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  1. Hi guys, I decided to buy the 747-400 plus the 800 expansion last night instead of the 777. I could only afford one plane. I'm big on really nice cockpits that have a deep level of immersion. I understand that the 747-800 is newer than the 777. Does the 747-800 pretty much have everything the 777 has but more? Like the EFB, checklists, more switches maybe? I don't understand what the major differences are (if any) from a cockpit "level of detail" standpoint between the two aircraft? Does the 777 have things that the 747-800 doesn't?
  2. Hi guys, Is there an addon or utility that can tell me for each airport which airlines are assigned to which terminals and gates? I keep just picking gates and they end up belonging to other airlines cause I don't know which are assigned. Thank you in advance.
  3. I've tried many offline atc addons. I feel like Pilot 2 ATC feels "disconnected" from the sim and lacks immersion for me. I love Pro ATC but the approach issues consistently plague this addon sending me on wild goose chases in different directions because it doesn't know how to Vector an approach properly. 1. How is Radar Contact with the realism and does it vector approaches properly and accurately? 2. Does it work with Prepar3d v4.5? Thank you in advance!
  4. This looks great! I might actually buy this. So you believe that this aircraft is on par with the PMDG 777?
  5. Awesome Steve. By the way, I did some more testing and the Quality Wings 787 series does not "behave" like the PMDG 777 does. I tried doing the panel state saves on the PMDG and it saved everything (including the overhead panel switches) exactly as it was when I left it which makes me believe I'm using the exact same aircraft. The QW787 does not. It saves some things, but the switches on the overhead panel reset back to "ON", etc.
  6. Yea Steve, it's saving the panel state so the fuel and other stuff is being saved, but the actually aircraft state is NOT being saved. I turned everything off before I saved and shutdown the sim. When I launched it again, it loaded the panel state correctly, but all the buttons and switches on the overhead panel were back to what they normally are during the load. I think it's the aircraft possibly. I'm currently using the QW 787, and it does it's "initialization, please wait 30 seconds" thing when I load in. I have not tried with the PMDG 777 yet but I'm going to assume it's the same deal. I currently own your Ideal Flight addon but not for the P3D v4 yet, I only have the FSX version. I can't remember if the saving in Ideal Flight saved the actual aircraft state or if it was just saving the parking location.
  7. I think this worked. I created the flight, flew to the destination, landed, parked, wrote everything down like fuel, oil, hydraulics, etc. I did a save in FSUIPC and then did it in P3D Scenario, closed out the sim. Re-opened and loaded it up and it was in the exact same state I left it. Thing is I'm not sure if P3D did it correctly or FSUIPC. I assume they both do somewhat the same thing when saving. Is this just a "panel state save"?
  8. I have version 5 of FSUIPC and I don't see "Previous Flight" option. I can go into the .ini file and make edits but there isn't a previous flight option in the console.
  9. Yea that's the thing. The save scenario function in p3d loads your aircraft in the parking position at the gate you were, but it resets the aircraft so everything is back to what was in the aircraft.cfg file, so the same fuel was loaded again as it was when I left the prior airport. Ugh. I use the Quality Wings 787-800 Dreamliner. Love the aircraft, but was looking for something that saves my aircraft as if I never shut down the sim last night. So you're saying that the PMDG 777 can do this?
  10. So basically I want to load up p3d, configure for a flight, perform the flight, land at an airport, park at a gate, and then SAVE MY CONDITION and use the same aircraft for the next flight. This way, I will eventually need to refill the oil, and other fluids, etc. I don't want a brand new aircraft every time I start up the sim is what I'm saying. Is there a way to save it and use the exact same aircraft every time? Any addons that can do this?
  11. Thank you David. So does the A320-X for P3D v4 have a MCE available that I can purchase that you know of?
  12. Remember in the Aerosoft Airbus Aircraft where it had the pilot and flight officer going over the checklists and you hear them talking....I had recently purchased the FSLABS A320-x thinking that it also had those voice overs for the checklists and it doesn't. Do you guys know of any other aircraft that has checklists where the Flight Crew go over them with you like in the Aerosoft Airbus? I know PMDG aircraft doesn't have this either. Appreciate the help.
  13. I hear ya about P3D v4. I just didn't want to have to re-purchase all of my addons. The FTX Global + Vector + openLC + Airports weren't cheap. Quick question: Could I get away with just getting the academic license for P3D v4 and pay the $60 instead of getting the Professional license?
  14. Hi all, How do I run my FSX SE with the PMDG 777 with the graphics settings on max with FTX Global / Vectors / openLC scenery, and other payware addons without having the VAS out of memory crash issues? I usually can take off fine, but if I try to land at a airport with alot of high density buildings around I won't make it to the airport before I start hearing the beeps and then...crash. Usually it's from KSFO to KLAX or something like that where there's alot of buildings around. Do I have no choice but turning down the graphics settings? There has to be another way.
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