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  1. peteregan3

    Are my P3D v4.1 settings really too high?

    hi vali, i had problems similar to you, stutters and a general lack of smoothness on a pretty high end system. my solution is to use Simstarter NG, it allows you to set every single parameter in the sim (and all activesky parameters) and save them to individual configs ready to run. for example: for night flight in the airbus you could reduce the unneccesary stuff (shadows, trees, reflections, water, less cloud layers and reduced cloud draw distance etc) and the resources freed up will give you more smoothness with dynamic lighting on. feel like VFR in a prop plane, lower the things that you don't need for that type of flying and save as a new profile! create as many customised profiles as you need and away you go. it also allows you to play around with all the known config performance tweaks and save these to each config. it really has been a gamechanger for me. i also notice you use DXT clouds, i find with my 1070ti that 32bit is smoother but no idea why! all the best and good luck. pete
  2. peteregan3

    737 NGX P3/P4 and the CPFlight MCP USB version

    cpflight released a new driver for P3DV4 on 26 july, i have installed this and can confirm it works perfectly with MCP/MIP and PMDG NGX. regards, pete.
  3. peteregan3

    low fps with vsync on

    hi all, i have P3D v4 and 737 NGX installed and have found that when i try to run NGX with vsync ON (the low refresh rate & unlimited fps trick for smoothness/tearing) i only get 5 frames per second. turn vsync OFF and i get 40-50 fps but lose the smoothness. all other aircraft work fine with vsync on. i use nvidia 3 monitor surround for outside view plus panels on a 4th. any ideas/suggestions greatly appreciated. pete.