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  1. Good morning pilots! I would like to report here this little contest we're doing: It is a good chance to do something for the community :-)
  2. Hi, what you say is right if you talk about Lycoming engines. For the old Continental IO-520 that's a different story. Continental writes about it in its manuals and there's a graph showing the unrecommended oversquare operations in the aircraft's POH. That's why there's that message in there. That said, a little oversquare is forgiven by the sim. A strong oversquare is not (except for the turbo TSIO-520 which is ok to be operated oversquare, also because it has a lower compression ratio). About climbing at full power, yes, that's better than climbing at 25MP@2500RPMs because there is more fuel cooling the engine. No problem for REP if you climb at full power @2700RPM. For example, about the TCM IO-550 is a whole different story, again.
  3. A nice review of the V35B has been published by Osamah Alabdullah
  4. I was going to post the news here on Avsim but someone has preceded me :smile: The V35B is powered by the newer REP v2.4 (that will come to the C210 and the F33A as well within days). This new package features all the previous enhancements that we did to the other aircrafts and something new: Custom Osborne tip-tanks simulation: for this we added the custom electric fuel pumps switches to the 3D cockpit. They'll transfer the fuel from the tips to the main tanks Interchangeable spark plugs between default and fine-wire Spark plugs fouling LOP/ROP engine operations and damages
  5. Hi guys, Yesterday we pushed the new v2.2 update. Here's the changelog: Cheers!
  6. It's You find it in the manual too, under "Support & Credits".
  7. The license is ok. Usually this problem happens when the installation is incorrect. I would suggest you to remove the C210M folder and restart the installation from zero, installing first the Carenado Package then REP. Here's a FAQ about it: In case you still have issues in activating the package, please send us your Log.txt file to our support email (so we do not spam this post). Thank you!
  8. Hello guys! Yesterday we released the update to v2.1 for the Reality Expansion Pack. I was thinking that maybe this is the first addon that adds a working engine preheater to X-Plane. For sure it is the first to provide a winterization kit. Am I wrong? By the way, here you find the official announcement: The update is free for the current C210 and F33A users. Let us know what you think about it :smile:
  9. After some months of work, a new update of the Reality Expansion Pack is now available. If you're already a REP owner, this update will come for free. Just go to the store and download the package again. Here's a link to the official blog post about the new version 2.1: And here it is the video about the new engine preheater!
  10. I forgot to mention that the walkaround improvements are on the way. That's exactly the point. The V-Tail is not just sigthly different from the F33A. They have the same engine and about the same gross weight but they differs for the stability, for the (optional) tip-tanks and for the W&B too. The V35B is more forgiving in its C.G. range. It may seem a little difference but is not! Keep in mind that a good part of the code of REP is "invisible" and drives the flight model. We'll have to write the code that simulates the "personality" of the V35B. For example, it goes fish-tailing when flying in turbolence, unless you keep a foot on the rudder. Also, the drag model must be reviewed, as well as some minor things like the sounds. So yes, you can install REP on the V35B but what you get is not really a V35B...just a strange F33A By the way, the update v2.0.3 is now available for the Bonanza:
  11. Nice to see that you solved the problem. I'm using RTH too but I'm not having those issues. Maybe you just need to update it to the latest version (the same may be valid for FlyWithLua). In reality I usually do the same walkaround I do before the flight to put up the chocks and the pitot cover. Anyway, yes, it would be a nice addition. I take note! Those screens are stunning! I would like to know your RTH settings too! Eheh...who knows! :wub:
  12. It seems an installation issue. Did you complete the installation inside X-Plane correctly? I would like to see your Log.txt file (you find it in the main X-Plane folder). Could you please send it to our support email address? Thank you!
  13. Yes, you can do that. :-) More improvements will come in next versions about the sparks fooling. At this moment the prop governon is half-customized. In v2.1 the prop governor will be replaced with a full custom one.
  14. Do you mean the walkaround? Yes. You can see it in the video.
  15. Hello guys, I'm finally very proud to announce that the Reality Expansion Pack is now ready to be installed on the F33A. You can get all the informations on our product page: Here's a little blog post where I've pointed out the main differences with the C210: It features all the cool stuff that you have already seen in the C210: the towing system, the walkaround, the most realistic piston engine in X-Plane, the flight dynamics, a complete sound set and much more. Hope you enjoy it!