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  1. hjwalter

    mouse frozen

    Have you tried double clicking on the FS9.exe file itself ? Merry Christmas Hans
  2. I may be kicking in an already open door here but I think your best (but rather tedious) option for finding the culprit file(s) is to use the trial and error method by in turn de- and re-activating large groups of addon sceneries from within your FS9 and in between, checking if your problem is resolved. If suddenly your problem seems to be resolved then you can re-activate smaller scenery groups or one by one until the addon scenery containing the problem is singled out. Then repeat this process by deleting groups of BGL files from the scenery folder itself to the (initially empty) recycle bin (from where you can restore them in groups or one by one) until the actual culprit BGL is found. Good luck. Hans (Netherlands)
  3. hjwalter

    Ai parking same spot

    I have an active old version of the UK2000 EGLL Heathrow airport, which has quite some dynamic ground traffic moving around on it, but found nothing parked in any of my (leftover) EGLL parking positions. It will therefore be a question of which version of EGLL Davies87 is talking about. "Leftover" ?? Yes, because quite some time ago I decided to do some "filling up" of my EGLL a.o. with static British BA/Flybe aircraft and as a result I needed to delete all Afcad parking positions now occupied by such static aircraft, otherwise I would have had the same problems as Davies87 seems to have. Anyway Davies87, I certainly hope this thread has cast some light on your problem. Regards and good luck. Hans
  4. hjwalter

    Ai parking same spot

    Yes John, I've had duplicate airports as well in the past. However, these could be seen on my FSNavigator screen, if of cause I had run the database creation process in advance. Such duplicates were often the result of installed third party sceneries, which in some cases, used the airport's afcad header data in order to keep, e.g. the default taxiway signs and/or windsocks. In those days I also had a small batch script which would check for such duplicates and I could then decide which one should be kept and which could be deleted. All this because of previous CTD troubles. There's another possibility apart from a static aircraft being positioned in an active afcad parking position and that is a so called "dynamic object aircraft", which some scenery developers include in their airport sceneries. Normally these dynamic objects are used for moving ground vehicles, like tractors, vans, busses, etc. which follow separate pre-programmed routes but in some sporadic cases can also include aircraft, which actually seem to behave like AIs. A pioneer developer by the name of Otto Pabst included such dynamic aircraft, along with his ground traffic in his fantastic Bremen airport scenery but this was many years ago. Such dynamic aircraft could begin or end their separately programmed tracks in or on top of active AI parking positions. And then there's the last possibility and that is that ground traffic can in some cases be separately programmed as AI aircraft, which follow taxiway tracks to an invisible runway and then disappear, only to reappear again at their start position, depending on their "flight plans". Such tracks are part of separate afcad "airports" positioned on top of your active airport and can therefore also include "AI" start positions on top of one or more of your active afcad parking positions. Tomorrow I wil take another good look at my own EGLL to see if I have anything there which looks like a duplicate afcad and/or any of the above possibilities. Regards Hans
  5. hjwalter

    Ai parking same spot

    Well John, I hope that you can agree with me that having duplicate active Afcad type data for the same airport, will always increase the risk of CTDs under unexpected circumstances and at the very least, will cause duplicate parking positions. With this and other potential problems in mind, almost all third party airport scenery developers explicitly state that any previously existing Afcad (type) files for the airport concerned, must be deleted or disabled prior to installing their new scenery, Regards Hans
  6. hjwalter

    Ai parking same spot

    Hey Guys, In my experience duplicate Afcad (type) data from whatever source with, e.g. duplicate start locations, etc. will always cause grief, especially when approaching the airport concerned in your flyable plane ------> CTDs. It's for this reaon that I have all and I repeat ALL, my afcad (type) BGL files, in one single folder with the highest possible scenery priority. Any new third party airport sceneries are for this reason checked and any afcad (type) files found are then cut/pasted into my afcad folder, even before installing the new scenery itself. The contents of the afcad (type) file itself is then checked as well, especially the section which de-activates certain parts of the default afcad data in the corresponding APnnnnnn.bgl file. However, for this you need a BGL dis- and a re-assembling program. Regards Hans
  7. hjwalter

    Modern Scenery Objects FS2004?

    The Abacus EZ program has an option under one of the drop down menus, which when active at startup, will scan your whole FS9 looking for scenery object library files used in any addon sceneries you may have installed. You can then use those objects and position them wherever else you would want. Obviously, if you do not (yet) have any addon sceneries installed or you do have some but which do not utilize library object files, then you can disregard this reaction. A downside of this possibility, especially with, e.g. specific (terminal) buildings, etc. is that you could then have the same (terminal) buildings at different airports. However, with e.g. non specific static airport vehicles, hangars and very many other objects, this should not present a problem. As far as aircraft scenery statics are concerned I use the SAMM program to make my own, based either on existing flyable or on AI aircraft. Many of these were downloaded specifically for this purpose and in some cases also used for flying or as AI as well. Works great and it certainly keeps me off the streets !! Good luck. Hans
  8. hjwalter

    Ai parking same spot

    Are you sure that the bottom plane is not a static scenery object, which is positioned in an active AI parking position ? If so you should delete the AFCAD parking position concerned, or of cause, the static plane. In all my FS years I've never experienced any AI plane parking in a position already ocupied by another AI plane. Regards Hans
  9. hjwalter

    Ai Aircraft assigned xwind runway

    In all my FS9/Afcad years I've never heard of xwind runways nor of AI planes somehow making use of such (special) runways. As far as my experience goes, approaching AI planes are only influenced by wind direction at any of their destination airports. Take care though because wind direction at any AI destination airport can be set and permanently saved in two ways only: 1. When you've saved a flyable flight with a wind direction appropriate for one of the runways at the airport concerned. Only after you (re-)open that saved flight will you then be able to see AI planes approaching and landing on the resulting runway. 2. By setting the wind direction at your destination airport before saving your own flight at your departure airport. By the time you reach the destination airport yourself, AI planes will be landing and taking off there accordingly. You yourself will also be vectored by ATC to the same runway, which your AI planes are then using. Sadly, wind direction can only be set and used at one of both airports, so when you've set a wind direction at your destination airport, the wind (and take off) direction will most likely be different at your departure airport. If any destination airport has parallel runways, AI planes will always take the nearest one depending from which direction they approach. Regards Hans :
  10. hjwalter

    Missing airways?

    As a very happy and long time user of FS9 I had never heard of "Skyvector", neither of a method for importing such "real world" routes into the FS9 flight planner process from this program. However, my inquisitivenes got me searching for "Skyvector" in the AVSIM library but I only found entries concerning FSX and none for FS9. If you are somehow sure that importing such real world routes into FS9 is in fact possible and which are then usable as such, I would strongly appreciate more information or a link where this can be found. As far as I know, planned FS9 routes are based on standard internal FS9 procedures and data only. I have no experience with FSX or P3D. Regards Hans
  11. hjwalter

    AI aircraft

    There are a number of reasons why an AI aircraft will not land at the specified destination airport in it's flight plan and which will then, after one or more rounds, fly away into the blue yonder, eventually disappearing. The most common one is when an addon destination airport/airfield does not have a default (APnnnnnn.bgl) version with approaches, etc. combined with high mesh scenery (mountain) in the immediate area and which interferes with normal approaches. The best way to solve such issues is to change the wind direction at the destination airport/airfield so that AI and your user aircraft will be vectored to approach from the other side, where hopefully, there is no high ground. It is also possible that you have Afcad or ADE errors at your destination airport/airfield. Good luck. Hans
  12. hjwalter

    Volumic clouds in fs9

    Eric, Sounds great but does normal visibility range re-occur automatically when you fly below, above or away from your clouds ? I havn't tried it yet myself because my experience is that your particular cloud and visibility settings will be valid for your whole flight and not just in particular area(s) along your flight path. Hans
  13. hjwalter

    FS9 problems with latest Windows 10 update

    My solution for all (potential) disasters as described here and in other posts, was to pull out my internet cable plug about six years ago and leave it at that. Most automatic (Win7) updates are in relation to closing security holes but if you don't have an internet connection, you don't need these extremely irritating updates anyway. My motto is therefore: If it aint broke, don't let MS update it, espacially not when you're happy with your FS9 or other sim. Surfing, e-mailing, downloading of addons, etc, has been done via my dear wife's laptop ever since and that's where all virus and other scanners are allowed to do their jobs before transferring the downloads to my dedicated "stand alone" FS9 machine via a memory stick. Hans
  14. hjwalter

    Last one

    I had a look in the 777_callouts.zip and saw that there are no callout wav files for 500 ft or above, only for 400 ft and below. I hope this answers your question. Hans
  15. hjwalter

    AI aircraft desappears

    Is the plane's Afcad or ADE parking position connected to the rest of the airport ? That seems to be your problem. Hans