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  1. You can get to PMDG. However, it is unavailable.
  2. Same issue here. No live weather and no mods. Noticed there is an annotation in the official FS forums as well.
  3. At first folks went from FSX to P3D because of the 64 bit architecture. Now, since the advent of MSFS I think the days are ticking for P3D and perhaps even X-Plane.
  4. I recently purchased this beauty. This should be the benchmark for other 3rd parties going forward.
  5. I believe I heard through a many forums (can't remember which one), that their will be Texas airports but not as detailed say like KLAX or KJFK.
  6. Just throwing it out there. December 17, 2020 - 117 years = ????. Would be pretty neat. Hint...it was a historical day.
  7. Whatever the date is...I just hope MS takes their time, test it out throughly and don't rush putting it on the market full of bugs.
  8. Be cool to find out what the tail number is? I worked on them back in the day as a crewchief at Hahn Air Base Germany.
  9. I'm fly with FSX-SE and have the same problem with Germany North and South. Especially, flying over 200kts. I'm like you, tried everything as well to no avail. I reinstalled both regions, tinkered with cfg, - no joy. I have a I7 4800 box with GTX 970 NVidia card. I also have Northern and Southern California regions installed. They work well. If I find a solution, I will definitely let you know.
  10. I want to buy it. Quick question. I have REX4 w/ soft clouds and AS16 w/ASCA Will there be any conflicts? Or should I remove ASCA and REX4 w/soft clouds? I want to keep AS16 for my WX generator. Thanks.
  11. Dio, I'm waiting for Patch Day (Dec. 12th), and hoping for the best. I also heard folks reverting back to Windows 7 with no problems.
  12. Aaargh! Torches and Pitchforks! Standing by...don't know for how long though. Got lots invested over the years in FSX.
  13. Neil, I bought XP11 through Steam. Steam users do have access to beta versions. It just takes a couple days or so to have access versus direct which is pretty much the same day from what I understand. Dave
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