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  1. Is there a gauge that indicates the magnetic declination?
  2. Attilio

    Light panel 2d

    Is it possible to change the lights of the 2d panel?
  3. Attilio

    DEP ARR Page can't change the sid

    Yes, In the past it worked
  4. Attilio

    Custom waypoint

    I did some research. The 737 has a temporary database. In navdata just write a waypoint name not already present in the database and then enter the coordinates. All temporary points will be listed on the summary page. Apparently this is not simulated
  5. Attilio

    Custom waypoint
  6. Attilio

    PMDG and X-PLANE

    Will the 737 ng3 also be for X-PLANE? I'm still with FSX. Very soon I would like to switch to 64 bit.
  7. Attilio

    Custom waypoint

    For example in a320 there is the possibility to create additional waypoints that end up in a temporary database. Is there any chance on the 737?
  8. Attilio

    Custom waypoint

    Yes I read FCOM 1 and 2. I know how to insert waypoint with coordinates. I want to insert waypoint in NAVDATA database out of my route.
  9. Attilio

    P3D v4 and PMDG

    Ok, I will try to use the vc. You can recommend a program similar to ezdok camera but free. If I like vc then I will also buy ezdok camera (or chase plain)
  10. Attilio

    Custom waypoint

    Ok, but if I want to add new waypoint in database with coordinates? Is it possible?
  11. Attilio

    DEP ARR Page can't change the sid

    I have also reported it. Yesterday I was told that for now there are no updates to the ngx. But is this correction expected? Also because before it worked perfectly
  12. Attilio

    Custom waypoint

    Flying in areas with famous mountains (St Helen, Everest, K2 ....) I would like to see the point on my ND. So I should add a waypoint on the NAVDATA with certain coordinates and then insert this waypoint on the fix page. How can I do?
  13. Attilio

    Problem with Faroe islands scenery

    Scenery complex is set to max. Autogen density is set to min
  14. Attilio

    Problem with Faroe islands scenery

    Yes. I have the same problem with the second one scenery in the library. This is the link
  15. Attilio

    Problem with Faroe islands scenery

    There isn't duplicate afcad. I don't use My traffic, Orbx ecc..... My fsx is clean. I change only the default texture with those: