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  1. I've experienced this twice now- maybe three times, on different routes. I was enroute KPHL-KDTW climbing through FL320 when the autothrottle rolled the throttles back to idle. This happens both when the autothrottle is driven by the FMC data and also when driven by the MCP panel value. Once I cancel the autothrottle, I can operate the engines normally via manual control. The ice protection was activated (in automode as usual) if I remember correctly. Has this happened to anybody? Is it related to the cold? I believe the OAT was about -3 celsius when it occured. I did a search but could not find anything related to this topic. Or is it simply a bug?
  2. Singularity

    A2A Cessna 182 released!

    This looks SICK! I feel kinda taken aback; I really didn't pay much attention to A2A's Cessna aircraft until last week- I have invested heavily in a bunch of Carenado aircraft (don't get me wrong they aren't bad, just not nearly to the level of A2A). Will pick this up soon! Good work A2A!
  3. Singularity

    radar contact

    I have only tried RC. I fly FSX (and X-Plane) to LEARN about flying (and the enjoyment derived from that obviously), from a technical aspect and a procedural aspect as well. I never, ever fly without RC, unless I am flying VFR. Default ATC simply doesn't compare. If you are serious about learning real-world procedures, I can vouch for RC for hours and hours. Like others have said, it's not perfect, mostly due to limitations in FSX itself. I don't find the SIDs/STARS thing too big of a deal- if you are using a flight planner that will convert the SIDS/STARS to waypoints, it becomes, at least to ME, a moot point. Just my two cents- and remember (I have not tried either of these though- this is just from research)- that if you really want to go all-out, look into Pilot Edge or, if you are OK with dealing with limitations and hit-or-miss ATC quality (but much bigger area coverage), look into VATSIM.
  4. Singularity

    Favourite Plane Right Now

    Feel There ERJ-175/195 and the Carenado Cessna 340. haha. Yeah, I like both GA and airliners. Bout to start on the Aerosoft Airbus and start getting into the Carenado C182T I just scooped up.
  5. Hello all. I just purchased the 340 (my seventh or so Carenado product) and as usual,am totally in love with it. I have an issue with the Kohlsman (sp?) knob for the pressure setting on the altimeter though...when the FSX environment is 29.92, and you hit "B", the setting goes to 29.91. It seems that the pressure settings are off by one, if ATC tells you altimeter setting is 29.95, the C340 altimeter needs to be set to 29.94- and indeed, if you hit "B", it goes to 29.94. Any ideas here?
  6. Well, I knew it would be something stupid that I overlooked. What you are saying makes sense and I am 100% sure that it is the issue now that you point it out. I don't recall hearing the "ding" and I should have been paying more attention. Thanks for your help, I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to post that response.
  7. Thanks for the help all. I actually also have FlyJsim's 727 for X-Plane so I was kind of spoiled from the get go. Had my eye on the Coolsky DC-9 for awhile now...
  8. I had this happen twice today- I replicated it the second time and made sure the flightplan in FSX and in RC were correct. I have never had this issue before- I flew the Feel There ERJ-175 KDTW to KJFK. I am pretty experienced with the ERJ series and have flown this jet numerous times before using RC with no issues. This is my route...generated by FSX, simple, no SIDS or STARS... CRL--->COHOW--->SURLY--->HAMIT--->JHWBFD1--->HOXIE--->SFK04--->STENT--->MAGIO--->LVZ--->JENNO--->HARTY--->STW--->LGA--->JFK. At about 25 nm into COHOW, over Lake Erie, I am handed off to Toronto Centre. This controller tells me I am off course, and asks me to turn to a heading of 275 degrees (west), esentially sending me in the complete opposite direction. What on earth? LOL. Very frustrating. I searched and couldn't find anyone else with this issue. Any ideas?
  9. I just bought the CS 727. I cannot get the knobs on the altimeter to work right. When I click the right or left mouse on the knob, it moves the barometer setting in increments of 3 or 4 (ie, one click will go from 29.92 to 29.97) and I could not find any solutions online. I CANNOT post in the CS forum- I registered but it says on the bottom right of the forum "YOU CANNOT POST NEW TOPICS" in the 727 forum. Any ideas? I been really disappointed the past month. I purchased the Just Flight DC-8 and was beyond disappointing I hope this aircraft isn't going to fly down the same route- I really would like a nice classic airliner for FSX.
  10. Actually I do have some questions... I am having an issue with "VNAV DISCONNECT". I am trying to understand which parameters will cause this condition. I did some research and found a few things that could cause it: -Exceeding the airspeed that is set in the FMS for that leg -Reaching TOD before the target altitude (if the altitude is "too high" in relation to the length of the route) When I begin the initial climb out, the VNAV engages following the altitude selected by the knob, as normal. It just gets to a point where you lose that mode and it goes to another mode (not in front of the PC right now, I want to say it goes to FPA or ALT SEL). So my questions are: What conditions would cause a VNAV disconnect? I also notice that the altitude in the FMS will change when the altitude knob is adjusted with a new calculated IAS. But it only seems to change SOMETIMES, not all the time. How exactly does this work? thanks!
  11. Now I understand, thanks Mickey! I need to learn the overall concepts of the FMS better.
  12. Right, I am aware of that. I activated the FMS button and then the VNAV button on the FMS. I will look at the manual again on PG 69, obviously I am missing a step. thanks FS!
  13. I didn't think this would be the forum to post a question about a Feel There product (from what I understand Wilco didn't have anything to do with the V2 version) but I did notice some posts about these a/c here (which I love, great job FeelThere!!!!). I seem to be having trouble with the VNAV. I was fumbling quite a while the other day with getting the FMS to manage the altitude. By this I mean flying the altitude that is inputted into the FMS. The altitude will show MAGENTA on the PFD but the aircraft was only flying the altitude that is set by the ALT knob (the MAGENTA altitude was shown in smaller case numbers near the ALT knob altitude on the PFD). I pushed FMS button and then VNAV but could not get the system to start flying the FMS altitude. I am SURE I am doing something stupid. I looked through the manual and just could not resolve it. Any ideas?
  14. Thanks Jesse. At this point I can only conclude that it in fact IS working but like you said it's just too subtle. I cannot see any reason why it wouldn't be working. I just got the Feel There E175/195 and I plan on spending time learning that aircraft (comes with a pretty sweet FMS that's quite deep) and learning more about flight planning so I guess maybe I will start to see some differences as time passes. Thanks all.
  15. Hey guys, My resolution settings are set to the absolute highest setting. Still nothing- I tried slewing around the Himalayas, and switching between the stock scenery and the Mesh with no difference. I then tried re-installing using the directory that the install recommends (FSX/scenery) and I still did not see any difference. I do not have any other mesh installed.