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  1. Apologies, didn't know - that reduces my 200-300% inflation number considerably and makes it much more affordable for those of us still clinging to FSX. Perhaps you should have that clearly printed somewhere, as I certainly didn't know and haven't bought in the last two years because of it. Yes, I picked up your products at good discounts in the past as they were excellent value back then. Really sad to see the change in policy as I live in one of many countries with a weakening exchange rate against the US$. Not only have your product prices in those currencies increased, but your sales discounts have also decreased - ie a "double whammy". I have also considerably reduced my purchases of scenery due to the upcoming release of MS FS2020 and will now only buy something if it is literally screaming value. That is my consumer decision, sorry. Having said all of that (and thanks to your clarification), your scenery is definitely in the better value range compared to many other developers, who do indeed charge separately for FSX and P3D versions and/or upgrade fees etc. For those with stronger wallets than mine, your products must be very appealing.
  2. These guys have become expensive. I still have five of their sceneries (both FSX and P3D versions included) bought for between $10 and $15 on sales, not even three years ago. Now the sales prices start at around $20 and you have to buy FSX and P3D separate; in other words it'll cost you minimum $40. That is 200-300% inflation! Either the world has gone crazy or other people have suddenly become much wealthier than me.
  3. This company confuses me. On the one hand they do something questionable like charging $44.95 for the P3Dv4.5 version of their new B-24 Liberator and $44.95 again for the P3Dv5 version (and yet another $44.95 for the FSX-P3Dv3 version), no upgrade discounts (http://www.flight-replicas.com/B24_Complete.htm). Next thing they give away a free Super Cub for P3Dv5 !? 😕
  4. +1 Drzewiecki Design 👍 Frequent sales, good discounts, free/cheap upgrades, generous coronavirus giveaways, great quality, wide area coverage in scenery, excellent value for money and good support. Sounds almost too good to be true, but it is.
  5. I miss my daily "fix" of free offerings. Clearly I'm not alone 😉
  6. I feel your pain Quasimodo, same happened to me and it is not the first time either! Fortunately I got Miami on sale for around $11 back in 2017, so don't feel quite as aggrieved as you. My first "betrayal" was with the Milviz P-38 Redbull Redux, which was offered as freeware within months of me purchasing it. Not long after that I bought the Milviz Ju87 Stuka on Steam (FSX), which also became freeware a while later. I have been negative against Milviz ever since, perhaps unfairly, but that is the normal human reaction I think! So I'm getting used to the older add-ons becoming freeware and therefore will only buy them when heavily discounted (more than 40-50%). My attitude has become even more "rigid" since the announcement of Microsoft FS2020, as I perceive any scenery add-on purchase now as money wasted, unless it is a deal that cannot be refused. As far as payware-becoming-freeware; I don't expect a refund, but perhaps developers should consider some other gesture, such as a $5 or $10 discount voucher (on their products) for previous buyers, so at least they retain some goodwill.
  7. It now says "Notify when product is Available" where the "Add to Cart" option normally appears. Perhaps they ran out of registration keys or something. Hopefully it will be available later. It happened earlier this month with another giveaway as well, the SimworkStudios F-4B/N Phantom. But they corrected it later with free access for a few consecutive days if I remember correctly.
  8. They sometimes do 50% off, which is better value for me. I have many of their Aussie and NZ sceneries already, so this is not enough incentive for me
  9. Keith, the "Mig-29 first generation" comes in four variants and multiple configurations; (1) export and (2) Polish variants with western imperial instruments and (3) UB and (4) S variants with Russian metric instruments. The configurations vary from single seat to dual seat, unarmed and armed (not usable). You will have a whole bunch of new aircraft in your inventory. The aircraft are extremely well modelled and textured and look very authentic. I'm quite pedantic about aircraft sound and these Migs sound awesome, the flybys are like airshow quality. Many variants have on-board radar whereby you can see airfields from miles away and track or intercept AI aircraft. The manual is 39 pages long and more than sufficient for me. It even describes how to do the "Cobra maneuver" although I haven't tried it yet. Unfortunately the FlyFreeStd aircraft are no longer on sale, but they have been on sale twice in the last two months, so perhaps wishlist it and wait a while. I think they owe me a "commission" for my sales pitch over here 🙂
  10. Hi Bill, let me start by saying there is one thing I don't like about FlyFreeStd and that is the separate versions for FSX and P3D4. I generally prefer all-in-one offerings and avoid separate platform versions. However, at the heavily discounted prices, I thought it offered value and first bought one for P3D4 to try out (the Mig-29 first generation). I was so impressed by it that I bought the Su-27 and Su-33 as well and they are all superb. I used to only fly combat flight sims until about five years ago and a plane must "feel" right and sound right in addition to looking good, otherwise I'm not interested. FlyFreeStd aircraft meet all those criteria for me and the newer releases are very good quality. Having said that, I'm not a detail buff and in DCS World I prefer the Flaming Cliffs aircraft (sim-lite) rather than the study-level aircraft where every knob and dial is clickable and it takes 20 minutes to start. I cannot vouch for that level of detail in FlyFreeStd, but for a "get-in-and-go" experience they are very good.
  11. Have to agree with the comments above about FSDG and a few other "stingy" ones. While there may very well be a "hidden" advertising motive behind some of the free offerings, it is overshadowed by the massive goodwill gesture in my opinion and has definitely attracted my attention to, or swayed my opinion about, several developers. It is a fantastic initiative by SimMarket and I have also thoroughly made use of the many sales running there at the moment, so they are getting proper payback from me. But I mostly focus on things that are heavily discounted, for example the superb FlyFreeStd aircraft which are on 40%-60% discount (last day today) https://secure.simmarket.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=flyfreestd
  12. The F16C Viper works for me in Steam, but the Fw 190 A-8 only gives me a map and no flyable aircraft. Seems like not all WWII products are available in Steam?
  13. Everything, FSX, P3Dv2-4, X-Plane 10, even FS2004!
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