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  1. neilbradley1

    PMDG B737NGX and X-Plane

    About two years ago, did I see a general post that indicated the NGX was being developed for X-Plane? Is that development still proceeding, especially as now it appears that a high quality version is in Beta for X-Plane and it's free? The YouTube videos indicate a quality product. And it would seem that X-Plane is not having the performance problems of P3D V4 and also has better flight dynamics. Neil Bradley
  2. When trying to calibrate my Saitek throttle quadrant I get a warning saying that 'Multiple axes assigned to throttle, prop, mixture. Your controls may not work correctly'. And they don't work at all. I have tried to reset the defaults, but still no change. Is there a fix to clear the assignment s so I can complete the calibration? Neil Bradley
  3. neilbradley1

    Installation of B737NGX into P3D

    I am asking about what has happened to my query July 24 2017, (Ticket: 2D6-210853C5-0401). I initially received prompt responses from PMDG up until August 19, then nothing. I made a request concerning the issue on October 23, and still no response. I would be grateful for at least an acknowledgement. Sincerely, Neil Bradley
  4. neilbradley1

    Prepar3D Problems

    I'm in YPAD. I will un-install Prepar3D and then install it in it's own drive. I'll check that I run it as administrator. I purchased it on 29 June. Thanks. Neil Bradley
  5. neilbradley1

    Prepar3D Problems

    I purchased Prepar3D and it installed itself into my C Drive in the Programs folder. I then purchased the B737NGX for Prepar3D but kept getting the 'can't find Prepar3D' error message. Should I un-install Prepar3D and re-install it on it's own drive as recommended for FSX? Neil Bradley
  6. neilbradley1

    Navigraph 1701 - Queenstown RNP now added.

    Qantas and Air New Zealand worked on these approaches. If you look up You Tube for 'This is why we fly' you'll see an actual approach onto 05. If you have actually been to NZQN and are aware of the terrain around the airport it is even more impressive. Neil Bradley
  7. Prior to a session on FSX I load AS2016 and then load FSX. AS2016 tells me that it is connected to FSX. In the Free Flight mode FSX indicates under weather that the selected WX engine is AS2016. However after getting airborne in the B737NGX, there is no wind direction and speed displayed on the ND. This confirmed by the fact that the GS and TAS match. If I go back into settings and use FSX's world weather selection, I get the wind information displayed on the ND. Neil Bradley
  8. neilbradley1

    Accessing downloaded liveries

    I use SIMstarter NG and all of my downloaded &NGX liveries are available to setup profiles. However when I load FSX and look for a livery, say Virgin Australia, all that appear to be available are the PMDG House liveries. Where are the others? Neil Bradley
  9. neilbradley1

    Black second Monitor

    Folks, I have a two monitor setup for my normal day to day work, a 27" Viewsonic and a 19" LG Flatron. In normal work I can open and put secondary material on the 19" monitor. However when I start FSX and go to Free Flight, the 19" goes black. This is where I would normally like to have AS2016, Topcat and PFPX etc, but I can't see them. Any suggestions? Neil Bradley
  10. Hi Guys, how do you set up the sensitivity of the ailerons and elevator so that the inputs are smooth and appropriate? currently even the slightest movement of the yoke results in what would amount to serious over control. Nothing like the steady and smooth flying one sees on the posted videos of particularly the PMDG B737NG. Neil Bradley
  11. neilbradley1

    Won't climb, won't accelarate

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the responses. I removed FSUPIC from the modules folder and changed from AS2016 to ASN and then flew a relatively short flight and all went well. I'll try again with AS2016 to see if that is an issue. The only thing that was odd and missing was the upper wind input. Nothing was displayed on the ND and the GS matched the TAS all through the flight indicating that there was a zero wind. I didn't check the OAT. In regards to my setup, I received a response from a fellow flight simmer who lives nearby and we are working through the control issues. Again thanks for your input. Neil Bradley
  12. neilbradley1

    Won't climb, won't accelarate

    After getting airborne and cleaning up the aircraft and selecting the autopilot, the aircraft does not accelerate to 250 kts and then the FMC computed climb speed above 10,000, and sits around 175 kts and will barely climb, even when there is only 1/3 fuel and empty on payload. Another feature is the 5 degree nose down attitude when more or less level. Any thoughts? Neil Bradley
  13. I am a senior citizen living in Adelaide (YPAD) South Australia. I have been interested in flight simulation for many years but I need help in setting up my simulation (FSX), the flight controls etc., from someone who lives nearby who is prepared to spend some time sorting me out. Neil Bradley
  14. Thanks guys, your responses have been somewhat helpful and I think I have the steering and brakes setup reasonably well. However I now have a problem with the speed brakes. In the cockpit view the speed brake lever keeps jumping in and out of the down position. On the external view the speed brakes keep extending and retracting. I am using the GoFlight TQ6 advanced module with the B737 throttle levers. Neil Bradley
  15. I just recently returned flight simming and the PMDG B737NGX. I attempted to setup my Saitek rudder pedals using FSUPIC and then attempted a short flight. However when taxiing each time I turned to the left or right the visual effect from the cockpit was that the aircraft appeared to be rolling from side to side like a boat. Also touching the brakes, even lightly, brought the aircraft to a stop with the red text telling me how to release the brakes appearing. Any clues as to what I am doing wrong or haven't done? Neil Bradley