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  1. I wish I could have participated in this final race, or even that I was able to jump into Teamspeak to say this directly.... But, just wanted to say good luck and have fun in this final race. 😄
  2. Good luck, guys! Bring the trophy home again!
  3. To be perfectly honest, I don't know (for me). Not only do I not know what my availability might be that weekend (given that we're back to the race coinciding with our February long weekend), but my interest in Flightsim is not that great right now... Truth be told, it's harder than usual for me to decide this year whether to race or go with other plans for the long weekend.... For myself, I'm going to have to make that decision closer to the race, if it happens... Just to put it out there, would changing the date help with anything for anyone else? (No, you don't have to change it just for me....)
  4. Landed safely, Baton is free at WAPL FlightLog_02-00-14.TXT
  5. Flying wingman WAMG - WAPL in the Shockwave/A2A W-O-P P-51H Thoroughbred
  6. I have the baton VTBP - VVCS in the Shockwave/A2A Wings of Power P-51D
  7. Participating in team flight MRLB - MRCH in the FSX Default Mooney Bravo
  8. ( Callsign ) StoneC0ld / Dave ( Flightsim version ) FS9 / FSX Original ( Experience in Flightsim ) Good with anything except heli's ( Timezone =/- UTC ) UTC-6
  9. I could resurrect the PHP code I did a few years ago when Avsim made some changes to file uploads that would have affected our forum and race procedures if they hadn't made our forum exempt from it. It's really not that different from the file attachment setup, we'd just have to upload the image and text files from the Duenna to a separate website and paste the links it provides back into our forum posts. If I remember correctly, the basic code was essentially complete, just might want to do a bit of tweaking. I'm going to step out on a limb, however, and take a wild guess that we're going to end up posting our baton thread on Eamon's forum again because there's still "some" degree of issues with forum response times and availability (though it still is better than it has been known to be), and my scripts would definitely not be needed for that.
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