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  1. SIXTYKnots

    737NGX Beacon lights

    Alright thank you for your help man, have a good night ( evening ) ! :)
  2. SIXTYKnots

    737NGX Beacon lights

    Hello, I'm not talking about " Dynamic lights " but lights reflection under the engine I have it working on the PMDG 777.. just asking if PMDG will add it for the NGX ?
  3. SIXTYKnots

    737NGX Beacon lights

    Hello, I have installed the latest version of the NGX yesterday on FSX ( 1.20.8396 for the 800/900 ) & ( 1.10.6461 for the 600/700 Extension ) I wanted to ask about the beacon lights reflection on the engine ( Also available for the 777 both FSX & P3D ), since it's available for P3D V4.. I wonder if it's also available for FSX users ? Thank you very much :)
  4. SIXTYKnots

    [FSX] PMDG Activation server down / error ?

    Department Kyle ? Let try with the Ticket first, if this doesn't work let format it again :/
  5. SIXTYKnots

    [FSX] PMDG Activation server down / error ?

    Hello Kyle, could you please send me the link to add my real name ?, " Edit Profil " can't find it.. EDIT : I have added my real name, Kyle I have a question maybe another computer format should fix my problem with activation server ?
  6. SIXTYKnots

    [FSX] PMDG Activation server down / error ?

    If I need to apply for a PMDG Ticket, in which section should I report my problem Kyle ?, thank you :)
  7. Good evening, since last computer format, trying to activate the NGX & 777 on my computer ( Yes I have unregistered them before formatting ) I'm getting this error :
  8. SIXTYKnots


    Enjoy it David :)
  9. SIXTYKnots


    Enjoy it haha :D
  10. Hello guys, I'm happy to announce you that my KLM Cargo ( Clean & Dirty ) repaint for the PMDG 747 QOTSII is now available for download ! It's also a record for me I have finished both version in a delay less of 24 hours ! Also available on my Facebook page : Or direct link to Mega :!NA5HyYiQ!s7e2e8PYsgKMqYOX8mQ1Mg DIRTY CLEAN That's all for today, leave your comment below and let me know if you like it, happy flying guys :D Khelkhal Chems Eddine.
  11. SIXTYKnots

    [REPAINT] Emirates SkyCargo OO-THC.

    Hi, yeah sure in this package I will include two .ptp / a dirty version & a cleaner one, small preview !
  12. SIXTYKnots

    [REPAINT] Emirates SkyCargo OO-THC.

    Hello David, sorry for the delay I was really taken by my night work & studies, I have started it today ! Btw, dirty or clean version ?
  13. Hello, is there any paint kit for it :) ?
  14. SIXTYKnots

    [REPAINT] Emirates SkyCargo OO-THC.

    Use the Finger option on your left in Photoshop menu, you need to draw a line then use the finger option, or just send me a PM. Thank you David, maybe, which one ?