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  1. Hi Scott, Hi Ben Might not be allowed to do this , but there is a dedicated group of people working very hard to get the MSFS A320NEO to a full working plane. for free. Google flybywire. Leo de Haan Scotland
  2. Hi Brian, Thanks, but I found the problem, albeit emberrassing. Somehow my setting for flaps never got saved in FSUIPC. LOL Checked and reset flap settings in FSUIPC and all working fine now. Thanks and regards Leo
  3. Hi there, Is there a way to stop my Co-pilot from moving the flaps but leave it to the pilot ie me doing the moving? I just got an upgrade for my throttles which includes a very nice flaps setup and would like to use it. When I'm in the pmdg cockpit and move the lever it works fine, but am not able to move it once fs2crew has started. There probably is some easy solution for it, but I've not been able to find it. Thanks Leo de Haan Scotland
  4. Did you get it sorted in the end?
  5. Hi Nico, I've installed it anyway and just hope for the best. lol
  6. I'll try again and Ignore the warning. Hopefully it works. Love this program.
  7. Up until PSXTv16.11 it installed and ran ok, but since then whenever I try to update the program I'm getting warnings about a threat. Bitdefender Quarantines the file PSXT-v16.14.exe as it finds a virus hidden in it. Virus being Gen:Variant.Graftor.690320. So at the moment I'm unable to run the program, Does anyone else have this problem? Leo de Haan Scotland.
  8. Hi there, I've got a small problem with my FO who is going to get sacked if she continuous acting like that. LOL During startup she starts the engine and says straight after that Starter cutout and then oil pressure, then engine 2 stable even thought startup is still in progress.this only happened in the last 2 flights. Any idea why this now starts to happen? It has always worked perfectly. Regards Leo de Haan Scotland
  9. Thanks Jonny, I found a map with all scenery airports on https://fselite.net/p3dv4-compatible-airport-map/
  10. Hi Kenz, Thanks for that, makes life a lot easier. LOL
  11. Hi there, Am just wondering if there is a list or a map that list ALL the scenery airports in the world available for P3D? Reason I'm asking is I do ALL my flying in Europe (not flying any longer than 2hrs at a time) and have got almost all the European airport sceneries and would like to "spread my wings" towards the middle east. Any help appreciated. Thanks and regards Leo de Haan Scotland
  12. It must do. Not using it now and sim working fine again. Waste of money. Leo
  13. Found the culprit. REX Environment force. Un-installed that and all working fine again. Thanks for the help. Leo Scotland
  14. Well shame on me, I must have pressed the wrong button somewhere and blocked something. Now it's working fine again. weird one. Thanks Leo Scotland
  15. Update: I have now uninstalled and re-installed version 3.3 but it's still the same. LH side buttons not working except for bottom 2. Leo Scotland
  16. Hi there, I've got a problem with the secondary panel since this morning. It has been working fine until now. When I try to click on the side buttons of sec panel nothing happens. Buttons at the bottom ( Dep, App, CFG etc ) are all working. I've just updated to ver 3.3 after discovering the problem hoping it would solve it, but it didn't make a difference. Only buttons on left hand side that are working are the bottom 2 ie for dep it changes concerns and play brief. Do I need to re-install? Why has it stopped all of a sudden, never had any problems with this before. Any help appreciated. Thanks and regards Leo de Haan Scotland
  17. First, using Dynamic Lighting will lower your FPS. It's just a fact of life. However...... There is a glitch of some sort in P3Dv4 right now. When your scenario FIRST loads at night with Dynamic Lights enabled, it is quite possible your frame rates will have "tanked" to something like 10FPS or similar. Just switch to the Locked Spot view and pan around the airplane a few times. That will load a bunch of scenery stuff into memory. Then switch back to VC and your frame rates should be much better (but still lower than if you weren't using Dynamic Lighting). Thanks FalconAF That does the trick. FPS just as high at night as during the day. Leo de Haan Scotland
  18. Has it occurred to you that they have taken it off so they can work on a newer version? Just saying.
  19. Hi Erich, Whatever your IP Address is, ie: you keep the first 3 numbers and only change the last number say from 40 to 25. But you need to do that on the panel AND the ini file. Leo de Haan Scotland
  20. Thanks, I'll stay away from it until 1813 lol. Leo
  21. Okay, thanks. It had to be something like that as that was the only thing changed. Regards Leo de Haan Scotland
  22. Hi there, I'm getting a database error since today saying: Unable to initialize Database The underlying provider failed on Open Cannot open Database "D:\PILOT2ATC_2018_X64\DATA\P2ADYNAMICDATA.MDF" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user 'myname' This shows at 10% load, when I press ok it opens the program but then i cannot import a flightplan as I get error saying it in the wrong format. Using simbrief, with latest airac 1812. Any Idea what the problem might be?
  23. Upgraded to P3Dv4.3 which all went okay, but when trying to taxi to runway the steering will not work. Although wheel is turning in the proper direction plane keeps going straight. Anybody else have this problem?
  24. Well, I've got it but have the same connection problem.
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