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  1. I mean folks who had purchased Level-D 767 first and later waited for LDS 757. Now market reality is even more against LD Team because one can buy PMDG 747X for 55 bucks. I wouldn't say 747 and 767 are so different planes to handle from FSX pilot perspective. Both originate from the same era, both have similar FMS and avionics. Of course their gross-weight and flying characteristics differ but this fact makes only part of entire story.
  2. Maybe in your opinion! This is not bug-free aircraft but it EXISTS as opposed to virtual Level-D 757 which can be super-realistic but only in our imagination so far. So I think in present situation the choice is only one: CS 757 or much less simulated systems rich QW 757. I would be very skeptical even about that. It is not about having something very close to 757 in PMDG offer, this is about money and time! All these advanced add-ons are not cheap. Many folks were waiting patiently for Level-D 757 but it did not appear so far. Therefore they decided to buy one of very good PMDG planes, say 747X, because they wanted do get something finally, not waiting infinitely for LDS 757. Otherwise they wouldn't have bought similar PMDG product. However after such purchase they may not afford to buy LDS 757 in the future even if this plane hit the market someday. Ask if those winglets are included in LDS 767 fuel calculations!
  3. I suppose Level-D team is now dead in the water. They have another official and domestic duties so they do not care about making next FS addons. I am not sure if LD Team even exists now anymore. Basically Level-D Team developed 767 ten years ago and no other aircraft so far. I can hear some rant here and there sounding like "Level-D 767 is still the best!!!" but these are empty words in my view. The same plane being essentially portovered to fly in the next Flight Simulator versions. Yet today this path is not possible to continue anymore because LD 767 oldie looks ugly, it's graphically outdated (flat overhead in 3D cockpit!) and as contrasted to many opinions it is not bug-free product. So LD has to make brand-new aircraft on par with today's standards but as one can see their 757 project is a complete failure after five to six years of "development". Now many people move to PMDG and Capitan Sim products because, especially the latter, even if not completely bug-free and super-realistic, they look awesome and are quite advanced in the systems simulation department. I personally could not wait any longer for virtual LD 757 (it is a shame no release date was announced after so many years!) so I have decided to purchase CS 757 right now. The CS 757 patch 4.5 is on schedule so we will get some important improvements soon.
  4. Of course I can zoom out FoV to get full FMC picture but sometimes like in Balice I still cannot press FMC keys. It simply looks like entire FMC panel is a single button area called "Waypoint" (having pressed it displays waypoints on Navigaton MFD). It's really strange...What a pity I cannot get FMC pop-up by clicking on it in VC mode. PMDG should implement this feature because it is very handy on-board MD-11.
  5. Hmm...it seems to be a strange bug! I discovered this view called "FMC1" looks different and acts in different way depending on airfield where I place my B747 in the Free Flight mode! For instance:- Balice (Cracow, Poland) - field of view is small as on above screen-shot and I cannot press FMC keys- Okecie (Warsaw, Poland) - field of view is larger and I can press FMC buttons- Balikesir AB (Balikesir, Turkey) - field of view is even larger (it encompasses entire FMC panel) and I can press keys so I think it is good game behavior in this example!Did you meet anything similar playing PMDG 747???
  6. downscc: This is exactly as it works in my MD-11. However in B747 I cannot get FMC 2D view by clicking on its screen in VC mode.SkullxBones: They can be pressed in other VC views as I checked it out but not in this particular view. OK, I will look at B747 keys mapped in FSX.
  7. I started to learn PMDG cockpit and I have just discovered that I cannot click any of FMC keys in this VC view:Is it normal or I have something wrong with my 747 installation?