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  1. They're still quite expensive and small, but definitely no usb drive. Thank you!
  2. Does that mean I would have to format my HD and get a bigger one, or can I use an internal SSD and just install it on that? I mean to know if it is ok to install on a HD that doesn't have the OS on it. I guess it would, but a USB option would be just too slow as opposed to an internal SSD, because faster? Thanks
  3. Can Prepar3D be installed on an external usb drive? ... and can addons for it be installed there too? I'm asking because I am running out of space on my main drive where I have Fsx-Se. Also, am I going to have problems running both on the same computer, like registry problems when installing the same addons for the two different platforms? Thank you, David
  4. Hi guys, I can't seam to find them anywhere now, they were 3rd party, for the ngx, and I tought they were really nicely done. Thank you in advance, David DD
  5. Same problem here. I have only fsx-se installed on a clean drive and my cfg is called fsx.cfg. David
  6. Hi guys, I dont have the new tubine duke yet, but I whould really love to have an Italian repaint/registration for it since I fly mostly in Italy at the moment. Wondering if I chould get one also for the duke piston v2? Might not get any, I'm aware, but thought I'd give it a try. Thank you, David DD
  7. I would buy flytampa Toronto the second it comes out!!! David
  8. Very much appreciated Bernt.Thanks!David Di Domizio
  9. Hi guys,is the reality xp working well, I mean apart the problem Bert is pointing out? Does it support both reality xp gns 530 and 430 in 3D?Thanks
  10. Thanks for the door manager Jim, you are a blessing!
  11. I am happy to read the the MD-11 and 737NG will be FS9 compatible, FSX is to demanding for my system. I'll have the patience to wait a little longer since I know it will be worth the wait.Thanks,David DD
  12. Mine works in dualview(indipendant) and not as an extension of the main screen.David DD
  13. It has to be in window mode not full screen. If you do this it will not minimize.David DD
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