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    Good point about the Connie and I think a point which Pedro Trindade also touched on earlier. You cannot fly civilian or GA aircraft in DCS World, therefore the pricing systems are not really comparable or relevant, despite my assertion that DCS World modules offer better value. (If DCS ever move over to civilian flight sims, they will really upset the apple-cart!) Yes I guess the modelling of the Connie (and many other multi-engine airliners) is much more complex than the single-engine GA aircraft and may very well justify a higher price. I'm not into that category of aircraft, so my rant was more related to small single-engine aircraft. Should have been more specific, sorry. DCS is almost a full-time job, just starting something like the A-10 Warthog or Mirage 2000 can take 10-15 minutes. There is a free-flight option which plonks you into the sky with all systems running, and you can get a taste of what the aircraft is all about without the learning curve, but that is just scratching the surface. But I guess the real point is that DCS World is not an option for most people who fly civilian aircraft and therefore a different set of rules govern their perception of "value". I understand and respect that, but I just don't buy into it. Please give details of where we can get the freeware Viggen for FSX. I'm guessing it is an old Alphasim conversion?

    Well put Chock, seems you know what you're talking about. (Wish I had your job to afford all these fantastic aircraft ) As you say, it all comes down to how badly someone wants something, the old "willing buyer, willing seller" principle. And the likes of A2A get away with their prices, because enough people are buying their add-ons, otherwise they would have dropped their prices long ago if volumes dried up. Perhaps it is I who need to adjust my "value-gauge", but I cringe when I see those prices and I can't honestly say that I fly my A2A C172 (which I bought with gritted teeth a few years ago) more often, or enjoy it more than any other decent GA aircraft (eg the Carenado Beechcraft Bonanza). Incidentally, Carenado not only offered its P3Dv4 upgrades for free (if you had the FSX version), but they now also offer FSX/P3D3/P3D4 all in one package for less than A2A charges for just an FSX version. Guess who I would rather support? Absolutely agree with your recommendation for Ant's Airplanes P2002 Tecnam Sierra. I have it, it is wonderful, and costs around $12 ( If you want even better value and enjoy vintage aircraft, I would recommend Ant's Tiger Moth. It is freeware and puts the dated payware JustFlight Tiger Moth to shame. I used to fly a Tiger Moth in real life and Ant's Tiger Moth brings back all the memories more faithfully - for free!
  3. Yes, you're right. People here wouldn't know or use DCS, which is why the likes of Milviz get away with those prices. I try as far as possible to stick to civilian aircraft in FSX/P3D, as they simply cannot model or offer all the features, that military flight sims can, for the combat aircraft. I will have to take your word for the latest Milviz Huey as I'm not prepared to pay that price. The old one was actually very good, but it is restricted to FSX. Fortunately I can jump into DCS World for my Huey "fix", but I much prefer the fast jets. Got myself the Mirage 2000 a few days ago and it is incredible!
  4. I've got their older Huey which I bought for $19 in Oct 2015, that to me was good value. I think they did offer some minuscule discount to "upgrade" to their new model, but it wasn't worth it for me, because the price had jumped so substantially. Even now, with the 30% discount, the price for the Huey comes to $28. Compare that to $26 for the DCS World UH-1H Huey which is currently on sale (on Steam and DCS website) and it looks even worse value. The DCS World Huey is in a different league; offers missions, campaigns, better flight model, better sounds and visuals and native VR. FSX/P3D developers are not offering value anymore, but that is just my opinion of course.

    No, I'm sorry A2A prices are insane. I know value lies in the eye of the beholder, but I cannot see the value here. I also play other flight sims such as DCS World which is an ultra-realistic military jet sim with single and multi-player campaigns, VR and super-detailed, super-smooth graphics. And some of the latest aircraft releases on DCS World such as the Mirage 2000 and SAAB Viggen are currently on sale for the equivalent of US$31 (in my local currency) on Steam. Their older F-86 Sabre, Mig-15 and Mig-21 are going for $26 equivalent. A2A aircraft are toys compared to those jets which have every single knob and dial modelled, radar, heads-up display, weapons systems, flight computers, you name it. They can fire guns, shoot missiles, drop bombs, hit actual targets, you can fly co-op campaigns with your mates in 20-30 player teams lasting several hours. Now that is value for money. Meanwhile here in FSX/P3D land, you pay $52 for an aircraft (FSX + P3D Academic bundle, because these imbeciles keep on selling separate versions) and the only thing these aircraft can do is take off, land and steep turns. You guys are living in a bubble, which the likes of A2A and Milviz have created for you, making you believe that their aircraft are so fantastic and worth every penny. Meanwhile, just outside the bubble, there is a whole world with much better aircraft at much better prices.

    I agree, A2A is very expensive. I used to fly C172 in real life so bought the A2A C172 a few years ago for FSX/P3D3. Had to fork out again for the P3Dv4 version recently, which really irked me. I would like to get the T-6 Texan but not prepared to pay these prices, even with discount. Fortunately there are other options out there, even freeware ones which are decent enough.
  7. Even with 30% off, Milviz aircraft are too expensive for me unfortunately. I can swear they were cheaper some time ago and must have bumped up all the base prices recently. Fortunately there are lots of other good deals going around.
  8. And their website is down today, haven't been able to access it for several hours, and so is FSPilotshop. Wonder if hackers got to them? I have purchased over 50 add-ons from simmarket over the past 3-4 years and never had an accounts problem (using Paypal), but I have tried to get product support a few times without much success. They tend to just shake their heads and refer you to the developer. It is probably typical of a high-volume / low-margin business where customer care takes a back-seat to pushing products.
  9. Has anyone looked at the SimFlyer GNS 430 and GNS 530 package on offer at simmarket for EUR 12.99? It seems substantially better value for money, but I'm just wondering if it is also substantially inferior to Reality XP, or sufficient for a casual VFR flyer like me.
  10. Hey Richard, I'm like you. Also love my CH Fighterstick, Pro Throttle and Pr Pedal combination. I've actually tried the Warthog and it is great, but I kept going back to my CH Products setup and eventually sold the Warthog. I fly everything from WW1 to WW2 combat sims to DCS World jets, FSX, X-Plane, general aviation, helicopters etc and found the CH Products to be more versatile all round. Would be interested to know if you ever tried the Warthog or simply too happy with CH Products to even consider a move away.

    Wow, those are some good deals, didn't even know about most of those headsets! Also have a look at this one: PIMAX 4K UHD: 110 Degree FOV 60Hz Refresh Rate 3840 x 2160P 8.29MP It is currently listed at $375, but often gets offered at $299. I just got mine and it is really good, but I would still say that Oculus is marginally better: The major plus for the PIMAX is the resolution - it is vastly better than Oculus. I tried it in DCS World and IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad and you can see targets more clearly and read the instruments perfectly, whereas with Oculus you can see the instrument, but cannot read the values. The negative of the PIMAX is the headtracking. It doesn't have a positional tracker, meaning that it cannot follow the position of your head through space. So you can only look left/right and up/down. There is slight forward/backward and sideways tracking but it is very small. You cannot do things like poke your head outside the cockpit or lean forward to find an obscured switch. This is where the Oculus wins the race in my opinion as it gives the sensation of being inside the virtual world, wheras the PIMAX is merely observing the virtual world, albeit much more clearly. Games/applications where the head would be perfectly still (eg driving or space sims perhaps) would be perfect for PIMAX, but when I fly aircraft, especially in combat, I want my head to move around as well. A possible maybe for some users is the 60Hz refresh rate (causing motion sickness). Apparently it is better to have the 90Hz of Oculus, but I had no problem with 60Hz. The PIMAX did stutter a bit more than Oculus here and there, but it is probably because my GTX 1070 was struggling with the much higher resolution and I haven't tweaked any settings yet, like I did with Oculus.

    Really confusing and expensive webstore. I don't need Canadian scenery and this is not the way to get me interested
  13. Keven, I would like to add my plea for FlyInside support please. I was pleasantly surprised to find that ChasePlane works perfectly with native VR in P3D4. However, native VR in P3D is not as good as FlyInside and I find FlyInside works best and smoothest with FSX. The majority of my add-ons are also not 100% compatible with P3D4, especially the Sling2, which I fly in real-life, so I still spend much of my time in FSX. I don't fly exclusively with VR, as I like to practice real-life upcoming flights in FSX with 2D screen and TrackIR, for easy access to maps and flight logs etc. However, VR is fantastic for fooling around and it is an immense pain in the backside to fiddle around with config files every time when switching from VR to TrackIR and vice versa, just to accommodate ChasePlane.
  14. I'm not really into train simulators, saw this post and had a quick look. It is also available on Steam, but getting terrible reviews. At those prices and poor reviews, don't think they're going to get potential newcomers like me interested? But the hard-core train crowd may be satisfied, probably.