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  1. Keep telling yourself that. This is FSX 2.0
  2. A VAS improvement is worth the price of an entire game incl development?
  3. Water still looks worse than in FSX + REX....
  4. Haha, $60/$200 for some bug fixes and a couple of new features. You guys must really dependent or ultra rich if you will pay that kind of money for a P3D 2.6.
  5. I can't find the download link to the V2 version.. only gives me v1.07.1552 fsrealwx lite setup.zip Or do you need to login to see the Pro V2 version?
  6. Using FSRealWX too but apparently only their old version is free? Their site is really confusing
  7. I have the same problem. My joystick is configured through FSUIPC and disabled in P3D. However my joystick stops working mid-flight even though it's still alive in the Game Controllers config of Win 8.1. I can't get the joystick to reconnect and have to restart P3D to get it working. :mellow:
  8. I never use strobe lights and never got a penalty for that ?
  9. I just tried that (it should've been -15) but it doesn't change much. With FSUIPC input is so much directed compared to the delay in FSX.I want even more delay.
  10. I just assigned/calibrated my joystick through FSUIPC but with FSUIPC the joystick is even more sensitive, even on +15 slope!!
  11. Thanks, I never noticed the slopes.However i can't seem to use FSUIPC properly, whenever i set the axes using FSUIPC, the view pan is very choppy. When i let go of the axis it stutters back into normal position.
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