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  1. You have to remember that the addon manufactures can only work with the platform. It may be an engine limitation that prevents airport objects loading beyond 15nm. There may be hacks around it but those will likely cause other issues or have other side effects. Additionally, it's not just about VAS, it's also about FPS and reducing the rendering workload as much as possible in order to keep FPS up.
  2. WillsB3

    Land texture showing up as water?

    This usually happens if your terrain.cfg is messed up or scenery library order is wrong I believe. try rerunning the Orbx LCLookup migration from FTX central settings/troubleshooting section.
  3. Hi Matthias, Draw distance is not the issue. I know this can't be fixed as is. My idea was to modify the way cloud shadows are projected via a shader tweak. As it is the effect is very noticeable when panning around
  4. Hi! I've been plagued by cloud shadows on the ground that rotate as the camera viewpoint looks around. Is there anything that can be done to the shader to make this less obvious or disable it completely? I wonder what effect disabling it would have (potentially some inaccurate cloud shadows), but it's very distracting seeing massive shadows fly across the terrain as you look around with TrackIR or panning. Any ideas ?
  5. +1 - The mouse cursor being visible while panning with the middle mouse button pressed is kind of strange.
  6. I have the same problem, when i go to outside view with ChasePlane button assignment or UI I can only see the VC model. I do have EZDok installed but ChasePlane said it altered some things related to EzDok when I installed it.
  7. hope I didn't just make you lots more work haha! Thanks again!
  8. Hi Yuri Thanks for the tips - really great that this is already possibly via manual shader edits I agree that my request is quite specific . However having to do this tweak manually each time the preset is changed is a bit frustrating. Would you consider adding some sort mechanism that can apply these sorts of manual overrides when applying shader tweaks for cases like this where you think a specific tweak doesn't warrent it's own dedicated control in the user interface? Perhaps some sort of automatic find and replace mechanism would be sufficient? The new functionality for using expressions within shader variables looks really great. What if you added a bloom slider/textfield that allowed expressions? Many thanks for your response and your continued work on the tool. Best, Wills
  9. Hi KNOSSOS, Thanks for your amazing work on PTA - it's transformed the sim! I've been thinking about this for a while and thought I'd share the idea incase you thought it would make a good feature. When I fly night flights I like to have quite a bit more bloom enabled so that the streetlights look more natural, -: if they are actually emitting light. The additional bloom also makes the sunset colours of the sky textures look a little more saturated and spectacular too which is an added benefit . However, running this much bloom in the day time results in a washed out/overly bright scene. Would it be possible for PTA to implement some sort of adaptive bloom control so that users can set a daytime and nighttime bloom setting and then the sim tweens between these two values according to the time of day? Ttime of day might be incorrect terminology here, as the darkness depends on day of the year and also lat/long, but the general principal still stands. Is it possible for PTA to know the amount of sunlight and therefore know the exact "phase" of day (presunset/sunset/postsunset etc). Many thanks for the excellent tool again. Wills
  10. WillsB3

    ENB series

    I'd recommend looking into Reshade instead of ENB if you're looking to use a third party shader injector.
  11. WillsB3

    Admin Privileges

    When you say "directly to C:\" do you mean install to "C:\Prepar3D v3"? Installing to the root off you disk (without a "Prepar3d v3" folder) is a bad idea, but installing to a dedicated directory outside of Prpgram Files (or any other system rated director) is the recommendation.
  12. WillsB3

    1999 vs. today vs. the future

    Actually we don't have 3D Clouds... At least not in FSX/P3D. They are still 2D sprites, just made to look 3D.
  13. WillsB3

    another 4K/2160P TV question/help for P3Dv3

    Worth noting that from the 10 series GPUs onwards (so 1070 & 1080 for now) more than 2-way SLI isn't even possible (except for a few "white listed" benchmarking applications), so even Nvidia thinks that 3-way SLI offers diminishing returns
  14. 3.3 is out, I guess Tweak Assistant will need a big update to support any updated shaders... Cloud shaders will have been updated to support the new CLOUD_FACING_MODE.