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  1. Thanks you Badderjet, I have fixed my problem, and your explaination was very clear. :)I will put my name as soon as possible. Thanks again
  2. Thanks you for your answers.G550Flyer : I have checked your guide, and it has some valuable informations, thanks you. Badderjet : Thanks for this "interview" (from Kent is that right ?) ! I have tryed to only put the Departure and destination airport and nothing else more, but the runway still disappears after the first landing.I have another question that is less related to my question : I can't remember how to draw circles around a point in the Navigation Display. If I can remember well, we have to put "OurPoint / the distance", for exemple, METEK/5 for a 5 mile circle, is that right ? It doesn't seems to work for me, it is said that it's "invalid". Thanks you for you answers :)
  3. Hello, I was wondering how to configure the FMS, and if it was possible, for a touch-a-go configuration. When I load a flightplan in my FMS, each time the 737 passes a fix it is deleted from the Legs Page and on the Navigation Display, so that only the points that the plane hasn't passed yet are remaining. My problem is that when I perform touch-and-goes and that I have put my airport and runway indication on the Navigation Display, after the first landing everything is deleted on the ND, consequently it is all clean during my second circuit pattern.In this video, we can clearly see that those indications stay on the Navigation Display during the whole procedure : How could I do that ? Thanks you in advance :) Bekatro PS : Sorry for my bad english, I'm not a native english speaker.
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