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  1. I don't know what causes these DLL failures but I have a basic install of FS9 that I use as a source of good DLLs. I just paste the required DLL into my working install and we are okay for a while. I have discovered that Win7 Pro 64-bit will happily run FS9 with no compatibility settings just "Run this program as an administrator". Just a thought. David Sorry - just realised that you are using W10 so Win7 info is probably no use to you. Cannot find how to delete the post either.
  2. Very sad to learn of Roy's death. I use one of his products almost every time I start up FS2004. What with his paintings and aircraft for FS2004 he will be sorely missed. My condolences to Dinah and his family. David (France)
  3. Bad english? I don't think so - I think your english is very good. Happy flying, David
  4. I have been using autosave for years. The text below is the installation instructions from my download of autosave.zip. The autosaved flights are in your saved flights - listed under autosave. Hope it will be of some help. Best wishes, David AutoSave: Automatic flight saving for FS98, FS2000, FS2002 & FS2004 ==================================================================== Version 1.50, 24th November 2003 -------------------------------- Place AutoSave.dll in your FS98/FS2000/FS2002/FS2004 Modules folder. It will save flights ("STN" files in FS98, "FLT" plus "WX" files for the others) at regular intervals, so you can retry that crashed landing or quickly recover from other problems. By default AutoSave saves a flight every 60 seconds, and keeps the last 10 files. These files are placed in the Pilots folder for FS98 and FS2000, in the Flight\Myflts folder for FS2002, and in the standard user data folder selected by FS for FS2004. They are named as follows: AutoSave day hhmmss where 'day' is day of the wek. The time is the computer's local system time, NOT the one on the FS clock. This format allows you to easily select a suitable file to restart from. With 10 files at one minute intervals you have the last 10 minutes covered. Note that AutoSave does not normally save these files whilst the aircraft is on the ground (EXCEPT maybe in slew mode if you started this mode in the air). This allows you to take a breather and recoup after a crash! <G>. If you really want it to save files when on the ground, you'll need an extra parameter -- see below. The files aren't saved whilst FS is paused, either, to avoid overwriting all those useful ones which identical copies of a paused simulator! AutoSave creates a file in the main FS folder called AutoSave.cfg. This contains two sections -- [User] and [Files]. don't edit the latter, as it is used by AutoSave to keep track of the files it creates. However, you can change the two parameters in the [User] section to suit yourself: Interval=60 gives the interval between saves in Seconds. Files=10 gives the number of files to be retained (1-30). You can also add parameters for an optional additional file which has a fixed name and which is saved regardless of FS's mode or state: AlsoSave=name of file AlsoInterval=60 For example, adding AlsoSave=My Restart AlsoInterval=30 will save the flight as "My Restart" every 30 seconds. This is in addition to the timed files above. The idea here is that you can set "My Restart" or whatever as your default flight, so after an program or hardware crash, or power outage, you can simply load up FS and continue from a few seconds before the problem. If you want only this behaviour, and no timed files, set the File parameter to zero (thus "Files=0"). Then only the "also file" will operate. Finally, if you want AutoSave to save flights at intervals whilst you are on the ground, as for instance when taxying, add this parameter: SaveOnGround=Yes It still won't save flights whilst paused, nor if the latitude and longitude of the aircraft has remained exactly the same as the last time. Changes to these parameters are not effective until FS is reloaded. (If you decrease the number of files retained, you should also delete the excess files in the Pilots (or for FS2002, the Flights\Myflts folder) folder, as they will then be left untouched by AutoSave).
  5. I am trying to contact Steve Southey re his EMB 195 panel mainly to say thank you. The email address he gives in the readme.txt (mangoes@in.com.au) is bouncing back and I cannot find any other address. Does anybody have contact details please? David
  6. Was just about to post this very problem... Using FS9 with Win7.1 Pro 64-bit and "click in the space" fixed it. Thank you very much. If you are fortunate enough to have FSN scenery can also be added outside of FS9 using the FSN database updater. Open the updater, add the new scenery (exactly the same as in FS9) run the updater and save to FS. Much quicker than opening, adding, closing and opening FS9.
  7. I have just installed the FS9 version of Handley Page 42 by Derek Palmer with the HP42 panel by Saverio Maurri. The panel is for FS2002 but works okay except for the autopilot. I have searched the web but cannot find any contact info for Saverio Maurri. Does anybody know if he made an ugrade to the HP42 for FS9? Many thanks, David
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