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  1. I think this is the way it is supposed to work, but I suspect that some developers become upset with PC Aviator for whatever reason (payment perhaps?) and then either withdraw their products altogether or withhold updates. It is then probably a laborious process of e-mailing back and forth and correcting whatever the problem may be. Perhaps those 10% and $5 discounts we're getting comes at a cost (to the developers?)
  2. The problem I have with PC Aviator is that they're very slow with updates, especially the free ones to P3D v4. In several instances I had to e-mail to prompt them into action after seeing updates out for several weeks on other webstores. They eventually react, but it takes time. What is more concerning is that some developers have been withdrawing their products from PC Aviator, especially the Australian store, which leaves you stranded with no access to any further updates or special upgrade offers. That has happened to me a few more times than I'm comfortable with, so I've stopped buying there.
  3. P3D V4 Disappearing

    FSLabs? same guys who planted spyware on our computers recently?
  4. Justflight -33% incl. Arrows

    The ones that stand out to me as great bang-for-the-buck are: Gulfhawk II (FSX + P3D v1-4) $11.36 DHC-1 Chipmunk (FSX + P3D v1-4) $14.71 800XP BIZJET (sadly only FSX and P3D v1) $14.71
  5. Wonder when they're going to upgrade it to P3Dv4 or even just P3Dv3? Only FS9, FSX and P3Dv1/2 available (and XP of course)
  6. OMG, got so excited when i saw $17.98 on the product page, but then realized that was only the saving on the list price. I Just clicked on the link, didn't read the line above it, lol
  7. AI Traffic

    Thank you Anders, UTL looks amazing, but I cannot afford that price ($45). I would be more than happy with something less powerful at a quarter of that price (~$10). That to me, is the gap in the market that someone needs to fill, instead of yet another powerful, expensive product?
  8. AI Traffic

    What is UTL?
  9. I don't use this webstore at all, something fishy about it.
  10. I've got all four of those DCS helicopters and agree with RichieFly, the UH-1 Huey is easiest and great fun to fly. The SA342 Gazelle is very sensitive, especially near the ground at slow speed and I'm not convinced that its flight model is 100% accurate, but I've never flown one in real life, so don't know for sure. The Black Shark 2 is the most complicated to master, but it flies extremely well and once you've mastered all the systems, you're a one-man killing machine in that thing. In online battles, I've often taken out targets faster in the Black Shark than the guys in their A-10 Warthogs!
  11. RichieFly, I have the older Milviz T-38A and the DCS Tiger. I never upgraded to the newer Milviz T-38 Advanced as there didn't seem to be significant enough improvements to justify the very steep "upgrade fee" (see Milviz offered a 50% discount on the new version for a 30 day period, but even that discounted price was way above what I normally pay for FSX/P3D add-ons, so I didn't go for it. In fact, you can get the DCS Tiger cheaper (on Steam or DCS sales) than the 30% or even 50% discounted price of the T-38 Advanced and you will get better bang for your buck for the DCS Tiger. The Milviz T-38 is not a bad product, in fact it is a pretty good product if viewed in isolation or relative to other FSX/P3D aircraft. But I found it a much "trickier" aircraft to handle than the DCS Tiger, sort of "tail-heavy" and "wallowy" at most of its flight envelope except high speed. You certainly have to stay ahead and manage the aircraft extremely well at medium to lower speeds. This is probably realistic, given its very small wings and extra weight of the dual-cockpit. The DCS Tiger by comparison is a dream to fly; very agile, predictable and super smooth frame-rates (on my system). Plus in DCS you get all the actual weapons and systems operations and effects, missions, campaigns, and native VR, whereas in FSX/P3D weapons have little or no function besides cosmetic, unless you use TacPack which is not available for the T-38 as far as I know. So, if you cannot get both aircraft and are equally happy in DCS and FSX/P3D, I would recommend the DCS Tiger hands-down, but get it on sale and you will have a better aircraft/experience at an even lower price than the current 30% Milviz discount.
  12. A2A christmas sale 25%

    Good point about the Connie and I think a point which Pedro Trindade also touched on earlier. You cannot fly civilian or GA aircraft in DCS World, therefore the pricing systems are not really comparable or relevant, despite my assertion that DCS World modules offer better value. (If DCS ever move over to civilian flight sims, they will really upset the apple-cart!) Yes I guess the modelling of the Connie (and many other multi-engine airliners) is much more complex than the single-engine GA aircraft and may very well justify a higher price. I'm not into that category of aircraft, so my rant was more related to small single-engine aircraft. Should have been more specific, sorry. DCS is almost a full-time job, just starting something like the A-10 Warthog or Mirage 2000 can take 10-15 minutes. There is a free-flight option which plonks you into the sky with all systems running, and you can get a taste of what the aircraft is all about without the learning curve, but that is just scratching the surface. But I guess the real point is that DCS World is not an option for most people who fly civilian aircraft and therefore a different set of rules govern their perception of "value". I understand and respect that, but I just don't buy into it. Please give details of where we can get the freeware Viggen for FSX. I'm guessing it is an old Alphasim conversion?
  13. A2A christmas sale 25%

    Well put Chock, seems you know what you're talking about. (Wish I had your job to afford all these fantastic aircraft ) As you say, it all comes down to how badly someone wants something, the old "willing buyer, willing seller" principle. And the likes of A2A get away with their prices, because enough people are buying their add-ons, otherwise they would have dropped their prices long ago if volumes dried up. Perhaps it is I who need to adjust my "value-gauge", but I cringe when I see those prices and I can't honestly say that I fly my A2A C172 (which I bought with gritted teeth a few years ago) more often, or enjoy it more than any other decent GA aircraft (eg the Carenado Beechcraft Bonanza). Incidentally, Carenado not only offered its P3Dv4 upgrades for free (if you had the FSX version), but they now also offer FSX/P3D3/P3D4 all in one package for less than A2A charges for just an FSX version. Guess who I would rather support? Absolutely agree with your recommendation for Ant's Airplanes P2002 Tecnam Sierra. I have it, it is wonderful, and costs around $12 ( If you want even better value and enjoy vintage aircraft, I would recommend Ant's Tiger Moth. It is freeware and puts the dated payware JustFlight Tiger Moth to shame. I used to fly a Tiger Moth in real life and Ant's Tiger Moth brings back all the memories more faithfully - for free!
  14. Yes, you're right. People here wouldn't know or use DCS, which is why the likes of Milviz get away with those prices. I try as far as possible to stick to civilian aircraft in FSX/P3D, as they simply cannot model or offer all the features, that military flight sims can, for the combat aircraft. I will have to take your word for the latest Milviz Huey as I'm not prepared to pay that price. The old one was actually very good, but it is restricted to FSX. Fortunately I can jump into DCS World for my Huey "fix", but I much prefer the fast jets. Got myself the Mirage 2000 a few days ago and it is incredible!
  15. I've got their older Huey which I bought for $19 in Oct 2015, that to me was good value. I think they did offer some minuscule discount to "upgrade" to their new model, but it wasn't worth it for me, because the price had jumped so substantially. Even now, with the 30% discount, the price for the Huey comes to $28. Compare that to $26 for the DCS World UH-1H Huey which is currently on sale (on Steam and DCS website) and it looks even worse value. The DCS World Huey is in a different league; offers missions, campaigns, better flight model, better sounds and visuals and native VR. FSX/P3D developers are not offering value anymore, but that is just my opinion of course.