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  1. Good evening sir My question : where is the Wilco PIC B767 ? Never see the !!
  2. Thanks MaDDogz, yesterday before I downloaded all the 9Dragons 4 parts, but I disappointed because in the first line there is "now with auto-installer! ". But not so,and I don't understand this lie. I downloaded 9Dragons many years ago, and was installer in packet...now no. Mystery ! Money reason ? Excuse me bad english,sorry Andrea
  3. I lost fs9 Kai Tak....Can someone give me a download link of "9Dragons" Kai Tak ? I need the installer package,maybe the V2 version. Thanks at all Andrea
  4. Thank you Pitter for your answer... Why Skyspirit are younger, and why has possibility problems in fs2004 ?? Andrea
  5. Good morning Excuse me my strange question,but I love old fs2004 and fly by it. Can someone explain me differences ? B767-300 Posky vs B767-300 SkySpirit ? Are same aircrafts ? or similar ? which better ? I know fs2004 is too old,but is for me ! Thanks at all Andrea
  6. Hi Hans This is the Snapper download link, very interesting program...I hope utility for you. https://www.michielovertoom.com/software/snapper/ My little description Snapper snapshot : when your aircraft is flying over a fs2004 city, or any place..at that time Snapper write on top left snapshot the "fs2004". And write at the bottom right more informations : geographic coordinates, city name and so on. Unfortunately is not possible post a screenshot (picture). Ciao Andrea
  7. Thank you Hans for your answer Sorry...my english is very poor. I make a mistake in Snapper installation : I forget put the FSUIPC dll in Fs2004 Modules, This .dll is obligatory (mandatory) for Snapper program run good. Otherwise no good behaviour. Ciao Andrea
  8. Good morning I have a snapper problem : sudden stop coordinates position. Someone know this very good little program,and why this bad behaviour ? Nothing register keys,but is't running at 100 % .Very strange. Ciao at all Andrea
  9. Thank you for your interest ( I appreciate ) Solomod [ David ] I am using Autosave v 1.501 ,and is very useful. The only difference from the fs2004 Save Flight,is the its automatic behaviour. I wrong ? Thank you for Autosave Tutorial above : I learn . Excuse me my bad english Andrea
  10. Good morning Excuse me for the old fs2004 question,but I need an help. I have downloaded the "autosave.dll" ,but I do not understand how can I restore the crashed fs9 session. Can someone help me ? The autosave I put it in fs9 modules, and creates an autosave.cfg in the main FS folderbut, after ? what happen ? But where is the saved flghts folder in fs2004 ?? I do not find it. My last flight is crashed in ILS landing,and I regret this ! Can someone help me please ? Thanks at all Andrea
  11. This morning I loaded my fs2004 and nothing is wrong : no an annoying warning,but no adjustment in Citation II panel. The aircraft have a strange behaviour,I don't understand this ! In any case thanks Ciao
  12. Thank for your answer, I will try suggest. My OS is Win7, run ok with fs2004. I like this 😁 Ciao at all
  13. Good morning, I have a trouble problem Citation II :before load there is a window say that file " GAUGES\ILH_TCAS.GAU " ,when I click on this window,aircraft usual load . How can I remove this annoying warning ? Thanks at all Andrea
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