulation of how physics affects planes Ofc stunning visuals, with superb simulation of light etc Stable.. Rock solid stable platform Detailed SDK Advanced weather variables Great world (Sloped runways, differences in surface states etc) And many other probably mentioned in this and many other threads over the years in these forums. I sincerely hope MS would draw the line at ATC/planes etc because one cannot expect them to deliver all this. I see so many posts of how this sim should be capable of e.g detailed ATC. ATC procedures are so local, and interchangeable that it doesn’t make any sense to try to provide them in a sim. When its released the procedure might change etc etc. I suggest MS reach out to existing platforms who delivers ATC, and integrate these into their systems. This is not an easy task, and there is a lot of bones in that fish to pick. So get it started 😏 Same with planes.. Let our super talented developers do the awesome planes they do, and let MS do what they can do. I really hope MS provide the platform or framework for us to expand on. So “we”(developers) need to be able to deeply interact with variables in the sim.
  16. I think Bryan just meant that it is the default cabin sounds. I think you mean these... If you want to hear them you have to turn up cabin volume on the control panel. See the FSL manual
  17. Wierd, but nope.. no tinkering required as far as I remember. Launch set and forget. maybe 10 minutes. Never really touched it since.. And I have used it for 5 years or so p3d v3 and forward. Before that fsx ofc
  18. Ehh.. vpilot is fully updated and p3d compatible. its not that old. I think I’m on vpilot v2 which auto registrers ai models. For models I use flai.
  19. Ok - maybe time to bring in some facts to this thread. What follows is my honest opinion based on 7 months of casual simming use(I fly 2-4 times a month). I fly exclusively with the Oculus rift CV1 Sure, the resolution could be better but for USD 349 I guess it’s more inexpensive than eg. track IR. It sure is much more inexpensive than a full blown home cockpit for $20.000. I have in fact tried this, and while it’s nice to use the home cockpit it still has it limitations. For me, it works perfectly fine to click a few buttons with the mouse, “virtual hands” seems more odd to me. But I’ve never used it as I use p3d, so take that with a grain of salt. Immersion wise it’s great! Look over your shoulder see the wings, watch the controls move. Fly a wide body and sense the size of the cockpit. It’s impossible to return to 2d flying, and it made me get all in to simming again after losing the interest a bit. With ASW i would imagine it’s smoother than sitting in front of an 4K tv. I find it just as good as my 2d display performance. Visual approaches not a problem.. fly a few circuits with your favorite light A/C, don’t have to use your hat switch so you cannot monitor the instruments. Flying manual? Quickly flick the nose light on on final without losing focus and resetting your view. also the scale and depth of the sim changes. You don’t have to fight the zoom distortion or fish eye problem which is week described by others on YouTube etc As for comfort, sure it’s generating heat etc - I find that I do the initial cockpit prep and some of the cruise (30 min+ cruise flights) with 2d. there is some great threads on the forum for VR with experiences, pro/cons of different headsets. From what I’ve read oculus over all scores high on being easy to use with quick setup and good interface.
  20. Never controlled on Ivao, but I assume you have digital flightstrips or can update the aircraft tag with relevant information. So an A/C which has received clearance gets updated with that including the squawk code, then push/taxi and so on.. You have to figure out your own flow. Forget writing it down...tag/strips is your notes
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