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  1. No add-on scenery anywhere near the aircraft at the time. I'm using unregistered FSUIPC. The only other things I had running was PRO-ATC/X and FSXWX. I feel like FSXWX (freeware weather engine) may have had something to do with it as when I looked at the log after the flight, there were many weird messages I'm not used to seeing after a flight. I'm not sure what this is.
  2. Shanbec

    Service Based Failures

    Yeah, that works. Thanks for your help.
  3. So I was about two hours into my flight, about 160nm off of the top of descent, and my sim begins to freeze. I would freeze for about 30 seconds, continue for 5 seconds, freeze again for 30 seconds and so on... Even when in the menus such as the controls menu or the settings menu in flight it would freeze like this, the whole program just kept doing this cycle. I had to quit the simulation in the end. Please note, it never crashed, no matter what I tried to do, it never crashed, just froze. I have a feeling someone might mention VAS to me, but I'll wait for the replies. Is there anything I can configure to stop this from happening in the future? Do I need to further tone down my scenery and other settings to save on VAS? I don't use much scenery at all, only UK2000 for the departure airport on this occasion, using the PMDG 737NGX, FS2Crew, and PRO-ATC/X. My computer isn't fantastic, but I'm guessing it doesn't have much to do with the specs of my computer? Anyway, thanks for your help/
  4. Shanbec

    Service Based Failures

    So, click "File" and then click "Start new flight" or "Load flight" so it saves the hours before crashing?
  5. Simple problem, I have just bought PRO-ATC/X and when I press '1', I can speak to clearance and ground and all that, but I just cannot see the menu.
  6. Shanbec

    Service Based Failures

    At the end of a session, I press Esc on my keyboard and click "end flight" or whatever the option is, I cannot remember the exact wording. It's at this point that the program stops responding and crashes. Anyway, it appears that saving the panel state before exiting, and loading that same panel state on the next flight allows the time until next maintenance to decrease. Is this actually a way around my simulator crashing, or have I got this wrong?
  7. Shanbec

    Service Based Failures

    So, every time I exit a flight at the end of a flight using the PMDG 373NGX, FSX crashes on me. I think I saw somewhere that this is usual, but if you know of a fix, please let me know? Anyway, my question is, does this crash at the end of the flight stop service based failures from functioning properly? How exactly do service based failures work? I made a flight yesterday, and at the end checked the maintenance, it showed 242 hours until next service. When I checked it again after another flight today and it still said 242 hours. Have I got the wrong idea of something somewhere?
  8. Okay, for example, in the tutorial it shows you how to go direct to a waypoint, by copying using the line selector, and then pressing 1L. But it just doesn't place it into 1L. Another example is trying to offset your planned route. Type the appropriate code into the scratchpad, enter it into the appropriate line, but it just does not transfer from the scratchpad to the line. Nothing from the scratchpad seems to be able to be input into the FMC. The above are just example, but the premise being that I cannot "edit" any entry within the FMC. Everything stays as it is currently set.
  9. So, when loading one of the presaved tutorial flights i.e 'Before Takeoff' or 'Before Top of Decent', for the EHAM-LOWI tutorial, the FMC does not allow any editing. I can copy entries into the scratchpad, I can see all the different pages on the FMC, I just can't actually edit anything. Any ideas?
  10. So, still no solutions then? I feel a little cheated by PMDG because it's not easy to operate the 737 without the FCOMS, FCTM and QRH. I'm able to get Introduction and Tutorials 1 & 2 elswhere on my system, but I can only find the FCOMS, FCTM and QRH in the OC.
  11. Yes, it does. What do you mean by changing the default programs back?
  12. So, I accidentally updated the PMDG Operations Center, and when trying to open up the aircraft documents for the 737 NGX on it in Acrobat Reader DC, it just doesn't open up. Messing around with it a little, I reckon it open is and runs it, but it's nowhere to be seen, not even in task manager. This is because as I tried to uninstall and reinstall Acrobat Reader, it told me to close the current Acrobat Reader windows that WERE open, though I couldn't see any. I could only close these apparent windows by restarting my computer. After reinstalling Acrobat Reader, I can open PDFs from other locations on the computer, but as soon as I try to click on the link in the PMDG Operations Center, it breaks it again. I'm considering maybe reinstalling the Operations Center, but I have no idea where to get the download from again. Sam Elliott