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  1. Totally agree. The Gee Bee is a hoot and I was reluctant to buy the Optica after the ORBX version disappointment. However, the Got Friends version was exactly what I was hoping it would be, plus a few nice surprises as well. Next is the Wilga, but need to wait until the discount is more generous.
  2. Think i'll wait until it's like 50%-70% off, probably another year. I'm still using it on my Xbox for PC GamePass monthly subscription, so it's like a cheap way of renting it. By the way, does anyone know if all my purchases in the MSFS store will still be there if I buy the Steam version, which supposedly uses my Steam credentials to log in and not my Microsoft credentials?
  3. Yeah I read somewhere that HP will no longer do VR headsets. It's a shame as they had the sweet-spot in terms of price/quality. Quest 2 beats it hands down in price at 80%-90% quality, but then there's Zuckerberg. Everything else (Pimax, Varjo, Valve Index) are for millionaires.
  4. I see the T-50 Bobcat has installer for only P3Dv5. I'm sure it will run fine in P3Dv4, but how do I actually install it into v4?
  5. I had the same problem originally and thought it was a scam. However, I tried again a day later in off-peak time and could start to download, but only barely. Downloads fail all the time, requiring a resume or restart several times. Even now, still struggling, but with some perseverance managed to download a handful. I guess Milviz put the free stuff on their oldest, slowest server and stuck it in a corner somewhere. For free, I guess one cannot really complain
  6. Thanks Tim. I know this is a favourite for many people (especially the FSX/P3D version), but the MSFS version gets bad rating on SimMarket (3/5 stars), due to poor sounds, lack of features and multiple different accounts needed for install, update and support. One reviewer prefers to fly on mute!
  7. Ah, but there is GamePass for PC, so I get to "try it out" while still having a whole bunch of other games to play for a small monthly fee. If they ever remove MSFS from GamePass, I might consider getting it, but its wow-factor has mostly worn off for me and nowadays I spend a lot more time in XP12 (which I got for 80% less than MSFS on Steam) and DCS World.
  8. 🙂 Well, Asobo will probably only add flyby view in 3 years' time. And by then 50% off would not be so strange. We'll have P3Dv6 using Unreal Engine 5 and perhaps X-Plane 13 with similar/other leaps in technology. MSFS could find itself the ugly duckling in need of deep discounts, with its gothic-looking buildings and lack of even the basics (like flyby view, which every other flight sim has)
  9. I will buy when they add flyby view and at 50% discount.
  10. Hi Aharon, I'm as perplexed as you, and while I would also have expected much larger discounts on antiquated platforms, I get the impression that prices and discounts are rather based on volumes sold. For example, it is reported that MSFS2020 has sold in significantly larger volumes (boosted by the console market), than FSX or P3D ever did. So a developer can probably move 100,000 products on MSFS, compared to sales of only 2,000 on FSX and maybe 5,000 on P3D. Even at half the price on MSFS, he/she will make substantially more money. Perhaps demand on older platforms have now become inelastic (ie insensitive to price), whereby even if they discount to 90%, they will still only move maybe 10-20% more product than at a small discount. Hence not worth giving away the last little blood they can still squeeze from that old rock? That is the only logic that makes sense to me, but I have no insight as to the sensitivity of sales volume to discount level, apart form mere guesswork and trying to understand the lack of logic.
  11. I've had X-Plane 11 on Steam all along and never experienced any problems. Steam keeps it updated and has fast servers in my country, so updates have been painless and almost unnoticeable. The only disadvantage I would say is that the directory structure is a little "deeper" (for things like your aircraft and plugin folders), but I added it to "Quick Access" in File explorer and it was one click away.
  12. Thanks HiFlyer. I already have it on the EA store, but might get it on Epic as a "backup" as well, even though it still launches via the EA app (I think). This title was hyped considerably at launch in 2020, but I see the score on Steam is only 52%. Guys complain about a mediocre story and most of the value lying in multi-player, which has dwindled. Still, it has excellent VR implementation and will appeal to fans of flying and Star Wars.
  13. Yep I finally caved and bought it as well, cost around $13 equivalent in my country. I am so grateful for Steam regional pricing, which adjusts for countries' purchasing power, as there was absolutely NO way I would have bought X-Plane 12 at $60, with my puny little corruption-reduced South African Rands
  14. Really wish HP would make the Reverb G2 available in other markets BEFORE giving these crazy discounts to US customers only. There is clearly excess supply if they can offer it at half the price in the US. We've got HP stores in South Africa, but the HP Reverb was NEVER on offer here (only printers etc). I would happily have bought one at MSRP, but instead had to buy it on Amazon from one of the scalper traders at a small mark-up. You will never see these deep discounts on Amazon, so anyone outside the US is excluded from that. It almost makes one dislike HP in a way.
  15. A force-trim button would be nice, but I find the Increase/Decrease Rotor Longitudinal/Lateral Trim to be equally, if not more effective Now, if only Asobo will give us the basic one-click fly-by and tower views
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