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  1. Found it, For some reason my FP Import setting had changed itself to Navigraph, once changed back to simbrief all working okay again. Am now managing to change FL. Leo
  2. Hi there, Am having a small problem with the Flight levels. I download Simbrief flightplan which states FL360 but P2ATC always nominates FL370. Even clicking on FL at top of page does not manage to change it. Am I doing something worng? Is there a setting that needs to get changed? Looked everywhere in the config but cannot find anything. Great program BTW could not do without it. Regards Leo de Haan Scotland
  3. Hi Bob, I've got the scenery from FSXScenery which isn't the problem. I googled rexweather force 2020 with LEMI which brought me to this website. I do apologise if I'm on the completely wrong website for this. I was just trying my luck to see if anybody here knows if this was getting added to Weatherforce. Regards Leo
  4. Hi there, I'm just wondering when LEMI Murcia is going to get added as an official used airport as it has been opened now for nearly 4 years? Am trying to add it to my airports but it is till this day an unknown airport. Is it too much trouble to get this added in available airports? Leo de Haan Scotland
  5. Downloaded and installed ok on 3rd attempt, but editor not working, prompts for opening doors when they're open. prompts for closing doors when they're closed. Having a heavy cargo loader on the lh side for a BAe 146-200 looks a bit silly, but cannot remove it as editor isn't working. Will wait a week and re-download and re-install it.
  6. Hi Scott, Hi Ben Might not be allowed to do this , but there is a dedicated group of people working very hard to get the MSFS A320NEO to a full working plane. for free. Google flybywire. Leo de Haan Scotland
  7. Hi Brian, Thanks, but I found the problem, albeit emberrassing. Somehow my setting for flaps never got saved in FSUIPC. LOL Checked and reset flap settings in FSUIPC and all working fine now. Thanks and regards Leo
  8. Hi there, Is there a way to stop my Co-pilot from moving the flaps but leave it to the pilot ie me doing the moving? I just got an upgrade for my throttles which includes a very nice flaps setup and would like to use it. When I'm in the pmdg cockpit and move the lever it works fine, but am not able to move it once fs2crew has started. There probably is some easy solution for it, but I've not been able to find it. Thanks Leo de Haan Scotland
  9. Did you get it sorted in the end?
  10. Hi Nico, I've installed it anyway and just hope for the best. lol
  11. I'll try again and Ignore the warning. Hopefully it works. Love this program.
  12. Up until PSXTv16.11 it installed and ran ok, but since then whenever I try to update the program I'm getting warnings about a threat. Bitdefender Quarantines the file PSXT-v16.14.exe as it finds a virus hidden in it. Virus being Gen:Variant.Graftor.690320. So at the moment I'm unable to run the program, Does anyone else have this problem? Leo de Haan Scotland.
  13. Hi there, I've got a small problem with my FO who is going to get sacked if she continuous acting like that. LOL During startup she starts the engine and says straight after that Starter cutout and then oil pressure, then engine 2 stable even thought startup is still in progress.this only happened in the last 2 flights. Any idea why this now starts to happen? It has always worked perfectly. Regards Leo de Haan Scotland
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