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  1. rooitou

    Reality XP Thanksgiving Sale

    complicated buying process + DRM = inconvenience and frustration.
  2. I'm battling to get into that site. Either get a "Problem loading page" error or when I finally do get connected and want to login I get "Secure Connection Failed" error. Guess I'll go to simmarket and pay a little more, but where connection is always good.
  3. After Chaseplane updated itself to v1.0.19, I can no longer switch back to pilot view after going to one of the default FSX external views (using the 'S' key). EDIT: I restarted everything and now it seems to work (tried to delete this post as it is no longer relevant, but couldn't)
  4. There's a good deal. It's on at fspilotshop as well
  5. rooitou

    SIM720 Thanksgiving Sale 2018

    PWJT8D I get what you're saying, but please remember that you see it from the point of view of an American. I live in a country where we don't have a Thanksgiving day and Black Friday only started here about three or four years ago. I therefore don't see it as a Thanksgiving day, but rather as a Black Friday with ruthless price cutting. SIM720 is a UK company where they don't celebrate Thanksgiving either, so they may call it a "Thanksgiving" sale to appeal to Americans shoppers, but for the rest of us it is a Black Friday event. Maybe I'm naive and completely wrong in my attitude, but when this time of the year rolls around, I'm looking for good deals and not thanking everyone around me. Regardless, in a sea of bargains and with limited funds, I'm not going to spend it on a 20% discount (which SIM720 usually offers at other times as well). In a very harsh way perhaps, we're actually helping SIM720 by telling them why we're not supporting them. They will therefore know why they're not seeing huge sales at a time when the guys offering 50% plus discounts will be rolling in cash.
  6. rooitou

    SIM720 Thanksgiving Sale 2018

    Yeah, don't get me started on Flight1. I have only bought one or two products from them (eg EZdock), but have stopped going there long ago, as there are never good deals to be had and as you say, they still offer ancient products at today's prices. Completely lost touch with reality. It's like walking into an old computer store somewhere on the prairies and seeing an Intel 80286 (16-bit) laptop for sale at $1500, lol
  7. There is something I have to get off my chest and then I'll point to some stand-out deals for Black Friday. Developers please don't think that I'm ungrateful for you offering your products at a discount this Thanksgiving/Black Friday. I know it's long laborious work to produce these masterpieces which you're offering to us, but I only have so much money in my pocket and I'm not only scanning flightsim sites for deals, but all manner of other sites (eg Amazon, Steam etc). In short, my money has to go a long way this time of the year and my eyes will only notice something which stands out from the crowd. Secondly, if you're offering the same old 20-30% discounts which you normally do, you will be ignored. If you make the effort of offering something more appealing in the 50%+ off category, you will be considered. Thirdly, don't even waste my time offering FSX or XP10 ONLY products at the same price as P3D4 or XP11 products. I'm still using FSX extensively, but have come to realise that it is fast becoming yesterday's product. I think it is time that you start offering those old add-ons which have been sitting on the shelves for 10 years at bargain basement prices. I won't even consider buying anything nowadays if it says FSX or XP10 only, unless it is offered at truly mouthwatering prices or discounts. OK now for the only deals which I believe offer value for Black Friday so far: 50% off Drzewiecki at FSPS (anything of theirs is great, even at full price. At 50% off it is in a league of its own and THE stand-out deal this year) 64% off VeniceX at simmarket (it is an FSX-only product, but a golden-oldie and Aerosoft had the sense to offer it at at a mouthwatering discount) 50% off Thai Creation at simmarket (they're also FSX and FS9 (ouch!) only, but take you to interesting places and the 50% discount attracts attention) $5.00 specials at (these are NOT Black Friday deals, but just the normal asking prices for a few small but very interesting and good quality airports, which run on ALL the ESP platforms - FSX/SE, P3D v3 and P3D v4. It has to say something if a developer's day to day prices are better than the best Black Friday deals. Thanks to scottb613 for spotting these)
  8. Great find Scott, looks like a little gem and that price is hard to beat.
  9. rooitou

    SIM720 Thanksgiving Sale 2018

    I agree, this is a once in a year big event and all they can give is the same old 20% off !? It is rather pedestrian compared to the likes of Drzewiecki offering 50% off (FSPS). I know where my money will be going this ThanksGiving
  10. rooitou

    SamScene buy 2 get 1 free scenery

    Yep, totally agree with you. Maybe they don't want us to see it up close. I also dislike the "buy 2, get 1 free" deal. I would much rather just have 33% off any one and then decide which one to try out first. Guess that's 2 potential sales they lost already.
  11. Hey DJJose, I would love to be proven wrong as I do believe that F1 has some really good quality add-ons, but I have almost never seen any sales at F1. I have seen the odd product offered at a small discount, but the base price was always so high that the discount was almost meaningless, or it was a product that didn't interest me. And those deals are are few and far between at F1, unlike Simmarket and PC Aviator for example, where one can almost always go on auspicious days and get a bunch of great deals. As a result I've stopped going to F1, because there is almost never anything of value there. I'm not talking of upgrading, which most other webstores also offer. One of the few products I did buy from F1 was EZDock and they did offer a really nice upgrade price to version 2. So, you are correct about discounted upgrades, but that is only after getting the original at full price, not a sale. Anyway, I can see you are not in the best mood and I don't want to go completely off-topic. I would like to get an Islander and agree with many other people that the F1 version looks better and sounds like it kinda works in P3D4. I was just hoping that F1 would come to their senses and offer it at a more competitive price, given recent changes in the market.
  12. One would think that Flight1 will offer generous discounts on an 8-year old FSX-only product, especially given that there is now an Islander available from BlackBox which is not only $6 (15%) cheaper, but runs on all ESP platforms for the same single price. Never understood Flight1's unrelenting attitude on price and has given them almost no business, despite spending thousands of dollars on add-ons over the years.
  13. Agreed, when I see "powered by Esellerate", I switch off.
  14. rooitou

    Orbx Flash Sale

    😀 I saw that on YouTube. So yes my post here was a play on that
  15. rooitou

    Orbx Flash Sale

    Bought EGCB Manchester City Airport and Heliport for X-Plane 11. It has no region required nonsense like some other ORBX airports