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  1. I've already answered your query in the FlightSim forum, Hans
  2. Nish, Could you please post your problem carrier file name and where you downloaded it from. I would like to take a look at it myself to see if I can find any of the problems you are having trouble with. The reason I ask this is that there should normally never be any mesh scenery on sea areas nor do I know of any FS9 "default" carriers but only of addon scenery ones. Regards Hans
  3. Sounds like an elevation problem to me, where the default airport's elevation is too close to your addon airport's elevation. In such cases I normally check the default elevation and decrease it by one or two inches or I make a "flatten" statement for the whole airport area at one or two inches higher. Good luck Hans
  4. Dedi, Older scenery objects from FS2002 and before, were created by using the SCASM (SCenery ASseMbler) program but the main drawback with these scenery objects was that whenever they came into view, they needed to be completely built up every time, again and again, especially when, e.g. panning around in circles and in external view. When in normal cockpit view the effects of this were more or less acceptable but in external view, stuttering in various severity was quite unavoidable, depending on the scenery object complexities coming into view and of cause, on the PC hardware. Since then PCs, graphics cards, etc, have become very much faster and more efficient but the basic SCASM drawbacks still remain, independent of the texture compression formats being used. In the meantime, after the introduction of FS2004, other more modern scenery development software was introduced and which use more or less ready made (library) scenery objects, which do not need to be built up every time they (re-)come into view. The result is, among others, less stuttering and higher frame rates. Hope this helps to further your understanding on this subject. Regards Hans
  5. Dedl, I've had blurries before as well but was able to trace these back to (scenery) texture folders containing a mix of DXT1 and DXT3 textures. It appears that a graphics card (or system) can get itself quite stressed up when the smaller and faster loading DXT1 textures are being processed, while at the same time the larger and slower loading DXT3s are also being processed. It's therefore important that all textures within a (scenery) texture folder are of the same compression format, DXT1 or DXT3 but not both. It's also advisable to have alpha channels present in all such textures. Take care though because older scenery textures can be DXT1 (no alpha) and these must be left as such. Regards Hans
  6. First of all, the mips: When you look at any object from far away, the further it is away from your eyes the less detailed it becomes. However, a PC graphics system will always try to render a texture in it's full detail and independent of it's distance. This results in frame rate losses, especially when in external view and panning around, can then even cause stuttering in various degrees of severity. A so called mipped texture has a number of copies behind it, each getting less and less detailed as the viewing distance increases, the last one often even no longer being visible for the graphics system, thus keeping frame rates as high as possible. Flyable aircraft textures should always be at least DXT3 without mips because their textures are always viewed from close up. However, AI aircraft and scenery textures should be mipped for the above given frame rate reasons. DXT3 is finer and displays somewhat better colors than DXT1 but DXT3 textures take longer to load. An older but still very useful program called DXTBmp Bitmap Manipulator, as it's name already says, can be used to manipulate almost all texture formats in various ways but also to add/delete mips. This program should be set up to open automatically as soon as any texture is double clicked. It has very comprehensive and clear usage instructions. Hope this helps. Regards Hans
  7. I find it rather strange that a scenery priority error should cause the system freeze/crash issue as you describe. In my FS9 experience the scenery itself should only have been visibly messed up. However, I cannot test the issue myself because I've combined both sceneries into one single scenery...... but only to limit my total number of scenery layers. Hans
  8. Very strange question but here are some basics: FS9.exe is a so called executable program and you cannot directly add any aircraft (or anything else) to such a program. You can only add aircraft to the "Aircraft" folder within your main FS2004 (FS9) folder, ready for FS9.exe to process as a normal part of it's function. Any further information or explanation as to what you mean, will be necessary before anyone can help you. Regards Hans
  9. I've had the same problem myself but when approaching a different airport and under ATC control. The problem was that there were start locations with errors at that (third party) airport and I would therefore want to suggest that you check the Lampedusa afcad data for any errors. You could also just delete the existing afcad file and make a new one yourself because after all, Lampedusa is a rather simple airport. Good luck. Hans
  10. I've been using a small program called "Exclude Maker" for years and it can eliminate all default objects within any selected rectangle within your third party scenery. However, it needs your pointer (possibly an aircraft in slew mode) to be pointed due North and two co-ordinates, one at the North-East corner and the other in the South-West corner. It then creates a bgl file, which can be placed within your problematic third party scenery, after giving it a name of your choice. If it doesn't work as expected, e.g. during testing, then you can just delete the created bgl and try again. Because of the usage ease of this program I've never used ADE for this purpose and therefore have no experience with it. Good luck. Hans
  11. Andreas, Maybe it would be worth your while to search for "The Natural World" (TNW) by a developer named Howard. I've been using his very good freeware world wide autogen tree textures for FS9 and am very happy with them. However, his product contains much more than just trees. Good luck and I hope this solves your problem. Hans
  12. Darrenvox, Bouncing during taxiing and/or when on the runway can also be caused by the the surface texture being used on either or on both. Yes, it's strange but only concrete and asphalt surface textures are smooth while (almost) all others seem to be structurally "bumpy". In the past I've been trying to solve this problem for myself but eventually just had to accept defeat. Regards and good luck. Hans
  13. Just a shot in the dark here but I must assume that, apart from any visible GPWS gauge, you should realize that there is a lot of programming work behind each of them. Under certain flight conditions, each GPWS gauge is therefore programmed to search for and to play it's own directly related set of sound files from the main sound folder, Just adding a new sound folder/file with an as yet for the gauge unknown name, will therefore not be accessed. Each GPWS gauge version therefore has it's own very specific set of sound file names, all of which can co-exist within the main sound folder. Hope this helps. Hans
  14. My reaction was directed at the original poster in this thread, Mr. Andreas Agios, who evidently had a problem with touch down tire smoke effects, something which can only be seen/experienced in external view .... if ...... all contact points are configured correctly. Therefore, no need to apologize for anything, I was just trying to be helpful. Regards Hans
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