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    Multiplayer Problem

    I need some help. Can I, in theory, use the Multiplayer to share a cockpit with someone in another state. Does it only work on a LAN? I cannot find any tutorials on how it works. I even went to the Prepare3D site and it has very simple instructions that do not help. Why is "join session" greyed out? I do not see anyone hosting sessions? Is anyone out there using this successfully? If not what are some alternatives? Thanks.

    Update 4.2.2 Flight1 GTN error

    Sorry. I see version 2.05 is released.
  3. Getting this error on all aircraft using the flight1 GTN 750 before plane loads" incompatible sim version, running in either FSX SP2 accel or non supported, if you have new P3D v please run the Flt 1 update" Tried reinstall of the GTN 750 with same results. Thanks tool

    Flight1GTN 750 in Milviz Otter

    Already registered. Ill give it a try thanks. Whats funny is someone with the JustFlight Otter is experiencing the same exact problem. I also have the JF Otter and it does the same exact thing in the Milviz and JF Otter's
  5. Don’t know where to turn. Having a problem with GTN 750 in Milviz Otter in Prepare3Dv4.1. At beginning of flight it works normal. Cockpit mount works and when I choose drop down or stack gtn 750 the cockpit gtn 750 screen goes black as it should. After about a half hour if I use the drop down both screens stay lit with the drop down map frozen but when I use the keys in the drop down it effects the cockpit mounted gtn. The cockpit mount continues to work but I can no longer use the drop downs. I tried changing the cpu core # to 1 but problem persists. This is the only Milviz aircraft I own. Any suggestions appreciated, Thanks.

    Grand Caravan & Cargo Master released for P3DV4

    I bought mine from flightsimstore. They sent me a new serial number but the download is the old one and will not install into P3Dv4. How do I get the new download? Thanks

    Pacific Northwest

    When I open my ORBX scenery application it shows both purchased version and demo version of Pacific Northwest. Should I uninstall the demo version to save space? Does it matter if both are installed?

    Flight1 GPS

    Thanks everyone for all the info. Much appreciated.

    Flight1 GPS

    Of course I like the 750/650 better but it also is a matter of it not having to be drop down in other aircraft. If an aircraft fits the 530(ex. Carenado Bonanza) will it also fit the 650? If so I could fit most of the aircraft that do not support the 750 with the 650 instead? Maybe I'll have to by both if the 650 will fit in 530 compatible aircraft. What do you think.? Thanks

    Flight1 GPS

    Thanks. I have so many add on aircraft I cannot even list them. I do have both versions of the Duke. Guess with some I'll live with the drop down menu. Maybe the 650 would have fit?

    Flight1 GPS

    T hats too bad. I like flying the Twin Otter ever since a Grand Canyon tour took from Boulder City to the South rim! Thanks for the info S GNS are the 430/530? Does that mean I should steer clear of the 750/650? If it it fits the 530 unit shouldn't it fit the 650? Thanks

    Flight1 GPS

    Thanks "Vonmar". Appreciate the reply. Is the 750 compatible with the Aerosoft Twin Otter? Also you state the GNS gauges are more complicated but are they not an older version? What are earlier RXP gauges? Are the Reality XP? Isn't that a different company or has Flight1 merged with them. I'm a bit confused here. Did Flight1 get the license to Reality's GNS gauges? Sorry for all the questins but if I am going to spend 50-100 dollars I would like to know exactly what I am getting. Thanks for your time. Never used any add on GPS units before so not sure which aircraft can use which GPS units. Rather not have drop downs to use them. Would like them to mount directly into cockpit. Thanks.

    Flight1 GPS

    Can someone please tell me where to find which add on aircraft for FSX are compatible with which Flight1 Garmin GPS's. I really like the 750 but I am not sure which aircraft it will fit in. Is the 650 the same but with a smaller screen. Are some only compatible with the 530/430? I have a lot of questions but apparently you cannot get on the forum until you purchase the product. I do not intend to purchase the product until I can get simple questions answered. What happens if the panels are installed but you want to use default FSX flight plan? Is that possible? Does anyone know where I can get some of my questions answered. Thank You.
  14. Does this work with the Saitek radio and multi panel as the 737 did? If so is it the same fix? Thanks

    Thank you,Steve!

    Where can I find this "fixer". I keep searching and cannot find it anywhere. Thanks