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  1. kadams587

    4.1.18 update

    Thanks, that seems to have done the trick. Still odd as it was never an issue before. Either way, working fine now
  2. kadams587

    4.1.18 update

    If you go into slew mode, chaseplane no longer functions after you exit slew mode. I use an xbox controller to control chase plane. After using slew mode, the xbox controller, hotkeys, and my hat switch do not work. I restarted chaseplane and got a message about advanced features not working. Restarted chaseplane two more times and it seems to be functioning correctly, unless slew mode is used again. I never had this issue before the 4.1.18 update.
  3. kadams587

    Orbx Yosemite and Devils tower problem

    Sure, note that ftx global must be enabled for devils tower, and ftx north america must be enabled for yosemite.
  4. kadams587

    Orbx Yosemite and Devils tower problem

    *UPDATE* I have corrected this issue by reinstalling the objectflow application in the FTX libraries. If anyone else is having a similar problem with FTX yosemite or devils tower, this could be the fix for you as well.
  5. kadams587

    Orbx Yosemite and Devils tower problem

    Yes, pease. I know all about the time it can take scereny to load in. It loads in while paused. Using the f35 for purely testing purposes since its fast. and the second image is a heli in a hover so... yeah. Thanks for your input though man.. really helpful and constructive stuff.
  6. So I've installed the freeware Yosemite and Devil's Tower addons and everything seems to work fine except for the major features (el cap, half dome, devils tower). It doesnt seem to load the mesh correctly and half dome looks like its caving in, el cap just looks like a hill and devils tower just isn't there. The strange thing is if I fiddle around with the scenery library and move yosemite just below the northern california mesh layer, it will load the model of half dome and el cap correctly, but displays some really strange looking textures. The first example is with yosemite where it should be in the scenery library, the second image is with it below the mesh of the northern california layer. Anyone have any ideas as to what is happening here?