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  1. Awww, somebody call the waaaaambulance! You've been waiting over a year. Being a day or two off on the planned release day isn't a big deal. He said it was planned today, not guaranteed. For a 45 year old, you sure sound like an entitled kid.
  2. sosuflyer

    The Joy and Anguish...

    Trust me, I understand everything being said. I fly GA IRL, so I know not to use trim for flare. I never said I did do that. It's just that if pilots of the 777 say trimming the airplane feels like every other plane, then why is it so hard to do in the sim vs the 737 or 747. That's all. I know they're trying to replicate all this fancy fbw, but I should be able to trim on the fly like every other aircraft in flight sim where I "feel" the trim changing how much pressure I have on my stick. Ok I'll check that out. That rings a bell. It's been a few years since I've read anything in the intro manual, although it is the first thing I read with any PMDG product
  3. sosuflyer

    The Joy and Anguish...

    I do display it. That's how I know I'm in trim cause I sure as heck can't feel it like every other plane, sim or IRL.
  4. sosuflyer

    The Joy and Anguish...

    I don't recall, I was just giving an example of the many times I've tested it to make sure I wasn't crazy. It drives me nuts that this plane doesn't hand fly nicely. If the fbw trim is supposed to feel like other traditional planes (minus trimming out thrust) then just make it that way lol. I feel like pmdg out smarted themselves cause if the elevator trim is supposed to feel like a 737, more or less, then make it feel like a 737
  5. sosuflyer

    The Joy and Anguish...

    Yeah, I don't come in for landing out of trim. That's just dumb
  6. sosuflyer

    The Joy and Anguish...

    You missed my point. If I am purposefully under trimmed and maintaining back pressure to hold an attitude, then applying trim in either direction doesn't change anything while holding my controls in place. Only when I release controls do my trim changes come into effect. Which means how am I supposed to know if I have applied enough trim if I can't "feel" the changes I am making (unless I have that blue trim speed option)? If it's designed to act and feel like any other traditional plane, then I should be able to trim out any forces I am applying without having to return the stick to neutral to see if I've applied enough trim or not. Also with the flare, the fbw shouldn't prevent me from being able to flare AT ALL . I doubt routine gear inspections after 600fpm landings were a selling point of the real 777 lol 😂
  7. sosuflyer

    The Joy and Anguish...

    I know what you mean. I've had my joystick pulled fully aft trying to flare many times, and the nose never moved up at all and I end up slamming into the runway. I'll start with a slight pull on the stick, get no response, then gradually keep pulling the stick all the way back, still get no effect to the nose attitude of the plane. It's about 50/50 with me on good/bad landings in the 777. Something is weird about the fbw here. Also, I never feel the effect of the trim while in flight until I move the stick back to neutral. I've purposely tested it many times, same result. I can hold the stick back to maintain a 10° attitude, and while doing that I will excessively hold my trim up button that should relieve pressure on the stick, but nothing changes. Then when I return my stick to neutral, all that excessive trim up I applied will suddenly kick in, and my plane's nose will start rising. I love pmdg products, but the 777 will always be the runt in my lineup because of its weird handling. The 747 on the other hand, pure silk. 👌
  8. sosuflyer

    Problem I've never seen before-spinning 77W

    I have "enhanced tirbulence" un-checked. Seen too many people complain about it to risk trying it. I did the exact problematic flight again this morning, and guess what? No issues at all lol! Don't know what I did different, but oh well
  9. sosuflyer

    Problem I've never seen before-spinning 77W

    I mean yeah, i figured navdata shouldn't be doing that, having been a flight simmer since 1998, just trying to trouble shoot and look at everything since I've never seen this before. I'll check the trim next time. No ezdok. Active sky next turbulence is set to 20/100 value. Thanks for actually trying it. I didn't command anything when it happened, i was actually watching a video on my phone, so my joystick was centered, nothing was touched, and suddenly it starts spinning like crazy lol. I did the flight again with the 737, BEREE1 arrival, no problems. Ill try it again with the 77W and check the trim and stuff
  10. sosuflyer

    Climg performance 777

    This guy is a troll right? FL1000? 100,000ft? And then people try to explain things and he says their being rude? Whaaaaaaaaat
  11. sosuflyer

    Problem I've never seen before-spinning 77W

    I'll check, but this happened on a new flight from scratch twice, no saved flight loaded. I did the flight again today but used the FORNEY arrival instead even though it was less efficient (dfw landing south) and nothing bad happened this time. Thinking it's a navdata thing. I'll do another repeat with BENEE1 again later
  12. Just encountered an issue I have never seen before. When approaching the WARDZ waypoint on the BEREE1 Star at KDFW, my airplane suddenly starts spinning and banking at a rate of about 360 degrees/second. I thought that MAYBE it was a spike in controls causing it to go haywire, so I recreated the flight, and it happened at the exact same time. Here is what I have going on for this flight: FSX:SE KMIA-KDFW Departure Time 1700z WINCO2 WINCO J43 LBV DCT SRQ DCT REDFN Q105 HRV/N0486F360 J58 PEBBY DCT PNUTS BEREE1 ZFW-524000 TOW-582350 Activesky Next - set to sim time- Sept 15, 1700z departure No other addons other than up to date AFCADS from Avsim that I've been using for a while already. Recently updated to AIRAC 1710 from Navigraph, so maybe that's the problem. Anyone up for recreating? I'm about to start this same route, same time with the 737. If that plane does it, then it might be Navigraph. I've been flying this plane for years, so this is a very odd problem i've never seen. Thanks Oh, and after this happens, I enter slew mode to correct the attitude of the airplane, then it flies for a few seconds, then spins again, and then my sim freezes, while also looking like its trying to refresh the view constantly. After that I just end FSX.exe in the task manager.
  13. sosuflyer

    747 not able to follow star approach

    Pinned topic in this subforum that says 'Read before posting'
  14. As Rob stated earlier, they used a plain vanilla install to check for vas leaks, just to eliminate other factors. Obviously at other times they would test it with many variations of add-ons installed over the course of beta and within their own staff
  15. Thanks Rob! I haven't bought it yet, but just posted in another similar topic about this wing droop and said "maybe they did model it right, but some glitch is preventing it from displaying properly". Also, I figured yall would get to it after initial release support. Turns out that was correct!