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  1. Update for AS16 and all would seem to be well. Its better than that, its bloody lovely. Thanks Neil
  2. Sorry, should have said, I purchased P3D, and it is rather difficult to explain. I'll have to get screen shots. I'll try it again tomorrow (British time), and see if it's still the same, or whether a bit of 'twiddling' could fix things, including switching off cloud motion. If not I'll take screenshots and post. Thanks Neil
  3. Hello all As is always the case, there does seem to be a few problems that peoplel experience. That is normally me. But my purchace is wonderful, works, flies, performs wonderfully on P3Dv3.4. I have just one small issue that might be to do with AS16 anyway. I have a test flight which starts at Denver. There happened to be low cloud there and there seemed to be a slight annomoly where the mist was a little like that old problem we used to have with the J41 whenever it rained, or (I seem to remember), when we used DX10.Shapes with definite lines flicker and change. Anyway, once moving everything seemed ok, and that was the case thereafter. So, small problem, certainly not urgent and doesn't spoil my enjoyment of what is otherwise a very lovely piece of work. thanks Neil.
  4. Does anyone know what is happening with the release of Tacpack for the Phantom?
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