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  1. Martin Loebl

    Autoland turns off

    Hi Romain, yes all three are still in green - but i think i solved it with this support. I was able to reproduce the "error" it was a false setting of the approach speed - the fact is ... i was to slow and again autoland cancelled himself. But my last flight was a success and autoland worked perfect - what a great airplane and what a great Airport (OMDB) still watching the replay video again and again Thread can be closed and - again thanks for your help!
  2. Martin Loebl

    Autoland turns off

    Thank you for your reply stratox! I'll check the Settings on my next flight - Looks like the Pilot was the Problem I use Pro ATC X and loaded the flightplan. Is there any need to "activate the Approach" like it is in Airbus X Extended? Thanks again! Best regards,
  3. Martin Loebl

    Autoland turns off

  4. Martin Loebl

    Autoland turns off

    Hi all! I've a strange issue with my 777... Yesterday my flight from HESH to OMDB ended not as wanted, i had to do a lot more then i expected Set the Autopilot for a ILS Autoland on Runway 30R - all went correct - at 1500 feet ND Shows Land 3... but.... a few seconds before tochdown it changed to no autoland. Why it worked and then not :( Maybe it is an fmc Input error but it is strange to me because first it run correct and then it changed... Anyone here with the same issue and/or a solution therefore? Thank you and ... this is an AMAZING Airplane and it is a pleasure to fly with it! GREAT WORK! Best regards, nearby LOXT
  5. Hi sosuflyer - thanks for your reply - you're right - no decisions until emotions have gone i tried it again and again and again and... no it worked... maybe they had some server issues because i changed nothing. Thanks! Please close thread
  6. As told at the topic, purchased directly from pmdg - all gone clear - payment - email.... but when i click at the download link nothing happens... my browser shows - "waiting for...." but after minutes ... nothing... I purchased it to get it faster! this was my LAST product i've buyed from pmdg!
  7. Martin Loebl

    737NGX 800/900 crash - co route

    Hi all, i've finished a lot of flights with the 737ngx but since yesterday i have a Major issue with this product. Fist of all - i changed or installed nothing so i don not understand why this is Happening since yesterday. I use Pro ATC X and created a flightplan - when i start flightsim, in the plane at the departe Airport i want to load the flightplan into the fmc. Normaly this is done by route - co route and select the flight - for example LOWWEGLLCLR BUT when i press execute the Simulation freezes - the mousepointer changes into a hand and thats it... freeze - only taskmanager allows me to kill the application.... Also i use Airbus X Extended - no Problems. Anyone here with the same issue? best regards - Martin
  8. turn off shadows fixes nothing - have the same issue - slide up to 100% - on a lucky day there is one aircraft on the ground... no traffic.... using LGKR and LGIO from aerosoft. Using Tampafly Vienna - no Problems - full Airport... This is an issue between aerosoft scenery and woai