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  1. I’m in the mood to try something new and would like to try to fly the 737-600 into the old kai tak airport. Can anyone recommend a Kai tak scenery, as I’m extremely unfamiliar with this area of the world, can someone also recommend where I should depart from (looking for something within an hour ish. Shorter if possible) Cheers!
  2. Absolutely, I can say I’ll never buy a pre-built system again. I was intimidated at first but wasn’t really all that difficult. Just took my time, the most difficult part was choosing the parts, and making sure they were all compatible (and even that wasn’t that difficult after a bit of research… being a noob)
  3. Ya I built it a month or so ago… but thanks for the offer, cheers from a fellow Ontarian.
  4. I did end up with bitting the bullet and upgrading the card, I went with a 3060ti
  5. In Canada, It’s unnatural the amount of head movement they look for on the road test… now I want to go riding some!
  6. I used both, prefer tobii, using it on a 32” monitor with no issues. I have it mounted on the bottom of my monitor, using a honeycomb yoke and there is no interference with line of site. I do keep the eye tracking off, but even then I prefer tobii as I dont have to wear anything on my head, which is a huge bonus for me, might not be for others, but sure is for me.
  7. Same here, I plan my airport add-on purchases on that principal, and CYUL offers great options!
  8. Curious why dev mode only? I bought this plane months and months ago but never actually flew it or took the time to learn it, getting an urge to fly it. My current list in this order: PMDG 737 Fenix Airbus Carenado C337 sky master
  9. Ah nice!! I wasn’t aware, will be a nice flight from Toronto or Boston!
  10. I feel like cyul would be a waste as I’d imagine Flytampa will release a cyul for msfs at some point… of course that’s just an assumption!
  11. Wasn’t it like watching paint dry or something to that effect 😂😂
  12. All this talk about navigraph made me decide to renew my subscription… oh how I’ve missed the ease and practicality of this software… running like a champ on my iPad!
  13. For my own selfish reasons… please do CYQT, I did my flight training there back in the day, would love to see a good CYQT, it makes for a good flight from Toronto! But I understand demand is important for business, but my wish list CYQT CYSB CYYB Great products by the way, will be picking up your CYOO! Cheers!
  14. A little while back, 8 months or so ago I had a subscription to navigraph, I since cancelled and have been using free online charts from wherever I can get them. I do miss the ease of navigraph and how intuitive the program is, so I’m actually thinking about renewing my subscription. It sounds like your happy with your current way of charts, but you can subscribe monthly, perhaps pay for a months subscription and try it out, if you don’t like it you can always cancel, which was very easy to cancel. At least back then you were able to sub monthly, not sure it’s still the same but I’d imagine it is. Cheers!
  15. I’ll echo what everyone pretty much is saying, I was on the fence with the buttkicker for a very long time, decided to finally give it a try and bought one a year or so ago, while expensive, I’d happily buy another one when this one expires without a second thought.. adds so much to the sim, that clunking feeling when the gear on my 737 drops, or retracts, along with everything else of course. Absolutely love it. It packs a real punch though, so no need to use it full blast, If I had to guess I’d say I use mine at 25% levels, which is enough for me, along with sim shakers module.
  16. I’m anxious for the efb. I was never an efb kind of person but after using it in the “other” airliner, I’m missing it in the 737.
  17. Thanks for confirming… looks like i wasn’t the only one. I tried turning off live weather but then because the aircraft was hovering it ended up falling to the ground, so I turned the sim off and went to bed lol.
  18. Looking to see if anyones run across this issue, was coming in to land at CYYZ yesterday in the fenix, about 500 ft above ground the wind started climbing all the way up to 200kts, plane was hovering in place as my speed was obviously a lot lower.. never came across this one before, wondering if anyone has seen this?
  19. Exactly this… 6$ for an upgrade price, blows my mind that people are bent out of shape over it… seriously it’s only 6$, I can probably Find that in change if I look around the house, in the couch, in junk drawers, centre console of my truck.
  20. I received the card today and installed it , got to try it quickly And you are absolutely right, it is like a whole new simulator, the difference is unreal and the experience has been completely transformed!!
  21. Thank you, I ordered the TI model and just reading your comment now, I’m sure the non-ti would have been sufficient but I already hit the buy now and it’s on its way. I appreciate you giving me your experience on the upgrade, you’ve given me confidence in the new card!
  22. Looking at purchasing a new gpu to go with a new build (cpu I7 12700kf), Given my budget, I’ve narrowed it down to the gtx 3060, wondering if anyone would know if there is a big difference between a TI and non-TI model in relation to msfs
  23. Thank you all for your great recommendations, I’m trying hwmonitor, not sure on the accuracy but so far looking like temps are good! Perhaps a successful build 😂
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