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    Jack of all Trades...Private Pilot C152/C172, cockpit builder, Harley Rider, Small Biz owner, IT Expert, Artist, Musician, Photographer, RC Plane/Heli pilot...I have hobby A.D.D.

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  1. I will be there and I'm looking forward to finally meeting the legendary Capt Randazzo, the guy who has enabled countless hours of quality sim time for me (and also so much pain in all those upgrades I just HAD to buy to go with his products, haha). Hoping this announcement is the cockpit builders edition, but I'm sure I'll be thrilled with whatever it is. Bring it on!
  2. I have found one of the biggest causes of stuttering for me across multiple different PC's with P3D (v3 and 4) on them is as simple as getting the refresh of the monitor sync'd with the frame rate of the sim. In my case I have set the refresh of my monitor to 50Hz and in the sim chose 50 fps with vsync off. I have a smoothness I haven't seen before. Still some stutters here and there very dependent on what addons and settings you're running, but nothing like before. There is of course the Affinity Mask setting which you can add to the prepar3d.cfg until you find something that makes your frames more consistent. I have mine at 245 for my 4790k processor which seems to work good for me. Mileage will vary. A good post on that is here: I wouldn't change anything else in the config as it seems a lot of those tweaks are moot these days with the advancements LM have made in P3D.
  3. KSAT (San Antonio, Texas). I have already done a lot of research on the airport (I live nearby) and done much of the AFCAD. Started the modeling but much is new to me so it's going very slowly. With KDFW, KIAH, and KAUS already done nicely, KSAT is the remaining point of the triangle for nice (and reasonably short) hops in both commercial and GA aircraft.
  4. Mike Ray's books are a great investment (I have several). I have enjoyed them all, and he's a nice guy to boot, having kindly and promptly replied to some noob questions I had at the time.
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