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  1. albertomolteni

    FMS Appears Off?

    Not sure what Shift - 8 is supposed to do... FMS popup is Shift - 5 IIRC, Shift - 2 is autopilot and thrust settings, and then either Shift -4 or -6 (can't remember right now) will give you a little sketch of the instrument panel where the blue areas can be clicked to magnify... especially useful to bring up the magnified PFD + ND.
  2. albertomolteni

    FMS Appears Off?

    A new day brings better results - tried once more with Defender's "check apps & files" off, reinstalled, now it works. I have now turned the Defender setting back to its default setting of "warn" and FMS keeps working. Navigraph window is gone now, was it a red herring?
  3. albertomolteni

    FMS Appears Off?

    Same issue here. Fresh install of both P3d v4.2 and F50. I load the default scenario (F35 engine running) then change aircraft to the F50. Electrics are on, I get the intro window showing me how to manipulate the knobs, click spots appear to be working (I can hide the yoke), but FMS is off. If I change to 2D panel I see a window telling me the Navigraph database is being built. There appears to be a progress bar but nothing happens (left it there 30 minutes). No antivirus except Windows Defender. I opened the Windows Defender Security Center, went to App & Browser Control, put Check apps & files to Off, reran the installer but no joy. Also tried launching P3d as administrator, same result.