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  1. Just a shot in the dark here but here goes anyway: Could it be that your no show photo scenery area is caused by a local area of higher elevation, which is poking through your photo scenery ? OR Could it be that your photo scenery has an overall lower elevation than whatever (possibly default) terrain scenery for the same area ? OR Could it be that it's a scenery priority issue ? The only program I know of that does something in your direction of interest is "LWMViewer" but that will only show active default scenery files at and around the position of your (test) aircraft, e.g. APnnnnnn.bgl, HLnnnnnn.bgl, etc.but no addon scenery files. Good luck Regards Hans
  2. After reading this post I took a look at my own Lake Geneva and saw a straight but diffuse transition line running down the length of the lake, with a greenish, so called "inland lake" color on one side of it and on the other side a more blue-ish sea-like color. So, not a coastal problem but some kind of texture problem, possibly even related to the initial poster's problem. I busted my brains on this one, I even copied the World texture contents from a very old (two years ago) backup but to no avail. I'm not using UT Europe nor OSM World but do have extensive mesh and LC scenery for the area ------ but ------ temporarily disabling these had no effect. Anybody ? Regards Hans
  3. If you have a backup of your fs9.cfg I suggest that you firstly compare them and if there is any difference in size, that you replace the existing one with your backed up one. Your kind of problem quite often happens to me as well and is caused by the fs9.cfg being re-created but for no apparant reason. Good luck Hans
  4. Normally this is not possible because both these aircraft use different models. Hans
  5. VF London is a payware scenery, which I do not have myself. Sorry but because of that I will not be able to help you. I hope Graemeb's PM was somehow able to help and possibly polosim, as well though. Good luck to both of you. Hans
  6. VFL London VFR ????? Could you please supply downloaded file names so that I can (try to) help you. Regards Hans
  7. Peterwk, Your first problem is caused by default files being deleted or at least de-activated, while not being corectly re-placed by addon scenery files covering the same area(s). Sounds as though your default EURW folder is missing or misplaced. Your second problem is related to your first one, namely the absence of or the de-activation of default files. These types of problems are not directly fixable by any 100% reliable means, so you will most probably need to firstly uninstall (what's left of) your FS2004, then remove any residual files/folders and finally you will need to re-install your FS2004 from the four CDs, etc. etc. You could initially try to re-instate your EURW folder from your backups or from your installation CDs but by the sounds of your problem, there could be more damage. Good luck Hans
  8. Nuno Pinto, I installed the new WinRAR program and the unpacking of the Paro-Bhutan Photo-Real scenery went without problems. The result is a very beautiful scenery area indeed and especially if the separately installed Paro airport is already part of it. Thanks again for your tip. Hans
  9. Nuno Pinto, Thanks for the tip. I found a (free) 64bit WinRar version 600, have downloaded it and will install/try it as soon as I have some time. Just to be sure beforehand though, is that the "latest" version you are referring to ? Thanks in advance. Hans
  10. Harald, Thanks for taking the trouble to download this file and also for trying to unpack it. At least I now know that the problem is not at my or at our end. I've PMed the original poster in the hope that he takes another look at this thread. Thanks again. Hans
  11. Thanks Luis for your reaction but I downloaded the RAR file twice and on different machines but both with the same "format problem" when trying to unpack them. Anyone prepared to download the same RAR files and to unpack them, if only to confirm my problem ...... please. Thanks in advance. Hans
  12. The Bhutan photoreal pics look really good, so I downloaded the RAR file and tried to unpack it via my for many years trusted RAR-unpacking program set up in my Win7 64bit, but keep getting an error message, something about an incorrect format. Never seen this before and other RAR files (still) get unpacked normally. I had a good look around on the Italian site concerned but could not find any forum links, nor did the e-mail link work. Not only that but my Italian is not very good either. Has anyone been able to correctly unpack this RAR file ? Regards Hans
  13. The only thing I can think of now is that you are using a different AIR file to the one I'm using for my own B737-200. Anyway, I'm happy to hear that you have managed to solve your problem yourself. Regards Hans
  14. PSSW Dash 8, I already had the problem free model and a number of paints for your (problem) B737-200 in my FS9 setup, so I only needed to add your new (test) paint to be able to see if I could somehow reproduce your problem. However, everything looked great and without the problem(s) you mention. Here are my existing contact points anyway though: [contact_points] point.0=1,1,38.0,0.0,-7.15,1574.8,0,2.216,70.0,0.22,4.1,0.639,6.1,6.3,0,180,250 point.1=1,-1.75,-10.0,-8.35,1574.8,1,3.371,0.0,0.55,2.5,0.639,6.3,6.7,2,180,250 point.2=1,-1.75,10.0,-8.35,1574.8,2,3.371,0.0,0.55,2.5,0.639,6.2,6.6,3,180,250 static_pitch=-1.2 static_cg_height=7.8 gear_system_type=0 I do not use or have any scrape points because I prefer to fly, instead of seeing destructive explosions/fire etc, as the result of which aircraft parts hit the ground first during crashes. I have also removed all unnecessary zeros behind the above decimal points. Hope this helps and happy landings. Hans P.S. I assume you have tried the combinations Shift - Enter and/or Shift - Backspace for increasing/lowering your pilot's seat.
  15. Is there anything strange to be seen in external view ? E.g. Nose wheel sunk into the ground ? Do you have a downloaded file name and a source so that I can download it myself to test your problem. Regards Hans
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