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  1. Seems like AI-Traffic is still a performance killer. When disabling just the AI-Planes his fps double and this is the first time I've seen someone that turned traffic off for performance tests everyone else seemed to ignore the traffic slider completely. Cars and boat traffic had also a massive impact on performance in FSX and P3D so this could even further improve fps.
  2. I'm currently using the Microsoft Store and the Game Pass app and they are both horrible and full of bugs. Also a very important factor you cannot enter your game folders this is an absolute no go for flight simulation. I don't know if MSFS will have a workaround for that but not being able the add stuff manually like scenery, aircrafts, liveries, ect. is pretty bad.
  3. I don't think its the preset since I'm using my own, seems to be an issue with PTA then.
  4. After downloading the latest version of PTA and applying the Water Surface Tweak these weird boxes appear on the water. Has anybody else noticed this or knows a potential fix? Here is a picture: https://imgur.com/6CZBeRt Thanks
  5. There is no need to victimize yourself Matt, you are not shy of using harsch language or insults against other Developers and their products yourself.
  6. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what the Orbx rendition of the Airport looks like?
  7. Actually Orbx's LOWI has a water salute that activates at a certain time of day. I could imagine this being a feature of GSX that you could select in the menu, but I guess there never really was a demand for it.
  8. They are aware of it as many others reported this problem in their Facebook Group. Just something they didn't notice during beta testing, so we have to see if this something that can be fixed. I just hope this not a downside to PBR in P3D.
  9. Don't really expect a performance increase that justifies the price as they only showed of games with RTX technology as a performance indicator and that they released the 2080ti this early doesn't really promise a long life cycle. More like a hype-train and quick money grab till the the next series comes out probably next year.
  10. That has nothing to do with P3D but with how PMDG chose to model it. If you take a look at QW's 787 the wing flex is very fluid and looks pretty realistic. But seeing PMDG's new 747-8 on stream the other day they fixed the wing flex it looks much more natural.
  11. At the moment I feel Sky Force offers the best textures but Envtex are in the works of releasing SP2 which judging from the previews includes better cloud textures and probably other improvements, so I would definitely wait before making a decision.
  12. I also have the same issue, works fine on any other fs2crew package
  13. Copenhagen was on sale a few weeks ago and they do sales very rarely only one or two airports at a time but i would think they will offer something during holidays.
  14. For those reasons i will also upgrade to an i5 8600k. So far what i read on different hardware-forums does not sound to promising regarding the i7-8700k, it seems to have the same heat problems as the i7-7700k. Though my choice for the i5 is more a budget one i would at least wait a while before making the jump and more information is available. While the i7 is definitely more future proof with 6 extra threads at the moment i would not expect such a big difference between the i5 and i7 that justifies the price jump (only in regard to P3D obviously).
  15. And what about the i5 8600k? Consindering the system is mainly used for P3D though It should be overclockable to the same ammount as the i7 8700 at a much lower price and P3D cant use the 6 Threads efficiently anyway, so wouldnt that be the optimal choice?
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