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  1. Hi Guys, I just started using this plane and I have a problem with the autopilot and ILS. When I select approach hold, the localiser is captured but the plane goes up and down and does not maintain the glideslope.
  2. Hi Simmers, I like the default King Air due to its flexibility and good fps. However, when I advance the thrust for takeoff, the plane jerks forward about two times. It only happens in the King Air. I have watched videos on youtube with others taking off with it and it does not happen to them. If possible, could you guys try a test takeoff with it and let me know if it happens with you also. I use FSX steam.
  3. k1fox

    ActiveSky Feedback

    Much thanks for the feedback guys. I decided to get it last night due to all the very positive reviews while its still on sale. The setup was easy and the interface looks nice. Looking forward to start using it over the weekend.
  4. k1fox

    ActiveSky Feedback

    So I assume it's really good. Better than everything else?
  5. Hey guys. I've never used Activesky weather engine and now its on sale and i'm considering it seeing that my OpusFsi has broken. I'm hoping to get some feedback from the Activesky users on your experience with it and how does it compare to Opus and FsxWx, which is what i'm using right now. I liked the camera and turbulence effects in Opus.
  6. k1fox

    Aircrafts & Other Addons

    I really do like the realism and maintenance aspect of the A2A GA as well. However, because they're slow trainers I'm over them now. I wouldn't mind if their upcoming rumored twin is a Baron. Yay for the QW757 - Engaging, versatile, many liveries and fps friendly. Thanks for your very comprehensive report. Its good to see new simulators being developed so that flight simmers can have choices.
  7. k1fox

    Aircrafts & Other Addons

    Ok cool. I'm a FSX SE user and plan to keep it that way into the foreseeable future. FSX has been the tried and true flight simulator whereby everything has been made to enhance it since 2006. With the newer flightsims, you are limited to a handful of new addons. The graphics and effects of the new sims are nicer though - as to be expected. Anyway would like to hear from everybody else about what you're up to in whichever FS world you're into. Join in!
  8. k1fox

    Aircrafts & Other Addons

    I like GA too; jump in and go. However, the Realair Dukes are at the top of the pyramid when it comes to Flight Sim GA. Carenado only wins when it comes to variety. I might go back to Airline flying however as I have been thinking about doing short airline routes with the Qualitywings 757 and then possibly re-getting and re-learning the PMDG 737. Airline flying keeps you engaged for longer due to the greater challenge and excitement of completing a realistic flight.
  9. k1fox

    Aircrafts & Other Addons

    Do you fly the heavies such as the PMDG 747 etc on long routes over multiple sessions? Also, I use OPUS for weather but do you guys think AS2016 is better?
  10. k1fox

    Aircrafts & Other Addons

    Hey guys. I've been away for some months. What's aircrafts have you been flying lately and what are the other new addons that have been keeping you busy in sim world?
  11. Yes I've done so but it still doesn't make it rotate earlier. It just makes it pitch up more when it does takeoff. Seems to be just me having this issue.
  12. Is anyone else with the 350i suffering from long and abrupt takeoffs. I thought the 350i rotates at 110 KIAS but the Carenado versions doesn't want to rotate until reaching about 140 KIAS. And when it flies off it just rockets up in the air. No other aircraft gives me this problem.
  13. Can you guys give me a list of airliner addons whose fmc support saving flights and continuing afterwards in the event of an FSX crash for example. I bought the QW 757 and my FSX crashed during the apporach into O Hare (thanks to MyTraffic 6) and when I resumed from the FSUIPC autosave, the FMS data was gone. I know the Aerosoft Airbus supports it but the plane is too resource heavy.
  14. Hey. Do you guys always fly complex addon planes like PMDG 737/777 and Aerosoft Airbus? I never really flew the Default King Air in FSX or prior versions of FS and been feeling like putting an improved FDE on it and giving it a go after many year of ignoring it. Just been wanting to try less demanding planes and be able to put on demanding scenery (Like Latinvfr KMIA etc) as my system can't manage both. Not only better fps,but a more relaxed flying experience than a PMDG/Aerosoft and faster than most of the carenado/alabeo planes I have - better for longer flights - 300+ NM. I usually use carenado planes for quite a few years but even those have become demanding. I even tried ISDT freeware King Air B200 and its okay - just wish there were more repaints. I might even try AFG King Air 300 (New and young simmers may not know this one lol). Never been into King Airs but now I'm interested.
  15. k1fox

    Historic Weather Not Loading

    Oh. That clarifies it. Thanks.