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  1. I was expecting shortly after release some update regarding the taxi behavior and support for Navigraph, but nothing after more than a year. I really regret buying this one, is an abandoned aircraft, with good things but bad things too. I flew it twice and parked it in the hangar waiting for the update.
  2. Regarding the NXGu, in my system it works better than the FSLabs, I get an extra 5fps.
  3. i7-6700 GTX 1060 6Gb 16 GB DDR4 With a lot of settings at Medium and texture filtering at x8, AA at 8xMSAA and FX off, I get around 20-25 fps in most big airports. There are some airports that hits a lot in performance and could bring my fps down to 18-20. Flying at night with dynamic ligthning is a no go for me. Hope this helps
  4. Hi Richard, Thanks, I hadn't thought about the copilot. Referring to the runway request on clearance, Does anyone have an idea how to do it (if possible) Angel
  5. Hi, I am trying the VoxAtc demo, and I did not find and answer for the next question, Is there a possibility to request a diferent runway when requesting clearance? I am only able to request a runway change when requesting taxi instructions, but the problem is that the clearance controller assigned me a STAR for the broadcasted ATIS runway, and when requesting a change to ground control, the assigned STAR remains the same. I read the manual, but does not says nothing about that. Am I forgetting something? Another question that has nothing to do with the above, Is there some way to skip some readbacks pressing a key from the keyboard? Sometimes I found myself dealing with the FMS when the controller give me an instruction, and I just do not want to stop programing the FMS to speak the readback and it would be useful to have and option to readback pressing a key, like the old way in FSX, just as an emergency method while receiving easy instrucions or simple because you have a bad day and do not want to repeat twice a readback when ATC says Last aircraft say again. Thanks in advance Angel
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