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  1. bthiago

    Pilotseye Hurghada B737 Review

    Nice Nice Nice... All I can say!
  2. Hi Simmers; I couldn`t find any painting for Feelthere E-190 Kenya Airways texture. If you someone is willing to prove us with the painting, I`ll be so so appreciated. Their paint kit is available at I also found textures for AI Aircraft only: I wish I could be able to make lot`s of textures. Thanks in advance. Thiago
  3. Very Blurry! Like I can`t see mostly nothing on cockpit. Let me try putting Supersampling at 2 then. Thanks,
  4. I really don`t think so. I have Flyinside, but the experience is the same. I think Flyinside you have popups windows.
  5. bthiago

    Toronto scenery recommendations P3Dv4.2?

    Why don`t you try it. How is the installer? Can you specify the folder location of your sim? If can add in any folder, Create one. Than, you just might copy everything to the specific folder on the sim.
  6. Hey Nedo; So, got the Vive VR. Now, the resolution is very blurry. Do you also see in your VR?
  7. bthiago

    AEROSOFT CRJ-700/900

    I`m really enjoying the aircraft!!! Works great and we all know there are many improvement. But the aircraft is great. No complain here.
  8. bthiago

    Latin VFR Miami V4 Update Released

    Awesome. Can`t wait.
  9. bthiago

    Cockpit extremely dark at night

    Your best bet is to change something with more lighting.
  10. bthiago

    CYBD to CZST

    Very nice.
  11. bthiago

    Cockpit extremely dark at night

    Are you using any kind of PTA preset? You may want to look for one if you are using P3D.
  12. bthiago

    Awful looking clouds

    Sincerely; I didn`t see much difference on ORBX with Terra Flora on the vegetation besides using the ORBX Tree.