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  1. mine too, reinstalled but no joy. i've raised a support ticket.
  2. here's my usages, it may help to compare. i recorded the MAX usages in both cases. 1st is in oculus dashboard, 2nd is in steam dash (with oculus running of course)
  3. have you tried the 'oculus homeless' option in OTT? might free up some resources for you. it just stops the loading of the room environment with the dashboard, you can still go to your room by pressing the left controller menu button if you want to. here's some info about homeless, all the best, pete.
  4. hi just tested, OVRServer doesn't go above 1.7% when in P3d using oculus and steam. i have beta enabled and steam vr version 1.15.12. also i run OCULUS graphics setting 'preference - performance' and STEAM resolution at 170% if that is of any help.
  5. do you guys use UGCX by any chance? for me that addon induces this kind of stutter at SMALL AIRPORTS because it is scanning the scenery cache at intervals. you also notice at ORBX airports that the people stop moving for a second.
  6. oh dear, so i'll be spending £640 to cause myself a whole load of heartache! 😬
  7. i agree, this is definately the best experience i've had in any version of any flight sim. i look aroud in vr and am at amazed how far we have come. also for the first time i'm not feeling the need to mess around for hours trying to drag 2 more fps out or eliminate micro stutters (real or imagined). i fire up and fly, sometimes EA, sometimes not, any aircraft, any location, any time of day and just enjoy it. this is how it should be, so from me: well done LM. i certainly feel for you guys having problems , i've been there believe me. one thing scares me though...i'm going to buy a hp reverb g2, will i suddenly find WMR creates problems and i have to start messing about again.....🙈 specs: Asus rog maximus hero XI wi-fi mb intel i9 10850k overclocked at 5.1 (corsair liquid cooled) msi rtx 2070 super 8gig overclocked using afterburner 32gig corsair ram 1x samsung 1TB m.2 ssd, 1x samsung 500gb ssd corsair 1000w psu oculus rift s win10, latest nvidia drivers, latest oculus drivers. UK2000 + ORBX + fly tampa airports, ORBX True Earth, ORBX regions, PMDG + A2A + milviz + justflight aircraft, GSX, UGCX, FS2crew, SimstarterNG P3d (fantastic) to launch it all. all the best to you all, pete
  8. i used envshade with no problems prior to 5.1, but now with EA i just get a white cloudscape: no panels, no plane, nothing, as though you are looking into fog with no way out! had to reinstall the P3D client to fix it, tried it twice but now uninstalled it as unuseable for me. one other person reported the same problem on their forum but i havn't looked into it further. EDIT apparently there's a fix https://www.togaprojects.com/forum/envshade/single-pass-vr
  9. same here, no FPS hit. i love the look of the clouds in standard weather (but not the spinning!) but EA gives a certain 'feel' which i like also, really works well with pbr textures. i find auto exposure too harsh for the daytime but amazing at night with EA.
  10. hi do you get good framerates with EA off? oculus debug tool has options for showing performance information in your headset while you fly, might be worth testing various sim settings whilst watching how they affect your vr performance. for scenery, if you tick the box 'use high resolution terrain textures' stick to these rules (posted by a LM dev a while ago) For default 256: HIGH_RESOLUTION_TERRAIN_TEXTURES=0 TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=8 (or not set) For 512: HIGH_RESOLUTION_TERRAIN_TEXTURES=1 TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9 (or not set) For 1024: HIGH_RESOLUTION_TERRAIN_TEXTURES=1 TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10 Please do not use these setting combinations as they may cause problems: HIGH_RESOLUTION_TERRAIN_TEXTURES=0 TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9 HIGH_RESOLUTION_TERRAIN_TEXTURES=0 TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10 HIGH_RESOLUTION_TERRAIN_TEXTURES=1 TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=8 also, it's a long shot but in your simulator SOUND menu check that the devices are not just left as 'default primary device', assign to the specific sound devices you are using. this makes a difference on my system. all the best, pete.
  11. flying now, first impressions v good, no pixellation of skylines yet, no strange 'auras' around trees, very smooth and nice skies. i'll keep testing in different locations and seasons etc. auto exposure works in vr now
  12. hi apart from the Robinson i ONLY use 3rd party aircraft so i don't think it's that. maybe you need to have a look at your settings, here's what i've found applies to MY system using VR: Autogen draw distance is the biggest framerate hit - set it to LOW. Turn OFF dynamic reflections - they aren't needed with PBR models. Higher pixel densities affect latency when looking at panels. Tailor your settings to your aircraft - If flying a complex jetliner turn autogen buildings off and trees to low etc. if you have a decent graphics card you can set opaque shadow texture size to 4096, vc texture size to 4096, high res textures to ON, and use TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9 in your config and the sim looks lovely. here's the display settings i use for High Performance Aircraft. Display Image and Texture Quality FXAA: Off AA: 4xSSAA Texture Filtering: Anisotropic 16x Texture Resolution: Ultra (4096x4096) Dynamic Texture Streaming: Off Full Screen Settings Black-out Desktop: [1] Auto-fill Main View: [1] Frame Rate Controls VSync: Off Triple Buffering: Off Target frame rate: 42 View and Panel Settings Variable Refresh Rate: Off Wide-view Aspect Ratio: [0] Mipmap VC Panels: On 2-D panel transparency (%): 0 World Terrain Level of detail radius: High Tessellation Factor: Ultra Mesh resolution: 19 m Texture resolution: 7 cm Use high-resolution terrain textures Off Scenery Objects Scenery complexity: Normal Autogen and scenery draw distance: Low Autogen vegetation density: Sparse Autogen building density: None Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation: Off Water and Bathymetry Water Detail: Low Enable Bathymetry: Off Reflections Clouds: Off Terrain: Off User Vehicle: On Vegetation: Off SimObjects: Off Buildings: Off Special Effects Special effects detail: Low Special effects distance: Low Weather Cloud draw distance: 80 miles / 128 km Cloud coverage density: Maximum Volumetric Fog On Turbulence and thermal effects On Windshield Effects On Thermal visualization: None Rate at which weather changes over time: No changes Enhanced Atmospherics (Beta) On Cloud Resolution Low Godrays On Lighting Lighting HDR lighting On Auto Exposure: Off Brightness: 0,85 Bloom: 0,00 Saturation: 0,65 Lighting Dynamic Reflections: Off Dynamic Lighting: On Aircraft landing lights illuminating ground: On Lens flare: On Shadows Shadow Quality: Medium Shadow Draw Distance: High Object Shadows Internal Vehicle Cast: On Internal Vehicle Receive: On External Vehicle Cast: On External Vehicle Receive: On SimObjects Cast: Off SimObjects Receive: On Vegetation Cast: Off Vegetation Receive: On Buildings Cast: Off Buildings Receive: On Particles: Off Cloud Shadow Cast: Off Terrain Shadow Cast: Off NoShadow Flagged Content: Off
  13. just did some tests and the vram usage does go up each time i exit then restart vr, but only by about 0.1 for each switch - unless i undock the light sensor panel, then i get NO increase in vram usage. of course i use the NGX rather than the newer NGXu so there could be differences. the light sensor fix is an old one but i seem to get better performance in vr using it, plus i don't get the dreaded white box in the HUD. pete
  14. i'll load up the pmdg737ngx and GSX, see if i get the same problem using those specific addons. i was flying the 737 earlier with no problems but i have CDU/EFIS/MCP hardware so don't tend to open those panels as windows in the sim. pete
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