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  1. I can't find the download link to the V2 version.. only gives me v1.07.1552 fsrealwx lite setup.zip Or do you need to login to see the Pro V2 version?
  2. Using FSRealWX too but apparently only their old version is free? Their site is really confusing
  3. I never use strobe lights and never got a penalty for that ?
  4. i think i've figured it out..didnt realize i had to wait 10min for it to align. I changed it to 15sec.Is this somethign real pilots need to do everytime before a flight?
  5. ey all.Quick question:When i use the PMDG cold start config i cannot get the yaw dampers to work properly.I think it's because i messed something up using the IRS buttons?What I do is set them to align and then set the position in the FMC.For some reason i then have to set it to ATT and then to NAV and it works fine. But im not sure if this is the correct way? Yaw damper keeps INOP. Also, i cannot engage the AP (it says no autoland)Thanks!
  6. hm not sure how to explain it best so i'll make a vid soon.I just dont get why i cant force it to VNAV when i want to
  7. Hm ye landing a Cessna isn't such a problem but a 747-400 is quite hard IMO..unless i take 100nm to get it right..
  8. Ey all,Well i was told to make a new thread for these questions, so here goes::)a) Sometimes i accidentally (or not) press the V/S or ALT HOLD button while in a LNAV/VNAV path...Now after i've done this, i can't, no matter what I try, get VNAV to engage again.Pressing VNAV results in nothing..and i cant get the V/S button to turn off. When i turn off FD & A/T, all lights turn off..then i press AP disengage..but when i turn on FD it jumps back to V/S! Pressing it wont turn it off & pressing VNAV does nothing either. I checked the manual (AP & FD section) but cant find what im looking for.please help;]:( whats a good way to land on non-ILS runways? Do i just need to manually try and land it using HDG & the runway course?
  9. sounds like you have the same problems as these guys?http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...id=139639&page=
  10. i wouldnt know, but all other games see a major loss in FPS when switching to either vista and dx10(or even dx9)
  11. I've tried that, but it will crash when i try to join with FSnav when im already connected in FS2004. (im not the host)When i dont connect in FS2004, joining in FSnav will work, though i can only see him and he cannot see me.The when i try to join in FS2004 the regular way, it doesn't find the session anymore.;/Btw, you can't find your IP via ipconfig because that's your internal IP
  12. Well yes, im playing with only 1 playerBut i want to see eachother in game, and also be able to see eachother on FSnavThis isn't possible??
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