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  1. ChasePlane automatically upgraded to v0.4.212 Beta, I had no control over it!? And the problem started, but in FSX only. No problem in P3D3, ChasePlane starts with P3D3, sees TrackIR and P3D, both icons green and works perfectly in game ChasePlane starts with FSX (boxed), but there's no TrackIR propeller symbol, only bracketed airplane icon which turns green. In game, no TrackIR If I start ChasePlane on its own, it sees my TrackIR and shows propellor icon in red. The moment I start FSX, the propeller symbol disappears and only bracketed airplane icon appears and turns green, no sign of TrackIR and nothing in-game. What is going on here?
  2. Thanks Keven, I will give this a try. I still use the default views a lot as I constantly chop and change aircraft and it is a huge pain in the backside to set up views in Chaseplane every time for every new freeware aircraft I try out just for a few minutes. I'm not a YouTuber who wants to showcase videos, I just want quick, preferably instant, set of views when I load a new aircraft and really don't have the time or patience to sit and fiddle with menus or load other people's setups and then having to tweak them to my liking. Besides the obvious VC view which is relatively painless to setup in ChasePlane, my other favourite is the default FSX external views and flyby. In FSX it is a simple tap of the "S" key for external, followed by "A" for flyby and that is the same for every aircraft, absolutely zero setup time required. Please don't ever suppress that capability in your product.
  3. Flew FSX after a few months' lapse and ChasePlane did 2 updates, first to v0.3.74 and then to v0.4.204. I did get a chance to fly around after the first update v0.3.74 and all was well. However, after it updated to v0.4.204, my default FSX views didn't work anymore. For example the joystick keybind for "next category" (S-key on keyboard) would jump directly to the Chaseplane exterior view and I'm therefore unable to use the "next in category" view (A key on keyboard). The view would stay stuck on the Chaseplane exterior view and I would be unable to cycle the various views with the A key/joystick assignment. I checked all the ChasePlane and FSX key and button assignments and cannot see any conflict. Changing back to version v0.3.74 fixed everything. I'm now a bit weary of the v0.4 update which seems inevitable, as it will surely break my views again. What has changed in terms of keybindings from v0.3.74 to v0.4.204? Perhaps if I understand what that change is, I can manage and fix it?
  4. rooitou

    X-Plane Store - 20 to 50% off.

    Hey ibnking, I'm grappling with almost the same question: C172 airfoillabs vs Reality Expansion Pack for Laminar Cessna 172SP. I'm tempted to go for the latter, simply on price. There are some video reviews on them by Q8Pilot on YouTube, but I'm still undecided. I have the Carenado F33A Bonanza for FSX/P3D and it is excellent. Haven't really considered any of the other aircraft you mention, except perhaps the C152 but it 's a bit pricey.
  5. rooitou

    Lionheart Creations Proton Bullette Review

    Agree with review, I have it and it is a great aircraft. Haven't tried it in P3D4 yet, but I see Lionheart now includes it in installer.
  6. I think this is the way it is supposed to work, but I suspect that some developers become upset with PC Aviator for whatever reason (payment perhaps?) and then either withdraw their products altogether or withhold updates. It is then probably a laborious process of e-mailing back and forth and correcting whatever the problem may be. Perhaps those 10% and $5 discounts we're getting comes at a cost (to the developers?)
  7. The problem I have with PC Aviator is that they're very slow with updates, especially the free ones to P3D v4. In several instances I had to e-mail to prompt them into action after seeing updates out for several weeks on other webstores. They eventually react, but it takes time. What is more concerning is that some developers have been withdrawing their products from PC Aviator, especially the Australian store, which leaves you stranded with no access to any further updates or special upgrade offers. That has happened to me a few more times than I'm comfortable with, so I've stopped buying there.
  8. rooitou

    P3D V4 Disappearing

    FSLabs? same guys who planted spyware on our computers recently?
  9. rooitou

    Justflight -33% incl. Arrows

    The ones that stand out to me as great bang-for-the-buck are: Gulfhawk II (FSX + P3D v1-4) $11.36 DHC-1 Chipmunk (FSX + P3D v1-4) $14.71 800XP BIZJET (sadly only FSX and P3D v1) $14.71
  10. Wonder when they're going to upgrade it to P3Dv4 or even just P3Dv3? Only FS9, FSX and P3Dv1/2 available (and XP of course)
  11. OMG, got so excited when i saw $17.98 on the product page, but then realized that was only the saving on the list price. I Just clicked on the link, didn't read the line above it, lol
  12. rooitou

    AI Traffic

    Thank you Anders, UTL looks amazing, but I cannot afford that price ($45). I would be more than happy with something less powerful at a quarter of that price (~$10). That to me, is the gap in the market that someone needs to fill, instead of yet another powerful, expensive product?
  13. rooitou

    AI Traffic

    What is UTL?
  14. I don't use this webstore at all, something fishy about it.
  15. rooitou

    DCS World 30% Off all Helicopters

    I've got all four of those DCS helicopters and agree with RichieFly, the UH-1 Huey is easiest and great fun to fly. The SA342 Gazelle is very sensitive, especially near the ground at slow speed and I'm not convinced that its flight model is 100% accurate, but I've never flown one in real life, so don't know for sure. The Black Shark 2 is the most complicated to master, but it flies extremely well and once you've mastered all the systems, you're a one-man killing machine in that thing. In online battles, I've often taken out targets faster in the Black Shark than the guys in their A-10 Warthogs!