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  1. Emri Bachar

    Sensitivity and null zones

    Hello what is the best reality sensitivity and null zone for TRFP rudder pedals thanks
  2. hey have a site with sales of hardware thx...
  3. Emri Bachar

    Chaseplane problem

    yes teamviewer session but i have hebrew system is problem and cant change to english i try cause fs2crew...
  4. Emri Bachar

    Chaseplane problem

    Still crash tried at windows 8 version and 7
  5. Emri Bachar


    Hello how to add sid and starts to a350 i saw on YT guide with cmd but its not work for me with script of a350 at xplane forum...
  6. Emri Bachar

    Chaseplane problem

    Of CP i check on properties P3D V4.. i
  7. Emri Bachar

    Chaseplane problem

    When i want to change key on views is crash
  8. Emri Bachar

    Tweaks for FSX SE

  9. Emri Bachar

    Chaseplane problem

    Hello when i want to change key on chaseplan is stop respond of any type of a/c also in settings anyone know what to do?
  10. Emri Bachar

    Chaseplane problem

    I redownload chaseplane on my new computer from my old and is said i used max uses on this acc please help sent email dont answer
  11. Emri Bachar

    Chaseplane problem

  12. Emri Bachar

    Chaseplane problem

    Hello I switch from my old computer to my new one and try to redownload chaseplane and its say that I reach max number of computer i saw there faq and still send them mail have more things to do ?
  13. Emri Bachar

    Tweaks for FSX SE

    not stream have as but its not for fsx se is for my p3dv4