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  1. Ah the old tax trick. The cynic in me wonders if they haven't been absorbing the tax charges all along, but now need to make even more money. Next it will be inflation, paypal or foreign currency "adjustments".
  2. I'm with you TASCHMANN. Haven't bought from them in many years. Overpriced to start with and then exploitative with upgrades/improvements. I see their pretty pictures, but then move along swiftly.
  3. Doesn't work for me!? Bought CYVR for P3D on ORBX a few weeks ago, but MSFS version still costs $14.29AUD I took a screenshot of the ORBX page showing the two together (one says owned, the other $14.29AUD), but can't find a way to paste it here?
  4. Hi Nurmblitz, I'm afraid you've got a good point. I have both the Learjet 35A and MU-2B-60, which everyone is raving about over here (as well as one or two other Flysimware aircraft). And yes, the texturing is not the greatest. I wouldn't quite say FS2002, which is more "grainy", but definitely more FSX, perhaps even FS9-ish. But trust me that is the only shortcoming of these aircraft. The modelling of both the external and cockpit is superb, with incredible attention to detail to each instrument, knob and dial (10/10). As for the rest, it is absolutely perfect. The sounds, which to me are the most important for immersion, are fantastic (10/10). The flight models are spot-on, as close to the real thing as you’re going to get (10/10). Apparently the developer owns an MU-2B-60 and wanted to create something as real as possible for him to train on. Just a pity about the graphics/textures, I have to agree with you on that one, I give it (7/10). So, an average score of 9.25/10 in my opinion. Perhaps Flysimware should hire a Carenado graphic designer for the texturing and get 10/10?
  5. Hi Aharon, I was in time to get it for free, but see that it "requires" AU Australia v2 region. I've got v1 and really don't feel like spending more money on these regions, especially with MSFS out now. So, it was a worthless freebie for me really.
  6. I only bought one aircraft on the sale, the Premier 1A (thanks for the pointer Tony!) However, I bought the FSX/P3D version - prefer them in their native designs, rather than ports. Had one or two disappointments with Carenado/Alabeo aircraft in X-Plane. (500S Shrike Aero Commander - questionable flight model and M20R Ovation - highly annoying constant gear warning buzzer)
  7. Thanks Keith, that may just do the trick. I really love those old vintage aircraft and Carenado have done such a good job with the way it looks. Pity developers very often neglect the sounds
  8. I really like the look of their Beechcraft D18S, but can't find many reviews or ratings for it. The one or two comments I could find say it doesn't have good sounds and that is very important to me. Also the flight model is apparently a bit iffy. So, I'm on the fence here.
  9. I remember even before it moved to the ORBX platform, it never went on sale. I waited a few months but eventually bit the bullet and paid full price, seeing that (a) unlike aircraft or airfield add-ons which are used on-and-off, this would be used all the time, (b) it is one price for all the platforms - FSX+Steam Edition, P3D all versions, and (c) it overcame the most annoying native feature of FSX and P3D where the camera won't pause in external views when using TrackIR, swinging around with your head movements instead of being controlled with joystick hat switch. Chase Plane fixed that perfectly. I'm probably only using 10% of ChasePlane's features, but that 10% for me was worth the money. (d) All updates and improvements have been free, unlike some developers (eg EZdok) which bring out new versions and then expect you to pay for it each time. So yeah, you won't find ChasePlane on sale (you're extremely lucky if you do), but it is definitely worth the full price in my opinion
  10. Also not buying anything for MSFS. But I'm doing it due to the lack of a flyby view, as I simply cannot enjoy flying without that essential view. Cannot believe the most modern flight sim doesn't have it.
  11. Awesome, thanks guys, nothing showed up when I tried it the last time. Go figure
  12. How do I uninstall FSDT airports (Vancouver specifically) and GSX in P3D4? I never wanted GSX, but had to install it otherwise airport won't install. Now I can't find a way to uninstall anything and it installed a lot of things all over my PC.
  13. Thanks Virtuali for that comprehensive explanation of why my FSX version didn't work as expected. I've never tried it in P3Dv4 as I was too scared to ever run that software again. But perhaps now that I have such good background information, I will give it another try and also get the MSFS version if all goes well. I don't typically buy these large airports, prefer smaller airports and light aircraft, but Vancouver is so close to Friday Harbor, where I do a lot of my VFR flights, that a more detailed Vancouver is quite appealing.
  14. Hi Nurmblitz, I bought their Vancouver (CYVR) for FSX/P3D many years ago and remember it was a nightmare of installer issues, DRM, and other glitches, which ended in me having to re-install FSX. Does your comment relate to FSX/P3D or MSFS as well?
  15. Yeah I think ORBX may have just p#ssed off some customers. Favoritism and exclusivity is not a good idea in a commodity-type market.
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