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  1. dutchkip

    Database error

    Thanks, I'll stay away from it until 1813 lol. Leo
  2. dutchkip

    Database error

    Okay, thanks. It had to be something like that as that was the only thing changed. Regards Leo de Haan Scotland
  3. Hi there, I'm getting a database error since today saying: Unable to initialize Database The underlying provider failed on Open Cannot open Database "D:\PILOT2ATC_2018_X64\DATA\P2ADYNAMICDATA.MDF" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user 'myname' This shows at 10% load, when I press ok it opens the program but then i cannot import a flightplan as I get error saying it in the wrong format. Using simbrief, with latest airac 1812. Any Idea what the problem might be?
  4. dutchkip

    Not steering when taxiing

    Upgraded to P3Dv4.3 which all went okay, but when trying to taxi to runway the steering will not work. Although wheel is turning in the proper direction plane keeps going straight. Anybody else have this problem?
  5. dutchkip

    CP Flight MCP737PRO2 Connection Problems

    Well, I've got it but have the same connection problem.
  6. dutchkip

    VERY irritating Fatal Error

    Thanks Jay. Will have to start moving my sceneries off my Flightsim drive anyway as it;s getting a bit crowded. Thanks again for your help. Regards Leo
  7. dutchkip

    VERY irritating Fatal Error

    Hi Jay, You seem to be very knowledgeable about VOX Atc. I too have some airports that crashing voxatc. Indexer works, runway number update does not. I read somewhere that it might have to do with the scenery folder. C drive SSD 500GB for OS D drive SSD 1TB for storage F drive SSD 500 GB for flightsim I have over a hundred airport sceneries installed and they are in my F:\P3Dv4\ Addon folder (well most of them) Aerosoft ones are in F:\P3D4\ecosystem folder. Am I right in thinking that they are all in the wrong drive and that I should have installed them all on my 1TB D drive? Could this be why my runway updater isn't working? Got ALL ORBX Europ sceneries, Global Vector and OpenLC Europe. Looking forward to hear from you. Leo de Haan Scotland
  8. dutchkip

    CP Flight MCP737PRO2 Connection Problems

    Am thinking of getting this. Is it worth it? Does it work okay without too much hassle? Leo de Haan Scotland
  9. dutchkip

    Tune Canaries center 138.475

    Thanks Jay
  10. After leaving GCXO Tenerife north on the KORA4J departure I get told to contact Canaries centre on 138.475. Can't tune any higher then 136.97 Maybe a bug needs fixing? Leo de Haan Scotland
  11. dutchkip

    Fatal Error on start

    I've got the same problem with 3 airports. LICJ Palermo EDNY Friedrichshaven and EDDS Stuttgart. All other scenery works fine. Runway updater doesn't work for me either. Leo de Haan Scotland
  12. That's all working fine with me. My problem is how to STOP VOXATC filling up ALL gates and parking spaces? Leo de Haan Scotland
  13. dutchkip

    VoxATC and Ultimate Traffic Live

    Don't know what happened, but I uninstalled UTL and installed My traffic 6a. This morning when starting up with Simstarter NG I got a message saying that something needed installing and restart of FS was needed. Let it install, started FS up again and low and behold VOXAtc is interacting with traffic. P3Dv4 is getting better and better. Leo de Haan Scotland
  14. dutchkip

    Fatal Error Vox 7.41

    Hi Jay, hi Bob, I know Tegwyn is working on a UT Bridge and can't wait to get that installed but will do at the moment without it. Sofar Voxatc is working fine again, even the runway updater runs all the way to the end which it didn't do before ( was always getting errors) It was probably a scenery glitch somewhere but since I removed ALL Sceneries and start re-installing the one by one I might solve the problem or even find the problem, who knows, only hundred odd airports to install. LOL Thanks for the assist. and Best wishes for the festive season. Leo de Haan, Scotland