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  1. Greetings fellow simmers! There's no lack of discussion and opinions on how to improve stuff to get stellar performance in MSFS. Heck, I've been guilty of that too many times on this forum. I'd like to think that most of us to some extent are chasing that ever-elusive Holy Grail: excellent performance combined with excellent image quality. I'd also like to hope that not too many poor souls find themselves as deep down the rabbit hole as I do. Believe me, that hole goes very deep. A tell-tale sign of this chronic, deteriorating affliction is tampering with Nvidia profile inspector, registry editor, NDU and SysMain. Maybe I should have taken the blue pill? Contrary to my previous topic, I wanted to take the opportunity to try to wreck havoc on performance in order to identify where the worst bottlenecks can be found. Inspired by a fellow captain (who pleaded the 5th and begged me to maintain anonymity), I booted up the latest beta build at KJFK and threw the following at the poor sim: Inibuilds KJFK Fenix A320 V2 (as we all know the modelling of cockpit door opening makes it way more performance-heavy than PMDG 737) FSLTL AI Traffic (base and injector) AIG models, flight plans and injector (AIGTC) GSX Pro REX AccuSeason REX Airport Textures We Love VFR by PUF GAIST Ultra v4.0 with North American Caribbean routes enabled Seafront vessels core (I would have thrown in Samscene3D's New York City Times as well, but didn't feel like cashing out on it) It's worth noting that most of these apps will not treat the mainthread very gently. Well, that's an understatement, as we shall see. These addons don't enter the sim with silk gloves on. They come armed with sledgehammers. Sim settings: 5461x2880 || DLSS ultra quality || FG || DX12 || PG || Shadows 6144 || real weather + other settings ultra/max (except for glass cockpit refresh rate medium) I used AutoFPS in a desperate attempt to avoid my rig going down in flames. Situation: Fenix parked at gate, panel status ready, drone mode, no panning. FSLTL off: FSLTL on: AIGTC on at 100%: Without FSLTL: avg fps 71.9 smooth 100% FTV <2ms 99.2% With FSLTL: avg fps 70 smooth 100% FTV <2ms 92.53% With AIGTC: avg fps 50.9 smooth 99.8% FTV <2ms 65.11% There's a caveat here, and that is that this comparison doesn't do AIG much justice. I had fairly moderate FSLTL settings, besides at the time it was RW night-time in NY (I set MSFS time to noon though), and FSLTL uses "live" flight plans, vs AIG's offline. Also, to show how much of a heavy hitter max AI traffic can be, I chose to add AIG into the mix as it's easier to just set 100% traffic vs. FSLTL's more elaborate settings. In this pitiful scenario, there's simply no overhead left as the poor mainthread is working overtime. The 4090 won't save the day heroically in this case (which it normally tends to do - otherwise no one in their right mind would spend their hard-earned cash on it). Reset's brilliant app does it's absolute best but falls short as well. No hate whatsoever towards AutoFPS - it's absolutely brilliant and I use it with every flight. Otherwise my 12900KF would have melted long ago with my ridiculously high settings (which I would never have been able to use without AutoFPS). In case anyone was wondering: FG won't save the day either. In fact it'll make it worse. Like a blizzard-combined-with-11058G70KT-standing-at-BIRK's-tarmac-in-December-worse. Explanation will follow. With a still drone view above the airport, with most of the main terminals in view (packed with AI aircraft on the ground as well as in the sky, as far as the eye can see), the mainthread is red-glowing at 44ms (!), native fps 22 (!!) and FG-fps 45. I'm pretty sure I could both hear and smell the agony of the 12900's P-cores. Some brave ones were in fact coming dangerously close to TjMAX at 100 degrees celcius. Panning around makes things worse. Much worse in fact. It's what we would call a real stutter-fest. A real word-not-allowed-storm. The worst enemy of any Serious Simmer™. Not only does low native fps facilitate a catastrophically bad simming experience, but FG actually adds fuel to the fire. Nvidia recommends native 60 and above fps for optimal results. Here we've got feeble 22 native fps. This is an excellent example of the appearance of the dreaded FG-related flickering (which I like to call FG-inherent artifacts), and it's quite distracting. Well, distracting is an understatement. So we find ourselves in the perfect storm: absolutely horrendous stuttering-galore combined with FG-induced flickering-artifacts. The 4090 basically meets it's greatest nemesis in this scenario: a wrecked mainthread which is completely overworked, overwhelmed (and probably underpaid!). Perhaps the much praised 7800X3D would have saved the day? I might be going out on a limb here, but I'd venture to guess it wouldn't have. I challenge 7800X3D + 4090 owners to prove me wrong. Could we make it even worse? Well we could increase TLOD to 600 and OLOD to 1000 (it's possible, I've tried). But there's really no point in doing so, as we don't want to throw our Xbox controllers at our overpriced OLED panels. Well, that's it for now. Comments? Can we make it worse? Do we really want to? Is FSLabs better than Fenix? May the Force be with you all. Please don’t bother to get up, I’ll show myself out. Cpt signing off.
  2. First, my system: i7 3770K @ 3.50Ghz (stock) 16GB RAM 256 SSD Corsair 1TB Seagate 7200 EVGA 670 FTW 2GB (All 4 monitors connected to it) Monitors: 3 x Acer G235H (23.5") 1 x Acer X162W (16") Equipment: Saitek Everything (Yoke, Pedals, TPM, Radios, Panel, Throttle, Switches, BIP) using SPAD Add-Ons: REX 4 Issue: I recently switched from FSX to P3D. So far I love it. Graphics are way better, better optimization of resources in new systems, my FPS don't drop from 30-35 and compared to FSX it shows how well optimized the game is in comparisson and I know they will introduce to even more optimizations (better SLI, Xfire, multi-cores, etc) Now, I've been struggling with my multi-monitor configuration. I used to run Surround for the three large screens (5760x1080) and then extend the little screen and FSX would allow me to create a new view and drag it to the small screen. In that way, I would use the three screens for scenery only and the little screen for instruments. It worked beautifully. Now with Prepa3d I can't get it to work that way. P3D won't let me drag a new window to the smaller screen in either full screen mode nor windowed. I tried with and without surround also. I'm building a Panel for a C172 and I really want to use my 4th 16" screen instead of the saitek gages or an iPad tablet to display gages as I already have the perfect small screen to be in the panel. Anyone knows what's the best way to do this 3 + 1 setup? I wouldn't mind buying a second 670 if I need to but I need/want to make this work. Right now all my screen are happily connected to my 670 and I have no problems running it that way. The card seems to support the monitors quite well The 670 runs pretty much flawlessly with P3D
  3. Hi, I always installed FSX on another partition but didn't like how it still installed files to %appdata%\microsoft\fsx and %programdata%\microsoft\fsxI have now found a workaround/solution for forcing FSX to put/use the files on another partition (or another folder).I did a quick search here but couldn't find this being posted before. Here's how it works.You download a utility from microsoft called junction, which allows you to create a fake folder/shortcut in location X which actually 'points' to folder Y on the location of your choice. It tricks windows into thinking the folder is still on (let's say) C:\, while it's actually on D:\. I tried it with FSX and it works great.So for all those who like to keep all files on one partition: 1) Download junction from http://technet.micro...s/bb896768.aspx2) Extract the junction.exe to \windows\system32\3) Open a command prompt (CMD) Via CMD you can use junction.exe, here's how it works:junction.exe "name_of_file_or_folder" "the_location_you_want_to_point_to"So for FSX, I used (with quotes): 4) junction.exe "%appdata%\microsoft\fsx" "D:\fsx\appdata\fsx"and5) junction.exe "%programdata%\microsoft\fsx" "D:\fsx\programdata\fsx" Done! I used this before installing FSX, and saw FSX creating the files on my other partition.This should, however, also work with your current FSX install, by using junction after(!) you've moved the folders. I hope this information is useful to some.
  4. Hello, I was wondering, are people using some program to help them repaint the Carenado B-200 King Air? I've taken a look at the files, and they are all segmented, so aligning the paintjob would be a nightmare without some sort of program. I have a specific airplane in mind that i want to recreate within FSX, it's a King Air owned by the Icelandic CAA and used for calibration flights. TF-FMS. I've attached a photo.
  5. I've taken over Paul "PJ" Johnson's excellent "How-to" guide for new DX10 Fixer Users. His original document helped me get my system set up correctly. It's a step-by-step guide and (I think) quite comprehensive - no need to look up other sources. Used with Steve's manual, I'd say it's all you need. The REVISED "How-to" Guide (v1.01 01 July 2014) For related DX10 files: DX10 Fixer - all related files All feedback welcome - here or by PM. Adamski.
  6. I'm wondering how most of you find real-world aviation events to go to. I'm talking air shows, fly-ins, meets, anything where a person off the street can go visit and see the world of aviation.Are there any decent websites where you can search within a radius of your home using a google map, for example?I'm within an hour of Tulsa and am finding it exceedingly difficult to find anything fun to do since I moved here a couple years ago. So any help would be appreciated in finding aviation events.
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