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  1. hello Just tried in 4 flights this week end. First to avoid any crashed remove any VSYNC and frame limit in NVIDIA inspector.. otherwise issues and CTD. Now completed the flights however i can see that image is better (Anti alias) however at the price of GPU always above 90% usage !
  2. Hi Any feedback from this latest release ?
  3. alphaklg73

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    What i would like : 1 / 737 MAX 2 / 787 3 / 767 However i assume it would be 737MAX then maybe 787?
  4. alphaklg73

    MADRID Barajas LEMD Scenery

    Apparently Latinwings started in 2016...nothing out yet even not a screenshot !
  5. alphaklg73

    MADRID Barajas LEMD Scenery

    Hi all, Is there any available working scenery for LEMD -Madrid P3dV4 ? If not is there any plans to have it? I used to fly the old FSX Aerosoft but that is aging now. For sure there might be something , MKStudios are working on LPPT !
  6. alphaklg73

    ---- User Manual ----

    Found it thanks Keven
  7. alphaklg73

    ---- User Manual ----

    hey i'm trying to find how to set the hat pov pan view speed in other terms how fast i can pan with my hat button on my joystick ... any hints?
  8. Really strange , i managed to get P3D working normally again here what i did (late sleep yesterday and no flight !) : - Uninstall ChasePlane - unistall P3D Client - Delete P3D config file - Install P3D client - Update FSUIPC (5.132) - Test P3D = OK - Some P3D tweaks in P3D config , test P3D = Ok - Re install ChasePlane, test P3D = OK !!!!
  9. Hi Kevin yes i went therebut did not work...anyways its is sorted....i have sent an email to the support with all my steps and how managed to get it back to operationla mode
  10. No sorry it is not working ...tried to re install P3D client clear p3d config...
  11. Hello Yes just re installed 5.132 still same issue. Re installed P3D client and now seems ok...really strange
  12. Hello, Everything working perfectly until my last flight, decide to install/purchase CP since then i can launch P3D and select aircraft/airport but hitting the OK button to launch the flight my P3d will just crash. From p3d log file : error=Error loading FSUIPC5.dll: The specified module could not be found. which is insane as it is there!
  13. alphaklg73

    Gpu advise

    My advise : go to Ebay and search for used 10080ti s is just insane to get one new these days !
  14. alphaklg73

    Motherboard advice

    Hey what RAM with coffee lake and for P3D shuld be used? 2666Mhz ?
  15. did you get it from Scan? Is the equipment list above actually you really buit?