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  1. It was probably worth the price when originally offered, even though I would NEVER pay that sort of money for an add-on - my sweet spot is in the $10-20 range. However, it is perhaps more an acknowledgement that time has moved on and that: 1. XP11 is becoming a dated platform 2. There are many other, newer flight-sim platforms competing for our wallets nowadays 3. These models are getting a bit old now and not all of us are into tubeliners, but will part with our precious moneys if a good deal comes along. I wish more developers would see the writing on the wall like Inibuilds does and start offering their old products at good discounts. The money will go to the smart guys who are in touch with reality rather than yesteryear's blinkered ones.
  2. I've got a similar stance regarding MSFS and P3D. Thought MSFS was great when it initially released and stopped buying all FSX/P3D/XP11 add-ons. But after a year or so I started losing interest in MSFS, mainly due to the lack of a flyby view, but the huge start-up time, inability to change aircraft on-the-fly and a few other things are also frustrating me. So I've gone back to FSX/P3D/XP11, but need huge incentive to buy any more add-ons there. I haven't been a big buyer of Aerosoft before, due to their miserly small discounts, but at the recent (first ever?) 50% off I bought their F-14 Tomcat, which had been on my wish-list for a very long time, but always too expensive. At +50% discount I can be persuaded, but it needs to be a high quality add-on and in the $10-20 range, otherwise no-go.
  3. Finally got the F-14 Extended after all these years. Previously only 20% off, but at 50% it finally offered value. Now have to wait another few years for the DCS World F-14 to go on 50% sale as well. Refuse to pay those ludicrously high prices and only 15% off on sale.
  4. No never. I'm assuming it takes you to a pop-up window asking you for a pin or a password and then a green prompt to say "yes"? This process takes a few seconds and is not instantaneous, but I'm based on the other side of the world, so a slight delay is normal for me. Make sure you don't have something downloading in the background, using up all your bandwidth. I use a little utility called Networx, which shows the network activity. Get the free version 5.5.5, otherwise you'll only get 30 days trial.
  5. Rusty I have the same problem as you, there are just too many. But what I do is filter them, starting with (1) above 4-star rating, (2) what's on sale and (3) lowest to highest price. Then I just look for something interesting, which offers the best bang-for-the-buck. I'm not from Europe, so have no particular preference for any country. But I only fly small planes, hence prefer smaller airfields with character. I bought Alpe d'Huez (LFHU) for example, simply because of a past interest in cycling, it looked unique and challenging and is dirt cheap.
  6. That's interesting Pete, but it just shows that even the AIB partners have ramped their prices massively from the suggested MSRP price. While MSRP is for a reference (basic) card, the AIB partners add things like better coolers, but in the good old days it was unheard of to see a $200 (38%) mark-up from MSRP. To me this suggests that the entire industry is now corrupt and overcome with greed. For example, I bought my RTX 2080 Super (MSI Ventus OC Edition) back in December 2019 for less than its MSRP at the time, and that card was certainly a step-up from a reference card. That is what I'm holding out for and like the Ukranians, I shall not waver.
  7. MSRP for that card is $599. You are still paying +30% premium to line the pockets of scalpers and retailers. I will not pay a cent above MSRP, in fact I have now decided to wait for discount to MSRP. Anyone buying now (unless it is a real emergency) continues to play straight into the hands of greedy middlemen. If we all hold back a little longer, prices will crash
  8. I have Orcas for FSX/P3D and MSFS. Pity ORBX doesn't have Friday Harbor for MSFS yet.
  9. Yeah I haven't played it in a long time but there is a scene with lots of candles and symbols, like an occult worship scene. Plus it is a very dark, sombre story hinting at suicide. If you're not mentally strong/mature, I suppose it could be harmful?
  10. Not quite working yet. If you try to install it gives an Error "You do not own this product". If you go to the ORBX website store it says "Coming Soon". I guess they're getting the signage and buttons ready, but it hasn't been activated yet. So looks like it will be the 7th. One thing I know for certain is that I'll be looking for a lot of soundpacks soon to replace those awful ones from AH. But hey, getting some nice-looking aircraft for free is pretty generous! I feel obligated now to get one of their MSFS 2020 products, but oh my god I can't stand any of their engine sounds...
  11. I stopped buying AH aircraft a long time ago due to their consistently poor sounds. A free price sounds about right to me, because now I can justify paying for a 3rd party sound-pack.
  12. Prices are finally where they should have been all along
  13. Phew that was painful. Several tries and reloading of screens later, finally got the 737-200. Yeah i like the simple old ones
  14. Fielder, you're a champion. I got one to replace my 1TB NVME drive. Despite the shipping and import taxes, it is still cheaper than anything else (of that quality) I could find in my local market
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