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  1. https://orbxdirect.com/
  2. I'm fly with FSX-SE and have the same problem with Germany North and South. Especially, flying over 200kts. I'm like you, tried everything as well to no avail. I reinstalled both regions, tinkered with cfg, - no joy. I have a I7 4800 box with GTX 970 NVidia card. I also have Northern and Southern California regions installed. They work well. If I find a solution, I will definitely let you know.
  3. N11369

    SkyForce after 15 days

    I want to buy it. Quick question. I have REX4 w/ soft clouds and AS16 w/ASCA Will there be any conflicts? Or should I remove ASCA and REX4 w/soft clouds? I want to keep AS16 for my WX generator. Thanks.
  4. N11369

    Microsoft Releases KB4051963

    Dio, I'm waiting for Patch Day (Dec. 12th), and hoping for the best. I also heard folks reverting back to Windows 7 with no problems.
  5. Aaargh! Torches and Pitchforks! Standing by...don't know for how long though. Got lots invested over the years in FSX.
  6. Neil, I bought XP11 through Steam. Steam users do have access to beta versions. It just takes a couple days or so to have access versus direct which is pretty much the same day from what I understand. Dave
  7. Neil, your workaround you suggested is a go for my PMDG 737NGX, 777 and A2A 172. Everything works as advertised. Just like you said,make sure you load a default aircraft first. In my case,I loaded the Orbit A-321 (not sure if it matters), but all is well until a fix is found. I can't speak for P3D4.
  8. N11369

    11.05 Released!

    Much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. N11369

    11.05 Released!

    Just wondering when the update will be pushed through Steam?
  10. Thanks HUSSAR. I'll think I'll give the folks at hifi a holler. Thanks again for your suggestion. Dave
  11. Greetings, During overcast conditions, I notice when flying on top, that there seems to be a hole underneath me. An example, I takeoff from Base X, punch through the clouds all is well. However, once I'm cruising along on top, I notice I can see the ground directly below me. As if the cloud deck is invisible. I can see the cloud deck all around me. It's just the "hole" directly underneath that's bothersome and seems to follow me where ever I go. I tried increasing the cloud layers to see if that was the culprit but to no avail. Has anyone else have similar issues? I'm using AS16 ASCA along REX 4 Essentials w/soft clouds. Thanks
  12. N11369

    Piper Seneca I

    Really appreciate all the feedback. It really help clear the muddy waters.
  13. N11369

    Piper Seneca I

    Thanks Jim. I'll take a look around.
  14. N11369

    Piper Seneca I

    Greetings, Just wondering if there is a nice realistic version of a Piper Seneca out there to try out? Preferably, the Seneca I. Thanks in advance. Dave
  15. N11369

    Aircraft You Have Been On

    B-737-200/300/800 B-747-100/400 B-767-200 B-777-200 Bell UH-1 Huey Cessna 150/172 C-5 Galaxy C-130 Hercules C-141 Starlifter DC-9 DC-10 F-15B Eagle F-16B Falcon GZ-20 (Goodyear Blimp) L-1011 MD-11 Mooney M-20J Piper PA-23 Apache/ PA-28-140 Cherokee/160 Warrior - PA-31 Navajo