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  1. How about frame rate of iFly 747? Is it easier than PMDG?
  2. Never have experience with Reality Expansion Pack for 172SP but I have AirfoilLabs C172. With the price during sale period, It is reasonable to buy if you really want C172 which is better than the stock one. At least, it is more immersive, more feature and you'll get the new aircraft.
  3. 1st question: Yes it is. My OS is Win 10 with FSX-SE. 2nd question: For me, yes it is worth and need to take time to get used to it. It is very complex aircraft and the AP system is different from modern jet aircraft. I recommend to search for "Concorde X tutorial" in Youtube (provided by simulaciondevuelo). Note: should see all video from introduction until the end of tutorial flight then you can decide it is what you need or not. 3rd question: If you are really interested in Concorde, I'll recommend. I think this is the best Concorde add on for flight sim.
  4. For question number 1, 1. Open X-Camera Control Panel 2. Select your saved camera view. 3. Uncheck "Retain Mouse Look Position" 4. Check "Enable Temporary Positioning" Hope this help.
  5. You can try it with full function for free of charge by loaing the aircraft at LGAV airport.
  6. I think that I will buy it from steam because now it is 26% off which is 33$ for my country. It is a lot different compare to X-Plane website. : )
  7. Hello Mr. Cakequest, You can build your own joystick with MMJOY software by using some models of Arduino board. For me, I use "Arduino Leonardo Pro Micro ATmega32U4 5V/16MHz" which can add up to 36 buttons and 6 axis. Once you hack the Arduino board and upload their firmware (by following their instruction), PC will detect the Arduino board as a game controller. Then you can configure the buttons and axis as your desire by using their software. I built my own 3 axis throttle quadrant and I'm very happy with it (compare to the cost). The only one problem that I see is that the range of each axis in flightsim is 1%-99%. Even I calibrated them correctly in their software, they never go back to 0% when I pulled them all the way back and never go to 100% when applied full forward. I think FSUIPC (registered version which I don't have) can correct this problem. For me, it's not the problem. Just press F1 when I want it exactly 0% and press F4 wen I want it exactly 100%.
  8. If you are not serious with the quality, just search for "Project MMJOY" via google. You may get the throttle below 20$.
  9. Confirm that you will loose all the chart after unsubscribe but Navigraph allow you to print those charts in PDF file. For airac cycle, you must activate the airac cycle in Simbrief website and it will be permanently accessed for that airac cycle. For others software, you need to go to download page in their website and choose Install Manually. By this way, you can download airac cycle for each compatible softwares and kept it in your hard disk Hope this help.
  10. http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=qw787 Enjoy. ;)
  11. I recommend project mmjoy2 (https://github.com/MMjoy/mmjoy_en/wiki). You can build your own hardware for button and/or axis. PC detect it as a game controller. I built my own throttle quadrant below 10$. Hope this help.
  12. Hello Bill, Thank you very much for your work. I didn't come to avsim for many months and just found this topic today. Did you get your lua script? I clicked the link in the first post but the website said that the file is not found. If you have the file, can you please share it again? Thank you very much.
  13. From my experience, FSL provide very good service. They have quick response for the cutomers' questions. They stick with the customers until the problem was solved.
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