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  1. As a real-world airline pilot, if you're going for realism, this whole discussion is a bit silly, I would just throw away whatever this FSCaptain program is if it has a problem with climb rates. There's nothing unrealistic or even not smooth about a high climb rate.
  2. I am a real-world airline pilot and have flown the 747-400 and 747-8. I want to point out that the PMDG 747-8 sounds are excellent. From the pilot's perspective it's a pretty quiet airplane and the sounds seem to be on-par with the real airplane. I'm not sure what you were hoping for but you can't get much better than real!
  3. How about anything in Alaska Airline's route structure in the State of Alaska? Some great flying all around. The best scenery is in the Southeast part of the state, ORBX makes some addons and another guy makes one called Tongass Fjords that are very realistic. http://airwaysnews.com/galleries/13857.jpg
  4. Hey this is great, thanks for doing this! I also fly for Alaska and am interested to check all this out. I heard about this and purchased the PMDG airplane and scenery for Southeast. Really incredible stuff. I'll check it out this week and let you know but I'm sure you did it right! Thanks again! -Dan
  5. Good afternoon, I'm just curious if I can find a posted change list prior to running the installer. I have made several changes to my NGX setup including a couple sound files and a NavData update. I'm curious about the change list in general and also whether running the new installer will delete these changes I've made or just update what has changed from the original installation. Secondly, perhaps I'm just a little slow and haven't seen it, but I can't tell whether I am supposed to uninstall and then run the new installer for the NGX or just click the "repair installation" option. Thank you for any info anyone can provide! Daniel Sallee
  6. Actually the raked wingtips are very efficient. The split scimitar winglets however give a considerably shorter wingspan. If you look at the P-8 Poseidon (essentially 737-800 with -900 wings and lots of other small differences) it uses raked wingtips. This wouldn't work so well for airlines because apparently a 737 with raked wingtips would not fit in some of the current parking positions worldwide side-by-side with another one, and the split-scimitar are close enough on fuel burn they went with that option. A little background, the split-scimitar winglet was actually designed by Aviation Partners, Inc. (As were the original 737/757/767 winglets). For a long time they were an after-market option and now are integrated into the initial factory-built aircraft. Boeing now works in conjunction with Aviation Partners. The split-scimitar winglets on the NG are a kit that adds to the existing winglets. The 737 MAX will have a slightly different winglet design where it's not an additional kit but an entirely redesigned winglet that is slightly more efficient. Can't speak for international carriers, but United is a HUGE customer for this and is retrofitting all of the 737NGs. Alaska Airlines is another customer with the same plan.
  7. Not a request, but just curious if split scimitar winglets have been considered in any future service packs for the NGX. I understand this would involve some minor FDE updates though, so perhaps it's a bigger project than is worth the effort. On that note I suppose it could be left unchanged with the written understanding of that, similar to the 747-8 update only being a model/FDE update and nothing more.
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