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  1. Agreed. The 320 feels very dated. On top of that, the screens I've seen recently concerning the 330 are not exactly reassuring. The Pitots are odd, the AOA Sensors are wrong and the Static Ports are just off in my opinion. Plus the VC itself is nothing to write home about.
  2. I was looking at the 330 as a interim purchase until Aerosofts 330 is released. Guess I'll save my money.
  3. I hate to ask, but hows the exterior model (polygons/texture res) and VC?
  4. Hopefully someone can help me resolve this. Inspector Settings: May be hard to tell from the screen but the foliage here and other objects appear scratchy I suppose is the best way to describe it, or pixelated. Aircraft look great, it's the terrain features that look odd. The contrast lines on the horizon in the skybox are easily visible.
  5. Absolutely! We called CAS (A-10's) on several occasions when we were in a fire-fight and facing a numerically superior enemy. Most of time, the simple sound of the turbines echoing through the mountains was enough to get them to break contact and dip-out. Those that stayed, well, they had the Pain Train put on them.
  6. Outside the of the typical commercial stuff? Rotary-wing UH-60M Blackhawk MH-60G Pavehawk CH-47F Chinook UH-1Y Venom CH-46 Sea Knight CH-53D Sea Stallion OH-58D Kiowa Fixed-wing C-130J Herc C-17 Globemaster C-5M Super Galaxy
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