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  1. Good afternoon at all I have a Win7 64 bit PC,and I have a problem with " Traffic 2005" Just Flight 32 bit bought some years ago. I can't install it on my PC, there is a registry trick ? I know that 32 bit programs are ok in 64 bit. Someone has an idea ? Thank you
  2. Excuse me for the old question :my 757 after take-off,when I engage the autopilot,aircraft start a rocking from left to right. Why ? Can someone help me ? Or give me some solution link ? Thank you at all Regards Andrea
  3. good morning sir I have a problem,can someone help me ? I purchased a 4Tb usb disk 2.5" ,but when I link to my PC,there is a window say: the HDD is not formatted.What flyle system I do ? Excuse me bad english Andrea
  4. Thank you MaDDogz,but there is nothing (no Alphasim Galaxy textures). Last week I write so in the google screen,but zero ! Sorry
  5. goog morning I have a question, I have the Virtavia Galaxy "ex Alphasim",it is a very good aircraft (now free),but has three liveries only. Can someone help me find other ? Thank you in advance Regards Andrea
  6. I agree with your answers,I check it later.May be so,there is no mouse point clicker.But for me is not a good manner: the nav 2 accessible only FMC ! not immediate. I mistake ? Thank at all I will post Andrea
  7. Good morning,(excuse my poor english language), I have a good PSS 757,someone know where is the nav2 on the autopilot panel ? I can't find it. Thank you Regard Andrea
  8. Good morning I have a problem with Win XP sp2 and fs2004. I retrieved an old good computer,it is running ok!,but my mouse is frozen when point on fs2004 any screen.Only with fs2004,why ? RAM=1.5 GB video=ATI Radeon 9550 CPU=Pentium 2000 Also computer frozen,only restart Merry Christmas!
  9. Thanks Hans Thanks Wobbie..Everything is very fast,and accurate deep. Andrea
  10. Thank you Hans and Wobbie Your helps are good I mistaked installation:my fs9 is in C ( ssd 250GB),but why is wrong ? I have installed as administrator system, and FS 2004+Win7 are running fast.Only one error message on fs9 load : Area 038 lost ecc. Full fs9 uninstall ? OK Wobbie,I now try "Everything" quickly file. I have some difficulty explain my problems because english is not my language,sorry.
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