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  1. Can't believe I've never heard of that tool before. Does it work pretty well, and do the takeoffs feel realistic (flight deck angle, v1 stop distance and such). It's cheap enough I'll get it anyway. Just never heard of it before
  2. Yup will do. I remember other people experiencing this with icing, so I was aware of that, but I didn't see any icing conditions since it was clear below 7000 no precip. Oh well
  3. I think I know what you're getting at. There was no precip, but maybe I should have run some anti-ice on the ground anyway? Forgot to mention that after I took off, the fmc 'fixed' itself and registered the zfw as 629.2. So I typed in my 'correct' weight of 641.3 and it accepted. And come to think of it, the auto anti ice system kicked in on takeoff and initial climb, even though clouds weren't touched till 7000'. Maybe it was registering ice even though there was no precip?
  4. It is set to lbs. It shows that in the screen shot
  5. After pushback and engine start, I saw that my zfw was 650k lbs, but during my preflight, I had set it to 641.3 before loading fuel and flightplan. I tried putting 641.3 back into the payload page, but it would stay at 650. I then had to enter 629.2, which then displayed as 641.3 on the payload page. The weird part, is that the PERF INIT also shows 641.3 after right clicking it to reload it, but the EFB shows 629.2k lbs after importing from aircraft; the number I would type into the payload page that would display as 641.3. I will attach a screenshot once I figure out how..........
  6. Yes, I was not talking about editing. CFG files, I was just wondering why the Max zero fuel weight option had been changed from 635 to 610. That's all. Would like to see it changed back though.
  7. Also just loaded up the sim and so far, all of my -400F variants have the 850K MTOW barrier in the FMC even though Boeing 2010 documentation says that the 610 MZFW option can have a MTOW of 875K. Just confused why all of this changed. I had my fleet planned out on pfpx, and all related weight options on a notepad on my desk, and now everything is mixed up.
  8. This guy knows what I'm talking about. I remember specifically doing 635k MZFW flights (which limit MTOW to 811k) from KATL-KDFW before the latest updates. Now, no matter which airframe I load, I can only get up to 610K on the -400F. I know they changed some cg stuff, but I really enjoyed doing heavy short flights landing at MLW. Wish it hadn't been changed
  9. Yes I know about all variants weight limitations. I'm talking about the zfw of the 400f.
  10. I was trying to do a short flight at the highest ZFW option of 635k, like i have in the recent past, and noticed I could only go to 610k. I opened the 400F CFG file and saw that there was no optional 635k zfw listed. I tried different airframes, same result. Usually PMDG models the highest available weights so the user can then dictate what they want, but it seems I'm being forced to limit myself to 610k. ( I know, only 25k difference, not the biggest deal). Why the change on the update?
  11. #METOO It's hit and miss. No reverse dpeloyment happening until nose gear lands. I push the nose down after every landing just to make sure the plane decelerates in time
  12. Awww, somebody call the waaaaambulance! You've been waiting over a year. Being a day or two off on the planned release day isn't a big deal. He said it was planned today, not guaranteed. For a 45 year old, you sure sound like an entitled kid.
  13. Trust me, I understand everything being said. I fly GA IRL, so I know not to use trim for flare. I never said I did do that. It's just that if pilots of the 777 say trimming the airplane feels like every other plane, then why is it so hard to do in the sim vs the 737 or 747. That's all. I know they're trying to replicate all this fancy fbw, but I should be able to trim on the fly like every other aircraft in flight sim where I "feel" the trim changing how much pressure I have on my stick. Ok I'll check that out. That rings a bell. It's been a few years since I've read anything in the intro manual, although it is the first thing I read with any PMDG product
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