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  1. tsa737

    Flaperon Vs. Alieron

    Hi, Just a quick question, what is the difference between a flaperon and an alieron? Thank you
  2. tsa737

    Fltplan Go app for iPad - Way Cool!

    This is a great program, is there a program available that would show me the position map on a stand-alone pc?
  3. Great video How did you taxi and fly the jet while using wing view? Just curious.
  4. tsa737

    autopilot question

    Thank you. I'm very familiar with the FMS, I was just wondering if the autopilot in a DC-9 controls the flight plan, that is to say, the waypoints
  5. tsa737

    FSX Map as a Window?

    Ray, does FSEarth work with PMDG flight plans, or does it work with the fsx flight plan?
  6. On a jet without a flight management computer, what does the autopilot control?
  7. Australia region. I would recommend Cairns or Canberra airports they have low frame hits.
  8. For point of comparison, I have FSX on a regular HD (see my specs), and it takes forever 3+ minutes to get past the "Microsoft Flight Simulator" page. Once I get past that, the simulator runs very smooth.
  9. tsa737

    Orbx Yosemite and Devils tower problem

    can you post an image of devils tower?
  10. does any one know if the FSX version was updated too?
  11. tsa737

    [04APR15] Today we lost a dear friend...

    Well Said. Tom Rest In Peace; you will always guide our flights through the heavenly sky.
  12. tsa737

    Traffic Traffic

    Love it. How'd you get the angle that makes it look like youre driving on the road?