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  1. I use the regular cockpit view for the three monitors in surround. Then I open a new view VC view and I move it to my smaller 4th screen (mounted in a Cessna like panel) and that VC view, I use zoom and CTRL+Q to point it to the instruments, but that's not efficient at all. I want to use either two views, one for the scenery and another one for the 2D instrument panel. I just don't know how to get the 2D panel to show up. I read somewhere that it has something to do with the resolution of the three monitors in surround (5760x1080) but I'm not sure. If anyone knows how to accomplish it please let me know.
  2. Thank you for the comments. I was able to "undock" the window and move it to the 4th screen. The reason I was not able to do it before was due a weird error whenever I tried to right click on the window my P3D would close up. Not with the latest 2.2 update it's working fine. No the next issue I need to address is to use the 2D panels instead of the Virtual Cockpit for the instruments. using 5760x1080 I guess "breaks" the 2D panels or they are not shown properly or I don't know so my temporary fix is to open a new view with Virtual Cockpit and point the view towards the instruments but it kills my frame rates so I need to know how to setup the 2D panel on the smaller screen. Any thoughts/help is appreciated.
  3. First, my system: i7 3770K @ 3.50Ghz (stock) 16GB RAM 256 SSD Corsair 1TB Seagate 7200 EVGA 670 FTW 2GB (All 4 monitors connected to it) Monitors: 3 x Acer G235H (23.5") 1 x Acer X162W (16") Equipment: Saitek Everything (Yoke, Pedals, TPM, Radios, Panel, Throttle, Switches, BIP) using SPAD Add-Ons: REX 4 Issue: I recently switched from FSX to P3D. So far I love it. Graphics are way better, better optimization of resources in new systems, my FPS don't drop from 30-35 and compared to FSX it shows how well optimized the game is in comparisson and I know they will introduce to even more optimizations (better SLI, Xfire, multi-cores, etc) Now, I've been struggling with my multi-monitor configuration. I used to run Surround for the three large screens (5760x1080) and then extend the little screen and FSX would allow me to create a new view and drag it to the small screen. In that way, I would use the three screens for scenery only and the little screen for instruments. It worked beautifully. Now with Prepa3d I can't get it to work that way. P3D won't let me drag a new window to the smaller screen in either full screen mode nor windowed. I tried with and without surround also. I'm building a Panel for a C172 and I really want to use my 4th 16" screen instead of the saitek gages or an iPad tablet to display gages as I already have the perfect small screen to be in the panel. Anyone knows what's the best way to do this 3 + 1 setup? I wouldn't mind buying a second 670 if I need to but I need/want to make this work. Right now all my screen are happily connected to my 670 and I have no problems running it that way. The card seems to support the monitors quite well The 670 runs pretty much flawlessly with P3D
  4. Done! the latest one is out! Look it up. It works with P3D 2.2
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