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  1. Hi, i am mainly flying the PMDG 737 NGX.
  2. i have nvidia so it is surround. But what i mean by view is, VC view or cockpit view, ... just to have to outside view without panel etc. Also the problem i have if i undock panel to another screen, whenever i save and reload the flight the panels are back in the original place. I tought that when saving the flight, the panels would stay in the same place and you could load it as a default flight each time...
  3. Hey all, i want to use 3 screens to run fsx, with the two side screens to show side views of the cockpit and the center view to show to forward view. In case i don't need to see the cockpt itself (separate hardware or screens to display gauges, pannel, mcp, ...), which views do i need to use to make this happen? I have a GTX680 4GB videocard. Regards My goal is to have as much peripheral view as possible (as in a real plane). Regards
  4. Hey, Strange enough i changed my CFG file to one generated by Ventuboo tool and it seems to work perfectly. The FPS are even higher. I used the tweaks by Word Not Allowed, but these seem better. I will do some more test to confirm.
  5. I am having so much problems with this PMDG: a lot of texture problems, sometimes they pannel disappear, sometimes the textures flikker, after saving or pausing the game the texture disappear, ... Is anyone else having so much problems with it? Regards
  6. I am not using enb. My memory of videocard is 4gb on a GTX680. And i have already applied Kostas tweeks.
  7. Thanks for the tip, i'll try it tonight. But it's a weird turn around, don't you think?
  8. Has anyone got any other possible solution for this very very enoying problem?
  9. hiI sm not using dx10. And it isnot helping to undock 2 views. Still black
  10. Hi All, I am running a dual monitor setup on a GTX 680 4GB. I would like to undock the instruments like CDU, FMC, ... into the second screen. But when i undock them and drag them to the second screen they go completely black. I have read some posts about this issue before but never really found a solution. Can anyone help? Thanks, Mica
  11. I have the PMDG 737 and want to use it with the saitek multipanel and switchpanel. But a lot of buttons are not working. I have read that there is this application SPAD you can use to make it work . I am not sure if i used it correctly, but it did not work. My question is, is it possible to use the multipanel and swithcpanel completely working with the PMDG 737? Regards,
  12. mh8794

    PMDG 737-800 NGX autopilot engage

    Ryanair livery indeed does not have the red asterisk. But i doubt this is the reason why the A/P is not working as they are saying that it has the same options as the PDMG default livery: * - denotes this particular livery has a fully accurate and verified airline options configuration included. Every attempt is made to place known options into the liveries based on photos and video but ones without the asterisk are incomplete in some way. Liveries for which no known information on options exists will have the same configuration as the PMDG House Livery. If you have a complete and verifiably correct option configuration for any livery, please email us the ini file and we'll update it and give it an asterisk!
  13. mh8794

    PMDG 737-800 NGX autopilot engage

    I have done another test in another flight. I don't know what solved my issue but i used another Livery for the PDMG 737-800 NGX from Delta Airlines (previously i used Ryanair) and noticed that the MCP looked a bit different. Was it a bug in the Ryanair livery or was it because this time i trimmed the plane correctly before takeoff? I am not sure. I will try to reproduce it with the Ryanair livery with the correct trim settings...
  14. mh8794

    PMDG 737-800 NGX autopilot engage

    i will try now. I guess i haven't completed the FMC with regards to the TAKEOFF REF and haven't set the trim correctly. i would like the AP to follow the flightplan, so i guess i need to set LNAV and VNAV?