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  1. paulnd

    2.4 Problem with Airports

    You may need to install the SlimDX runtime if you're getting this error
  2. paulnd

    Bumpy Landing Airbus 380

    Notice how the clip is speeded up from touch down to exaggerate the left and right movement.
  3. Neither PayPal nor the contact page is working for me. I get "Whoops, looks like something went wrong." error message when I click submit to pay or send a message.
  4. paulnd

    Updates for UT2

    Hello, just checking that you received my PM about a week ago?
  5. Hi Steve, I sent you a PM last week, have you been able to look at it yet?
  6. Any chance of Prosim 737 please? I know that you already support many 737's but this is one used by many home cockpit builders.
  7. Ok, thanks for your help Steve. I'll continue to try on the developer's forum to get them to update the model, is there anything specific that I should make them aware of or should they know what needs to be done?
  8. there are no landing lights in the [lights] sections: [LIGHTS] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing, 6=taxi, 7=recognition, 8=wing, 9=logo, 10=cabin light.0 = 3, -20.35, -54.10, 2.82, fx_navredm , light.1 = 3, -20.35, 54.10, 2.82, fx_navgrem , light.2 = 1, -7.55, 0.00, -4.88, fx_beaconb , light.3 = 1, 2.00, 0.00, 8.78, fx_Prosim738_beacons , light.4 = 3, -72.57, 0.00, 6.81, fx_navwhih , light.5 = 3, -26.55, -54.20, 2.81, fx_navwhih , light.6 = 3, -26.55, 54.20, 2.81, fx_navwhih ,
  9. I see the same black square, screenshot attached
  10. I turned on the missing texture alert but none were reported except for the texture which I deliberately removed to make sure that it was working. The black textures only appear in the VC, external views are fine.
  11. Hi, I've asked the question on the developer's forum but haven't received a response so I'm trying here too. I'm using the Prosim 737 v2 aircraft model and have scanned the effects folder with DX10 fixer however the landing lights show as black cones wherever they illuminate. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on how to resolve this please?
  12. paulnd

    Feature Requests Topic

    Hello Maarten, Thank you for an excellent program. I know that it is possible to filter by publisher which is useful but is to possible for SLX to identify installed addon airports when scanning and be able to filter accordingly? I usually only fly to and from addon airports and I'll be very grateful if I could filter these airports when deciding where to fly. regards Paul
  13. Hi, do you have an ETA on the HDK yet?