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  1. Hey guys, Just got back to using my sim after a long hiatus, and i apparently didn't buy my 777-200 on the same account as my 777-300 or 737 products. Now I'm stuck because I can't update, and the planes are behaving strangely, and I can't for the life of me dig up my old account information or remember passwords :( I have a semi-funcitonal 777, but with a wicked spoiler glitch that I can't work out. And I can't remember my password for the support forum either, so I feel a pit pooched. Any suggestions? Luc Arsenault
  2. I wonder if anyone can help me, my AIMonitor doesn't appear. I can see the icon on the start bar at the bottom, but no window appears, and my log file for it only shows this: Components Initialized. Initial SIDSTAR items read. Initial Generic items read. Null 4 Initial Load Paths. Check scenery cfg. Initial read CURRENT SIDSTAR items. Initial read CURRENT GENERIC items. It's a clean install, and it hasn't ever worked for me EDIT - Disregard - I figured it out....turns out reading the manual is a good idea......sorry for wasting everyone's time :*(
  3. I'd like to add that the no space registration email worked for me when nothing else did! Thanks!
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